I have been lucky enough to spend a great deal of time on the reef, both as a dive instructor and as a visitor after being introduced to the virtual reef diver program. I was amazed by how easy it is to get involved when i head out on the water. All i need to do is take some photos which has a minimal impact on my day, so i can focus on having fun out there Music. We have seen this project grow over the last two years, with assistance from professional monitoring programs who have offered information from over 160 different reefs and over 350 000 coral cover observations, and then you are citizen. Scientists have further assisted us in developing our database by increasing your image contribution and photo analysis, as well as doubling your surveyed reef sites. But we would love to extend our range even further and include more images in our database so head over to our website. To find out how you can contribute your own photos and become a part of the solution. Alternatively, you can assist us from anywhere in the world by analyzing these images online. Other citizen scientists have made major contributions to this phase, which has already shown a steady increase since 2019 and a large peak in december 2020 following our reef, live events with abc and northern pictures. We now have 1 381 classifiers with some outstanding contributions. A huge thank you goes to one particular contributor who has made ‘ 840 classifications across 2656 images, so get involved and join this growing number of citizen scientists on our mission to protect and monitor the great barrier reef, Music Applause, Music, virtual reef diver offers benefits for Both educators and students, from primary school age through to high school seniors, theres, really something for everyone for teachers.

They really appreciate that its easy to implement – and there are all these free resources and training and opportunities to apply virtually divert in the classroom. Its also really educational in a surprising way, so youre learning about math statistics, data, science, biology, green marine biology, so many things critical to the curriculum over the past two years. We have been absolutely delighted to support the amazing work that is happening up at the great barrier reef through the virtual reef diver program. Towards this end, we were very fortunate to have as one of those stem master class presenters dr julie versilani, from virtual reap diver. Dr vercilloni explained to the girls her own stem journey and she inspired and encouraged her master class attendees to be that person in the future. Who can be the change to help save important real world issues such as saving our Music Applause? Music? The future of virtual reef diver is exciting. We want to continue to benefit conservation, education, tourism, science, research and innovation, and feature indigenous knowledge of traditional owners who have been helping to protect sea country for millennia. We would like to take a moment to extend a huge thank you to all of our volunteers and partner organizations.