It was the perfect opportunity to give sylvia a makeover with some exciting upgrades, such as lithium batteries and all new electronics, an 8 kilowatt generator to help pump tanks and run our new water maker, designing and strengthening the exhaust bracket and a little reminder of our past. Putting up the beautiful wood carvings from the solomon islands, but finally, after many months of making improvements the day has come its time for the real adventure to kick off again and dive into what we do best were ready to explore. Underwater again, our adventures will take us to the outermost corners of one of natures, most impressive creations, the only living structure that can be seen from space, the great barrier reef where over 400 coral species and 5 000 marine creatures call home. Oh and weve got some very excited fresh new faces joining us. This is the story of a sailboat named sylvia and the ragtag crew that call her home join us each week as we explore the planet, both above and below the surface, and see what its really like to live a life at sea. This is expedition, drenched, Music. Just taking a good look before leaving, we are leaving kearns. Finally, after a year, traveling and since almost been in sylvia for a year like kearns, felt like a little home. So its gon na be quite sad to leave the friends behind to leave the city that we was our shelter for almost four months in this like crazy times, im so excited at the same time to live.

Finally, after four months, just to both sides and im ready for the new adventure, new crew, new waters, new diving – and hopefully we do everything that we want to do. What are your thoughts about im so excited? Oh im always very excited, as i was in solomon islands or vanuatu to live and to sail. I think its gon na be beautiful. This adventure is to be special, were going to find very and a lot of surprises and its going to be intense and very interesting were setting sail, and we have a brand new crew to introduce to you so im ronya im from germany, first german on the Boat, its amy, i am originally from south africa hi. My name is ryan im from canada. My name is jaime im from spain, hello. My name is flo florian from belgium, rania a veterinarian from germany. Some words that come to mind are intelligent. Soft calm, collective and sincere, you can often find her sitting quietly in a corner just taking in the beauty around her with a smirk on her face amy from south africa dont. Let her size fool! You shes, 4 foot, 10 of pint sized adrenaline and adventure. This little one has more travel miles under her belt than most 80 year olds. I know her charm and sassiness will keep you on your toes im, pretty sure she thinks shes. The new captain, so ive, nicknamed her admiral amy ryan from canada, has worked as an engineer for years in the oil industry and has decided its time for a new chapter in his life and seek out what makes him happy.

Hes smart gives great compliments and is a pleasure to talk to. If you need to pick me up jaime the macho man from madrid hes, a dive instructor who has joined us to break away from the mundane. Guided dives to plunging into some self planned sketchy drift dies with us. Hes a coffee snob likes his spices, competitive and his spanish fire is intoxicating to our soul. Flo from belgium at first seems quiet and reserved, but then you soon find out hes a complex, energetic, charismatic soul. I learned from every crew member that joins, but i can say that learning to simply go with the flow with him has been a real breath of fresh air. For me, there is no small talk with flo. Every combo seems to be some sort of breakthrough discovery about yourself. When i started this project, i thought that scuba diving was going to be the thing that i loved most about it. I thought that by traveling the world and learning about new cultures would fill my cup, which it does, but now a year and a half into it. I realized that actually, my favorite part about this project isnt the adventures its actually the people, the relationships i built along the way have become the thing that i cherish the most im blessed to have the opportunity to have cultures from around the world. Join me in my home learning that we arent so different. We all want the same to be loved, accepted and happy.

All right so were heading to the outer reef, so were coming out of cairns and heading out to the outer reef and theres no good time. Its just its blowing snot this week, like 20 25 knots, so were probably gon na get to these uh reefs out there and um. Just kind of hang tight get a mooring ball, but and hopefully not too much wave actually comes over the reefs or its gon na be pretty rough. But you know this is not a good time so were here and as were going to be heading north or especially next week, youll see the wind just starts to build and build and build. So this is with a predict wind thats. How we do our route planning and its pretty accurate, but um yeah? What were hoping for is a couple like uh, not so many days in there, but its not looking so good honestly, so its good for wind well be moving fast, but once we get there, i typically like to get to an area and take the wind get To the reef – and then hopefully it dies off, so we can do some diving um a couple days after that and its actually doing the exact opposite of that this time and its just building and building and building. So i hope everybody took their seasick pills because ive got a lot of new crew on the boat and i think its going to be.

We got some bets. We got some bad system whos going to be puking first. It might be me because cans treat us really well im not allowed to party the rum jungle. We, you know at all sorts of goodbye parties drink some champagne, and i had this team meeting yesterday and the first thing i said was people are gon na. Try to get you drunk dont, let it happen drink all the water like dont. Do it well that went right out the window, so i think, were all a little bit rough today and uh. That means that we had a good time. So farewell cans. Well, see you next time Music, so we are on the outside of great barrier reef. It was just rough, so we actually um. We turned, and we kind of like snuck back into the inside through a little gap of the great barrier reef and now its much calmer, the swells you know were were protected. That reef creates that barrier. If you will and uh really like uh, protects us from that swell still breaking in our sea legs, you know what it probably felt so rough, because weve been just land lovers for a minute, so it could have been that too so were going to be um. Arriving at steves bombing, which is riven, reef, number, three um, so thats our first stop on the ribbons, which is pretty exciting its nice easy dive to get started with yeah nice pinnacle drives.

Even if we didnt get to sleep anything thats. Nice were sorry well be like half people, diving, half people sleeping six hours, so yeah perfect lets go lets. Go lets, go lets, go Music, you dont, need Music, dont, say goodbye again: Applause, Music, dont! You think Music, Music, oh Music, Music. Maybe someone else could love. You, like me or Music, i still see you in my dreams: youve become Music, dont, say goodbye again, youre my Music to best dont, you, Music Applause, Music. We think in love again, Music, Music, weve got tanks, pumping cats out here, teaching students thats like the perfect amount. What are we learning? Learning the refreshing of the dive, because its been 14 years since ive dived nice nice getting back in the water nice doing the things getting it done, pumping tanks. I love these kind of days where we can dive right off of sofia and were on a disgustingly good dive site. This is steves bombing and just out here you can see some reef way out there, but then theres this pinnacle. That just comes out of nowhere. Amazing amazing, diving, Music Applause, Music. What are you up to im, going to teach advanced, open water course doing a night dive with amy and flo Music? Hello? Are you scared, yeah, but youre also excited right, not as much as im scared. Well, you excited excited. Yes, Music Laughter night diving felt like the opposite of what humans should be doing, plunging down into the dark unknowns in an environment that were only guests in breathing from a limited source of air.

All of this felt like madness to me, but as soon as we descended almost instantly, all the spectacular life started popping up around me and i forgot to be fearful. Instead, i was mesmerized, it was side of the reef id never encountered new creatures, i didnt know existed corals waking up to feed all the colors more vibrant than in the day. I knew immediately that i was hooked and i cant wait to discover more of the secrets that mysterious darkness holds Music. We cant stay Music on your leading, could never love another Music Applause. Music, Music, stay Music, hey Music! Next week on expedition drenched. We introduce you to andy lewis, co, founder of coral sea foundation, to learn about the importance of protecting our marine reserves and things dont stay smooth for long when our mooring, mysteriously snaps, but since were on our move anyway. Its the perfect time for a drift dive. Music weve been trying so hard to find another place for the bookshelf, even if we love it but its not its place and it happened little wave and boom all the books went down Music. Why do you guys hate books? Little little nazis want to burn books. Thats all im going to say about this: put that in your vlog um. Apparently, the new guy has to call the ropes around here.