For us i mean this year. We have six podium on ice races, but unfortunately we we lost the wealthy software in kenya, so um. That was a real disappointment for us, but fighting back here and getting that first win for martin as well makes me feel proud because he deserved it already in kenya and we didnt get it. But this weekend it was ours. We had a good rhythm with the control speed and we were able to push when it was needed and just relax when we could and at the end really satisfied and proud of the result. I think you could tell how satisfied you were with those donuts. That was a little bit naughty wasnt it i dont know, but if somebody tells me that the donuts are for free, i go for it. How special was it, though? You know this could be our only trip in the wrc. I sincerely hope not that it could be our only trip here. How special was it to take the win? I mean its up to the media as well to promote the event, so i think we all loved it. I think its a real challenging event. Um. We have seen some big questions as well, but thats always the part of ipo. When you go off you properly go off because were always relating at high speed but yeah i dont know for me: it felt uh. It felt nice um. I felt always controlled and secure um and i was enjoying as well.

You know its not like. I was query the only the only thing i was a little bit scared was especially today was the punctures um. We have seen cars puncturing today and and the other days as well and uh yeah uh. I knew that there was a risk, especially in this last power stage, was what which was a bit rough in the beginning, but yeah. We managed to find a good reason for the power stage we could have done more, but at the end, im more happy with the three points than having lost everything in the last stage, Music, its so hard to describe what is going on at the moment and Uh, to be honest, its hard to realize what we have done this weekend, and it will take some time i think before uh. I start to realize what we have done: um yeah. It has been a roller coaster since monte carlo until now, and we knew that uh we were able to do it. We proved already in the previous rallies that we were on it uh so coming here in epress, with all the support of the belgian fans. Just give an extra boost to do well and im so happy that we could give some good show to them and uh yeah im sure a lot of fans will have a big party this evening yeah. I know obviously its been a its been a great weekend. Ive enjoyed it immensely from start to finish and uh yeah.

Perhaps you know some on some sense is a little bit disappointed. You know not being able to fight for the win, but at the same time you know it does give me a whole lot of confidence. Going forward, you know we were right up there able to push and uh yeah. It just fills me with confidence going forward. Definitely particularly after croatia. You know to to score two podiums two second places in a row, so so important, yeah its uh, its something ive struggled with in the past theyve not only been fairly well spread out the whole podium so uh to do two on the bones, i think, is, As much as we could have ever hoped for um honestly today, everything just felt natural and during all the weekend it just felt nice and calm, and i just enjoyed my drive. We obviously quite soon established that we needed to do our job and and protect the area. So we did just that and uh yeah brought brought the result home so im happy. It was quite tough weekend to be to be honest, really tight battles and fighting all the time, but yeah it went quite well. Of course, we knew that the green and neville will be really fast here. They have been driving here many times and on friday we could see from the times that their level was different uh before everybody else got to the base, a bit more and yeah im happy that we could be in this fight fight battle and really really tight.