You know, um, you know five errors. We didnt run the base as well. We didnt put good at bats within pitch, and you know, like i think in this thing, you know its a its a its a team effort. It starts with us with the coaches to to to keep coaching, and you know weve been playing sloppy ball for a while, and you know they keep doing it. So at one point we got to be, you know accountable too, you know and uh. You know that was embarrassing today you know uh, you know its not acceptable. You know for a for a team that is fighting for the playoffs to show up like that and play like that. It doesnt matter if you win or lose the game its, how you win or lose the game, and you know i that was thats not essential. Can you talk about irans rights? There theres not much to talk about him. You know you saw what happened: uh, wasnt, able to put people away and um. You know he didnt give us uh enough fitness for us to win the game. I think how he had that one play if he makes that play on the uh brocks stronger there and hes over its two to one how disappointed next next pitch uh he gives up. The doubles were not in the basement of trying to make plays. We have to make plays and we havent been making plays for a while.

So you know you know we we have a job to do. We got ta, we get to play better, and today we we didnt play good. We didnt play good and you know we deserve what happened today on the field alex when you say its, not acceptable and the other things that you said as a manager. What can you do? Uh? You know with the players to address that, or what do you do? Commission, you saw it, you know were running with budding early were working on defense. We were not gon na stop, you know, uh. We were a group that we take care of the players physically and we do that. But you know we we got ta, keep pushing. You know, base running base, uh base, running uh, defense, bunny and situational hit, and we keep pushing you know and uh theyre good theyre, very talented dont get me wrong. We have a good baseball team, but at the same time you know we we got to keep working hard at it and if we have to do more well do more because its you know its hard to see its hard for them too. So you know we just got to help them out to get out of this alex. How surprising was it especially coming in off the solid when you had to open up the series i mean yesterday was one day like weve been saying how long you know its one day at a time, and today we took a few steps back.

You know and uh you know, like i said its, not acceptable. You know we got to be better were better, we have a better team. You know its hard to watch its hard on us. You know its its. You know. I i hate the way we play today. I hate it thats the bottom line. You know, i know a lot of people praise me, because i pay attention to details and all that stuff. Well, you know that thats not attention to detail thats, not good, sound baseball. So you know it starts with leadership right im the manager of this team, so im accountable. You know i got ta, do a better job to put these guys in a better position to be successful. Anybody else alex you guys have, i think, 37 games left. Do you think the players understand youre, starting to run out of time a little bit here? Um i mean i do i do. I know most likely they do you know but uh. I know where we at. I know what we have in front of us and we got ta get better. You know and uh its a total team effort, organizational effort. This is not. You know that guy this guy, whatever is everybody in the same boat. You know and uh we put herself in a position to make the playoffs and we still have a chance to make the playoffs. Obviously we have to be better but uh.

You know we have to start now. You know to be honest with you alex. You feel, like you guys, are feeling the pressure right now or is it more? I dont know thats not thats, not feeling the pressure thats just playing bad baseball. You know its, not the pressure. You know we play a good baseball game yesterday and today was was awful. That was a bad game. All right thanks, everybody wait, wait alex.