So if thats something that interests you then lets get started. What is up yall? How you doing, i hope, youre doing well in this video, were going to be diving into this blue moon and full moon in the sign of aquarius happening on the 22nd or 21st, depending on your time zone were gon na, be talking about the transit surrounding it. How we might energetically feel during this time ill explain what exactly a blue moon is and at the end, as always ill offer some customized journal writing prompts to help us better align with the energy of this full moon and before we dive in. I have a quick announcement. One of them is, is that i have a brand new playlist called timeless meditations, where i have added almost all of my previous full and new moon meditations, and have edited out the introductions so that when you tap on them, it goes straight into the meditation and You can enjoy them in the morning evening whenever you like, and i can finally announce that the 2022 are aligned astrology planners, which are my creation that i make every year they will be available for pre order within the next month. I dont know the exact date, yet it will likely be during the next full moon. But if you are somebody who has been waiting for this and wants to claim yours before they sell out because they have literally sold out every year, click the link in the description for the our line website to sign up for our new newsletter.

I dont spam yall. I only announce when things are released and with all that said, lets dive in first things. First, why is this full moon so important? As many of yall already know, the full moon is seen as a culmination point. It can often times be almost like a cosmic spotlight illuminating. What has and hasnt been working for us and just as we see the light building in the sky until its peak brightness, that being on the date of the full moon. So too can clarity. Energy momentum around things that we might have started, or even things that we might need to change. What have and hasnt been working for us become more clear to us. Full moons are seen as a time where people are more out and about theres higher energy, but there can also be higher emotions, as the moon is known to rule that aspect of our lives. Full moons are also seen as a time where we might experience bursts of inspiration and clarity around different aspects of our lives. We might feel more inspired to change things around in our home, our schedule and even our communities, and with this full moon falling in the very innovative thought, provoking sign of aquarius. There is a potential for this full moon to amplify change, creativity and help us when it comes to being more progressive with changes in our communities and, as you may or may not know, all full moons occur when the moon and sun form in opposition between one Another this results in both astral bodies being placed on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, that being with the sun being in the sight of leo, as we are in leo season and the moon being in the sign of aquarius, so every full moon.

We experience a dichotomy and many themes surrounding how we balance two different energies and, with this august, full moon. We see the sun and the sign of leo being intensely individualistic, proud and not being content with being just a part of the team, and we have the moon in aquarius, which also values independence, but brings in an energy of collaboration, community building and information exchange. So this can be a really interesting time for exploring that within ourselves. How do we balance thinking for ourselves and being critical of the good and bad in life in our community, while also working to improve upon it and not fully isolate ourselves from society at large? Next, what exactly is a blue moon? So there are two definitions for a blue moon. One is a seasonal, blue moon, which happens every third full moon of a season that has four full moons in total, and that is a blue moon that were experiencing in august. The second is a monthly blue moon, which occurs when there is a second full moon in one calendar month where there are two full moons. That is kind of where the saying comes from once in a blue moon, because seeing two full moons in one month is relatively rare, so theres not necessarily any energetic significance to the blue moon, but its very interesting to note. Next. What transits will impact this full moon? First, we will have jupiter, which is currently in retrograde and also in the sign of aquarius conjuncting, with the full moon now jupiter is a planet of broader purpose, reach and possibility its a planet of good luck, optimism and growth, and with this conjunction jupiter, will definitely Be expanding everything we touch, which is why this can be an optimal time for further manifestations.

This can be as encompassing as a full moon ritual or as simple as writing things out and remembering what your overall goals are, maybe for the season or the year, either way with this conjunction with the full moon. There will definitely be clarity around where it is that we would like to expand into. We might notice opportunities that pop up around our personal, spiritual and even material growth. This can be areas having to do with travel relationships, expanding things when it comes to finances. Conversely, we also see the sun in the sign of leo opposing jupiter in the sign of aquarius. Now this can bring in potential of over optimism, greed and immorality. So it will be very important to think critically when it comes to new opportunities and really gauge whether or not they are for you and whether or not your heart is in the right place. If you decide to utilize that opportunity next, we have venus the planet of love and relationships, trining saturn, the planet of persistence, ambition and structure. Now this is an ideal transit for finding true love and commitment and remember a trine aspect between two astral bodies signifies energetic alignment and synchronicity. So for newer relationships just forming around this time, it could be an indicator of something long, lasting and for existing relationships. This can be an optimal time for enjoying bonding times and getting real with each other through clear communication. And finally, we have mars the planet of assertiveness and aggression, trining with uranus the planet of innovation, progress and expansion.

Now this transit can definitely bring in things like initiative, excitement and adventure, bringing in more confidence to put ourselves out there to offer ideas around innovation to lend our skills for the greater communities. Next, what should we expect to feel for many of us? Full moons can be an energizing time where we find ourselves being called to be more out and about connect with other people. Community members, friends, loved ones, exchange ideas as well like mentioned at the beginning of this video, the full moon can be a culmination point where we see the fruits of our labor coming forward, but thats not for everyone. Some people might feel more tired. Some even empaths might experience a heightened energy and emotions and want to retreat to make sure that youre holding space for your own energy, regardless of, if anything that i just mentioned, resonates with you during full moons or this one. It will always be important to be careful as we notice that emotions can run high. This can be a time where a lot of shadow work might be coming into play for people and so holding space for your emotions and others. If you so choose will be very important as well get ready for some clarity and to maybe experience connecting some dots in different aspects of your life. Thanks to this moon being in aquarius, we might experience some mental breakthroughs when it comes to how we approach things and looking at things from different angles, seeking different opinions and feeling more energized to try a different approach.

Next, how do we harness this energy? Its important to know that, with aquarius energy, its all about thinking outside of the box looking and holding space for different perspectives and avoiding having black and white thinking right now, at least in the states and in many parts of the world, theres a lot of polarization Going on and its very important to not get pulled by the currents of being too far one way or the other, because, as many of us know on our spiritual practice, its never just one perspective or another, we are all humans having human experiences and most of The time we all see the same problems were just going about them in different ways, and our core approach to most things is keeping one another safe. So its important to consider those things, extend empathy and look at different ways that we can help our broader community. Rather than just ourselves and finally lets get into these journal, writing prompts if you have your 2021 rline planner. I invite you to flip on over to the full moon page, so you can journal along with us. So, as always, i will go ahead and project. The journal prompts on the screen and when you see them, i invite you to pause the video write them out and when youre done well come back, is there anything that youre ready to release during this full moon? What do you associate with the phrase giving back to your community in what ways has honest communication? Helped you to grow? Do you believe in the concept of soulmates? Why or why not all right yall! I hope you enjoyed those writing, prompts im gon na go ahead and answer one or two of them to kind of spark some conversation and give yall some life updates.

So what i associate with giving back to my community, i associate that with growing up um going to food drives, you know thanksgiving offering you know thanksgiving meals to people and things like that and one distinct memory that i have that i feel called to share with Yall was something that i learned at this panel talk. I went to this music festival that had panels during the day, and there was a panel of speakers who were land protectors from the dakota area where that excel dakota pipeline was that always stuck with me and this woman? They asked her, you know what should we do to give back to our community to the world to the planet, to the country when theres so much going on all the time, and i feel like right now present day, theres also so much going all the time And she said pick a cause pick one thing that you feel deeply called towards, or maybe not that youve been just curious about and give some energy to that one thing. So when i heard that that really resonated with me – and it made me realize that one cause that i really feel called towards is black women for wellness, which is a non profit organization here, in los angeles, that helps african american women, get access to healthy and Clean food offers free resources when it comes to nutrition and holistic health, education and its just something that really resonates with me.

So im going to be linking their website down below and if you also feel called to get into something like that there it is, but the moral of the story is, i feel like we can be so overwhelmed with all the things going on in the world. There are so many people that need help. There are so many issues going on there, our own issues that are going on in our own lives as well. I i feel, like you know the whole indigo child thing the whole, like a lot of people talking about how our generation millennials gen, the really being the people that are going to be able to heal the world. I think that weve been kind of like filled a lie through social media and probably by corporations. You know funding stuff like that that we can do that in isolation, and i just really think that we need each other and that has that involves connecting with other community members connecting with other human beings and not just necessarily sharing things for awareness. But looking at the other aspects of activism, if that is something that you feel called towards im kind of going on a whole thing. But i just felt the need to say that, like there is so much power, and rather than spreading our energy everywhere, choosing one cause and giving our energy steadily consistently in a sustainable way to that area. All right yall, if you made it to the end of this video, i invite you to comment three red heart, emojis, very simple.

But if you do comment that itll, let me know that you made it to the end of this video and if you dont want to comment that maybe comment. If any of these journal prompts resonated with you or if you might have already been feeling any of this full moon energy any of these transits, but either way when you engage with my work, it is so deeply appreciated and, finally, dont forget to sign up for The newsletter from the areline website, which is linked in my video or go to so youll, be the first to know when pre orders are open, so you can claim these planners before they sell out. I will see on the next one, and i will end this with my favorite quote, which is be gentle with yourself, because life is about the journey and not the destination.