The numbers 37 walks 131 strikeouts, proud into it. Early driven after right field, judge back track, wall, seal opposite field, home run for bogarts and its one. Nothing red sox and the 1 2 base hit left field. A bullet laid off single for stanton fly ball, shallow right coming on martinez, and he cant make the play hustling to second is odor and hes out yup they overturned. It fly ball center field. This will get in stanton. Renfro makes the catch stanton tags and goes the throw comes to third, the other runners stay, its a sack fly for gardner, and that ties the game at one Applause grounded and through for a basic audeur runs. Third, he will score. Sanchez goes to third, its an rbi single for velasquez and the yankees lead 2. 1. Every time you see, velasquez get a hit. You get a smile on your face because you know how much it means to him and his family such a cool moment yesterday, with phil nevin, pointing up to his family, again hes, getting a little more comfortable up there. I mean this is the type of hitter. He needs to be stay up, the middle ground it and grab beautiful play by devers, and he fires the first as sanchez holds it third ground ball, its a fair ball off the glove of dalbeck two runs will score. Grizzo picks him up and the yankees lead four to one swing and a miss way through a curveball in the dirt and thatll do it.

Andrew heaney is retired, seven in a row, another one, two three inning we go to the bottom of the third Music grounded to third, its a double play around the horn, a strong six innings for andrew heaney, and he walks off with a little bit of a Strut, he has done his job beautifully. Hasnt been to right field very much, but hes trying to get more bats in and it has not worked. At least tonight here comes gardner and a one two three inning for andrew haney, absolutely brilliant 108 pitches and just two hits and that one home run off the bat of bogors in the first inning. So, at the end of six and a half its time for the seventh inning stretch here at the stadium, yankees lead the red sox, four to one swing and a miss. Well, thats thats an important number when you see his fastball at 95., ground ball le mayo and a strong eighth inning for zach britton as he retires the red sox. In order one two: three: we go to the bottom of the eighth thats punched out into right field. Its a base hit martinez cuts it into the gap. Hell cut her off on the warning track, but not enough time to stop sanchez from getting a double hit. Shortly and a base in and another ribby for, velasquez scoring is sanchez and the yankees lead five to one four ribbies for velasquez. In the last couple of days he had three in his entire major league career Applause.

So now well see what chapman has he labored mightily and then had to go on the i o when his elbow was barking? This is his 44th game 23 of 27 and saves remember. He started the season. He was almost unhittable. You see 68 strikeouts in ‘ and two third innings swing and a miss got him with the slider one away: drill deep to left field gallow turns look see ya. That one is into the bleachers off the bat of renfro and the yankees lead five to two. The 0 2 grounded and knocked down there by rizzo hell take the out at first and moving to second is bogarts, so chapmans first game off the il not his best, not his sharpest but thats to be expected after the long layoff. So it could be litki against plawecki, with the game on the line and somewhere ringo starr is humming, it dont come easy. It just never does. Martinez goes from first grounded in the hole diving stock. Velasquez gets him at first it got past the diving door. Somehow velasquez made the play and the yankees hold on to win five to two, her bodys gone like september, she burns through the night like an ember and all those things we tried, forgetting i remember, but we say we all fine. We all fine sunny day dreams and we up now vodka lemonade. I serve it up. It goes down 75 degrees in a dope sound all.