Its here were on the spa, franco shum. We got up at 3 30., we lost yeah david got up at 3 30 and you know what he was a lovely boy this morning he put the coffee pot on so i could stay in bed till four oclock, but look at this. How is this? For a setting for the final day of our rally, that behind us is oh rouge, the legendary oh rouge corner on the spa circuit. What a day weve got in front of us only 40 ks its a real real shorty for the final day but david. I was, i was unsure, as you well know. I was unsure about this massive trek across belgium to come to the circuit here, but already you can feel it. You can say theres already a real sense of anticipation, theres a buzz about it. But for me you know there always is go to any race track, even when theres no cars around theres, something about a place like this, and particularly a circuit like this with so much history yeah its its, like, you say its worth getting out of bedford. We have our respective beds for them, but were absolutely respected, because yeah uh listen this morning its interesting. They have reduced the length of the day a little bit thats to do with, obviously the terrible flooding that took place in this area. Just a few weeks ago, 40 kilometers its a mix isnt.

It david just explain to us the mix of roads that were using today, so the the both stages will start out on the kind of country lanes and one thing that youve noticed that we came down past the signs. We turned off the motorway towards saarbrucken and we are now only probably 120 kilometers from trier, so real kind of rally, germany feel it had a feeling look about it, didnt it. It did so were out in country lanes a few kilometers in the lanes and then they come out onto the itll, come into the circuit and onto the circuit link roads, some of the perimeter roads and then into the circuit itself and onto the track. And this is the second stage of the day uh that is behind us here, so we think im not sure if they use la source to happen, uh off the start finish straight, but down the straight into a rouge. Unfortunately, i dont go up onto oh theres. No point going on to the camel strikes: thats a very long straight and world rally cars. You know, theyve got they just dont. Have the speed exactly lost exactly so? They happen left at the top of the rouge down and into the ground yeah. The rally crosstalk yeah its whats really interesting about this morning, though folks, is that the the link roads. The lanes, are well theyre, typical lanes, and you know, as you say, david think, about trial.

Think about some of the lanes as well, even around deeper uh, but once we come into the circuit link roads, its v ive seen some images really broken, really bumpy tarmac, so it might only be 40 kilometers, but there are some very testing sections out there. What theres not colin, theres, not ditches, therefore, theres not jeopardy in the ditches, but there is still well. There is still theres, always jeopardy. David, always yeah always jeopardy. The other thing that is quite different from the last couple of mornings is the temperature 10 degrees. We had coming in here. It will pick up rapidly to round about probably by the time the power stage goes live, maybe as high as 24 25 degrees, but as our ace cameraman producer spotted this morning, its very very dewy that was his words jewelry out there, and you could see it. You can see the dampness yeah on the the side. You can still see it here. You can still sense it. So you know particularly for this first pass, which gets underway very very shortly. The first stage this morning look out for slippery difficult conditions out there, but if youre cutting onto the grass you know there will be a lot of moisture in there yeah, so yeah thats. What you see absolutely what were watching this morning. Clearly, you know it is a well, it should be a bit of a victory. Parade for hyundai high on 912 is what they very much need, and what we very much expect this morning.

The battle, though that were watching, is the battle of the toyotas. It is incredible: weve had uh 250 kilometers near enough, just over 250 kilometers and theres 4.3 seconds separating all three toyota drivers theres some genuine fighting going on there, particularly between oga and elvin evans, so thats really what were watching today in terms of the battle davids. It is and youre dead right. You know the hyundais. They need to now just steady themselves down and get through these four stages, its really nice isnt it we were talking to tierra yesterday and hes. What does he say, 15, 20 kilometers from home or something hes really. This is his part of belgium, so it just fingers crossed to him. You know he deserves its a long time, listen its 18 months. It was monte. Carlo 2020 was the last time that thierry nouvelle before the pandemic life before the pandemic. Imagine that we forget what it was like, but thierry nouvelle, hoping obviously to put that right with a victory today. Folks, it is going to be a fascinating, absolutely certain. Whatever happens, whether we see competition out here, whatever happens just to be here, to see these cars on this circuit is going to be absolutely fascinating. Today, folks, were here all day, stick with us. Weve got four stages: 40ks in front of us.