So do the jeff badges just days later, illumiskas grand plans for the interplanetary life, especially the mars, but facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, is one tech billionaire that do not follow the sith. Instead, he unveiled his own futuristic ambitions recently positioning his company as the center of the metaverse, while others freak out in the universe zuckerberg go into the matter, verse. Think of it as what will come after the internet is a virtual universe that will straddle the physical and these awards, allowing people to live and interact in real time in both of them. The matavors concept has miso manich presiding, largely in the gaming world until zookeeper pushes it into the limelight. Recently, in the interview with the verge he said, facebook would be evolved from the social media company into the metaverse company and the facebook android boardward said that the company is even building out the designated executive team to oversee process toward the matavers vision, facebooks vr and Ar technology can currently teleport you into the room with another people, regardless of the physical distance or to the new virtual world and experiences warfare said in the facebook post, but to achieve our full vision of the matavers. We also need to build the connective tissues between these spaces, so you can remove the limitation of the physical and move between them in the same is as moving from the one room in your home to the next zhukovic said. That is banking on a transition to occur over the course of the new five years or so mark zuckerberg may not achieve the astronaut status.

He is rocketing facebook into the virtual universe. Instead, then, lets get into all of the face fix next chapter with the mata verse as either a new evolution of the internet or the latest corporate buzzword. To get investors excited over some nebulous innovations that may not even come to pass over the next decades either way. Tech company, primarily facebook, are increasingly boosting the concept of the matterverse, the classic sci fi term. For the virtual world. You can live work and play inside if youve seen the movie ready player 1. You have a pretty good idea of what the matter is: is stravano computerizes, glasses and youre teleported into the digital universe, where anything is possible. Facebook, ceo mark zuckerberg, is the most bullish on this concept, announcing his plan earlier last month to pivot facebook for the social media company to the metaverse company in the coming years. That aligns with the zoo coverage stream of the infrastructure blueprint as he found the future of the facebook as infrastructure, like electricity network and all the kind of system that builds a society rather than just one kind of application, dwelling in the android or ios ecosystems. Anyway, zuko refined the future of the facebook at the mataverse, the 3d wars. He also described it as in the future. We are working towards a virtual environment where you can be present with people in the district spaces. An embodied internet that you are inside of he said during the conference call following facebooks mixed second quarter.

Wizard the companys oculus division is a pioneer in augmented and vulture real devices and contents and is obviously growing and zukovic took most of the quality described here. As the facebooks future, the ultimate expression of the social technology and something has dreamed of building since the way before history, facebook thats only starting to come into the focus now. So what does it really mean? Mark zuckerberg clearly want to reinvent the facebook. He has been telling that he wants the company to lead away a completely different internet. So what does the facebook chip executive mean by the matterverse company? And what will the company look like if and when it gets there? Matavores origins will confirm the metaverse at first. The word mataverse is a collective virtual shared space, including the sum of the all virtual world and the internet. Its hard right lets parse the terminology. The word itself is made up of the prefix meta, meaning beyond and the same verse, the back formation from the universe, the stem metaverse is used to describe the vision whereby the internet will evolve into the virtual world. The idea was first conceptualized in 1992 by the american novelist neil stephenson, in a science fiction, classic snow crush it resists the internet as a 3d virtual living space, where individuals, deep in and out interacting with one another in a real time. More recently, there was a steven spielbergs movie ready player. One many in silicon valley still viewed a matter verse as the future.

For example, google is heavily invested in augmented reality ar, which is where you use the technology to look at the real world, but with a diesel, 3d object layered on top and there are rumors world. That apple is building a product like glasses for experiencing virtual spaces. But facebook appears the most committed of all to this new vision. It is custom turned facebook into the mataverse company. Zhukov is seeking to build a system where people move between vr air and even 2d devices using realistic avatars of themselves, where appropriate. Here they will work. Socialize sharing things and have other experiences, while still probably using the internet for some tasks, such as searches, which is similar to how we use it today. Music, only not only the facebook platform, but also whatsapp instagram and vr headset maker oculus gives zuckerberg a big headset in making this a reality collectively. This brand gives facebook unbeatable number of customer relationships and all the important knowledges for creating a desirable virtual world. How people behave online, their personalities, likes and dislikes gates, eye movement and even emotional states to help build the multiverse facebook engineers will have to make success of immersive realism. Imagine a computer game with a 2.9 billion avatars and artificial intelligence that harvested all known information on them. The company has created a division called reality, labs whose researchers are working on creating a defining quality of the materials, namely presence, the feeling of being in a space with others.

Facebook is also plotting money into the software to enable activities like teleporting into another place like an office, so that it seems as if youre really there, as well as the physical kids like air glasses and more advanced vr houses, facebooks multiverse, not only gaming. Normally, people think about the master. Verse only relates to games like roblox, fortnite and so on, but facebooks magivers is not only limited to the gaming world heres their application of the matter, verse, infinite office and horizon one application of the matter verse mark zuckerberg gave was being able to jump virtually into The 3d concert, after initially watching on the mobile phone screen, you feel present with other people, as if you were in the outer spaces having different experiences that you couldnt necessarily do on a 2d applications or web page like dancing, for example, or other different type of Fitness he said facebook is also working on the infinite office that lets the user, create their ideal workplaces through the vr in the future. Instead of just doing this over the phone call youll be able to see it as a hologram on my couch or ill be able to sit as a hologram on your couch and itll actually feel like were in the same place, even if in a different state Or hundreds of miles apart, he said i think that is really powerful. In 2019, it launched the facebook horizon, an invitationally immersive environment, where users can mingle and chat in a virtual space with curtin avatars through the oculus headsets.

Okay, we now understand that mark zuckerberg clearly fall in love with the materials and their futuristic plan can be surely supported by the cutting edges of technologists, and also, we now will know that what the matter was really meaning about. But here is a question. Facebook is unraveling number one social media application and recently they reported a 57 increase in a second quarter: advertising sales, together with the seven percent rise in their monthly active users and near doubling its net income to 10.4 billion dollars and at the end of the june, The company was sitting on the 64 billion dollars on cash, so why they really need to make this bold pivoting why the multiverse is necessary to facebook. There are four reasons at first next generation of the internet mark zuckerberg called the mataverse, the next generation of the internet and the next chapter of us as a company. Metaverse is not only limited to the one dynamic version of the gaming, but will be extended to the real society. Our daily lives lets take a look back the days when the mobile was emerging to our daily lives. Mobile does not only mean the more portable version of the pc; it started to guarantee as a more dynamic race of usage, thanks to a variety of applications and a more developed network. That time comes again. Mark zuckerberg tells a lot of variety of stories, but the point is very clear: pc and mobile will once again go through the evolution and will finally be upgraded to the materials.

It does not mean that the pc and mobile will be entirely substituted to the headgears, but will be gradually coming to our daily lives as more acceptable form of wearables. At the 2021 viva tech, which is the europes largest startup and technology event, zukerman pointed out that the changes in the potential of the vr and air technologies, which are the core of the materials will be bringing about. He said that augmented reality will replace all forms of art and media in the future. Media art screen and tv do not need to exist physically, it can be just one application or a project projected on the wall with weird glasses, and he added that the field of application beyond games is rapidly expanding and eventually it will become a major computing platform. After smartphones and pieces, its important not to think that the computers and mobile phones will become obsolete, but rather that the use of the vr and air will be as common as computers and mobile phones. The second, the new sns platform mark zuckerberg, does not want you to log into his companys product, normally applications. He wants you to living, working and even exercising inside them. That is very high level idea behind the metaverse that is based on the real interaction with the others on the virtual spaces. The point is still on the real experiences, in other words prisons, so that can be understanded as extended version of the todays assassins thats.

Also, the reason zuckerberg told that in many ways the matcha verse is ultimate expression of the social technology. Think about this way we are still dwelling on the real life, but we can contact with people from different spaces and time by posts, pictures, shorts and videos. If we define them as a two dimensional experiences, we can imagine about what would be like of the three dimensional experiences thats. The matter. Verse lets wrap this concept into this way. First, chatting bullet points are of the text based service represented by the twitter. The second image based information that will be the facebook, instagram and pinterest the third video contents, the tick tock, snap and youtube. And, lastly, the virtual world did with the metaverse at the horizon, roblox, fortnite and so on. Ari grant executive of the facebook reality lab said that its a new social network versus the sure social network and she added that. I do believe that the next wave of the social is being with the people that matters you doing experiences that matters to you and creating relationships. The third creators economy, a metaverse mark zuckerberg, said no one company can develop multiverse by themselves. That is an ecosystem requiring new protocols, new payment system, basically new everything and will create a lot of economic value, heres the business case zuckerberg and is team mate for the facebook investment in the mata verse. Facebook will sell the hardware, but that is not where the real money comes from said in the earning hold that the facebooks goal is to sell its headsets as cheaply as possible and because of making money through the commerce and advertising within the matterverse itself.

Our business model isnt going to primarily be around trying to sell device at a large premium or anything like that, because our mission is around serving as many people as possible. You can brings out an earning hole, so we want to make everything that we do as affordable as possible, so as many people as possible can get into it and then compound the size of the digital economy inside it, facebook already runs oculus the virtual reality. Division of the company today, oculus rehearsals, are relatively limited in what they can do, but facebooks help is to improve the technology, so the houses look more like a pair of warpy parker glasses instead of clunky helmets according to zhukovic. The manifest will only work if the hardware can provide users a true sense of presence in a diesel world more in detail. At present, advertising dominate the facebook social networking business model, but to move to become a metaverse company, raise the possibility of the new revenue sources. Currently, users share thoughts, pictures posts, activities, events and interests in two dimensional ways, without paying for it at least not in a traditional sense, but users might be willing to pay for the enhanced interactiveness that will available in a multiverse, perhaps to enter certain private areas or To do certain things like teleporting for more than a few minutes at a time or whatever zuckerberg has said that he believes facebook will make money from the sales of certain virtual goods and experiences and in the new world will we probably be interacting with one another? Even more than we do already, this point to even more revenue opportunities for the gatekeepers, in sum, creating a virtual world for users to interact with their friends and family is not just a fancy vision.

Its a commercial necessity mark zuckerberg created first social media platform that become a global standard. Now, in a virtual reality, he is trying to pull up the same trick again: Music, the fourth independent platform infrastructure. This point might be some repetition of the third point. So this fourth point can be named as this way facebook business model extended. Advertising will still play a role, but facebook will focus on the sales of virtual goods. Zuckerberg said, advertising in a metaverse will be an important part of the facebook strategy to profit up the matter verse, but he sounded more bullish on the commerce in a digital world. Many consider some of todays video games, like microsoft, minecraft, roblox, fortnite early version of what the matters could be. Those free games make money by selling voucher goods to players. Jukebox hinted on earning call. Facebook would copy the strategy to make money in their own metaverse. Taking a slice of every transaction that is a really same approach with infrastructure like verizons or att, takes role in the network apple and google takes a role in the app stores. I think digital goods and creators are just going to be huge in terms of people expressing themselves through their avatars through their digital clothing through their digital goods, the applications they have that they bring them from place to place. Zhukovic said a lot of matters. Experience is going to be around being able to teleport from one experience to another so being able to basically have your digital goods and your inventory and bring them from place to place.

That is going to be the big investment that people make Music. Then lets wrap up this story with a really to check, in fact its going to take years for zukerbergs plan to play out if they even happened at all tech companies like futuristic concepts that arent baked yet like artificial intelligence. The definition of these terms tend to get blurry and move away from the original concept. Real ai does not exist at all, for example, no matter how many big tech executives pretend it does, there is a real risk of the matters. Concept will fall into the same trap as more and more companies, especially those like facebook and microsoft, took up their mana resurgence in the near term. Keep in mind were still several years or more away from it becoming a reality. The technology hasnt cut up to the promise, but always the dreamy things happen and change our lives, especially thanks to technology. I believe that this matters will finally come into our daily lives and change. The way we see the world then lets finish this video with the mark, zuckerbergs message and my hope. If we do this well, i think over the next five years or so in the next chapter of our company. I think well be effectively transitioning from people seeing us of primarily becoming a social media company to becoming a masterpiece company Music. Thank you so much for watching my video and please subscribe to my channel and share your thumbs up.