More specifically update 1.3 check it out right here. Whats new in night city, patch 1.3 development inside were going to be reading over the brand new changes coming up here with patch 1.3, but also guess what cd projekt red is going to be communicating with their fan base in a very new way. And this is super. Exciting were going to be talking about their upcoming red streams. It seems like its going to be a thing that theyre going to be doing with the cd projekt red developers, but in this video right here they also tease free dlc coming up for cyberpunk 2077, and it looks like its coming up here a lot sooner than Expected so hey everyone, whats happening openworldgames here, hope youre doing good. And, yes, we are talking about cyberpunk 2077, its so good to finally get an actual official update as to what is going on around patch 1.3. Remember theres, going to be an earnings call uh. In later august, so i do expect a lot of the updates free dlcs to perhaps be landing roughly around that time, but lets dive into the official stuff right now so about the streams it says. Patch 1.3 is almost here tune in to our red streams and find out whats new in night city. The stream starts at 6 00 pm cst on august 17th on our twitch channel. Remember guys if you missed a stream dont panic, im gon na have a full breakdown right here.

For you all now says, cant wait read about some of the new changes in our development insight and were gon na be doing that here in just a moment, but yeah. This video goes on to tease that free, dlc uh is going to be coming up here. It looks like starting with update 1.3 were going to be getting our first free dlcs and then during the actual red stream. Theyre gon na be talking about the free dlcs further, so i hope they have like an updated road map for us. That would be really really nice, but yeah lets dive into the blog post. Shall we about what is changing with update 1.3 lets dive into this, so its a very long, winded, blog post and its told in this like night city, newscast format, which i know a lot of you guys like, but its also very long, winded and theres about Three different updates in here to the mini map respecting and i think, to like the choices and consequences to one of the missions here in the game, so lets go and dive into this and get directly to the point. Shall we now goes on to say this about the minimap? It says, with the new mini map system, software update, youre, able to see more and navigate better drive fast drive safe that come from cd projekt red right there, but they also provided a video showcasing. This brand new change lets go ahead and check that out right now, shall we so if we pop that video up, as you can see, the mini map right here is zoomed out a lot more and uh thats really cool, as you can see so thats gon Na help getting around night city thats coming up here in update 1.

3, but they also are going to be changing the way you can actually respect your character in that its going to be a lot cheaper. Thank goodness, uh lets go ahead and see the quote here. From cd projekt right, it says for our players, this feature will mean safer experimentation with builds. It is easily accessible and affordable for everyone, so there is no need to hesitate while investing in particular perks. It was a lot more expensive beforehand, but, according to the video check, it out right here its this simple to respect your character right now, its going to be from the menu – and all you have to really do – is go down here and spend your points right. There reset perks, instead of going through the whole hassle that was beforehand, and it was super expensive as well so thats really cool to see that they have added that in the game right there. Now they also did update a mission as well regarding uh clouds and the matchmaking system. I guess you would say uh in the game. This is like a super minor update, but this is the quote from cd projekt red. It says it was one of my first tasks when i moved to this project and i was digging into code for a long time, because i wanted to understand our ui video system now. At the end, i realized that the problem is in the video setup. Value for video time was shorter than the video sequence.

This way players will better understand the decision they are making in this story sequence, and they did provide a video as to what exactly they are talking about right. Here again, i consider this very minor update and very underwhelming and, as you can see, as you are making your choice in this moment here, this video that is playing right here is going to be up for longer duration in the brand new update. So you understand your choice and the consequence of that choice so seems like theyre at least tapping into choice and consequence uh with this game here. So uh thats good news, and they did say that uh you know they want to project that a lot more. Two players as to what the consequence will actually be with your choices that a lot of players arent actually understanding, at least according to the developers thats. What theyve said on stream previously now uh lets go ahead and go into this one right here. It says want to know more just like the last time. A full list of changes is coming soon were going to be getting patch notes everyone, so i will be going over those patch notes once once that does drop says. However, if youre anxious to hear what else is new in night city join the red stream for our experts tomorrow, of course, those streams will be in english and will start at 1800 cst on august 17th, noise.

So again, full breakdown from me will be happening regarding uh. You know the patch notes the streams and anything regarding cyberpunk 2077. I have you guys covered now so far, im going to be honest with you, a lot of this with update 1.3 is underwhelming. I hope that the patch notes are far more extensive, because weve been waiting a very, very long time for update 1.3, and you know i think honestly theyre going to want to impress investors as well considering they have an upcoming investor call here, late august theyre, going To want to time this properly and impress them and say: hey, yo weve got update 1.3 out its really big. Its really good, and also by the way, has free dlc, so were really getting on a roll here with releasing content, while updating the game fixing it. So yeah, i think theyre going to want to impress their investors so im, hoping again that patch uh 1.3 and these patch notes really impress us in some way, because right now, uh yeah sure the mini map system has been updated. But theres been modders who have already done that all right so lets dive into your top comments from my last video. Shall we so what was my last video about lets? Take a look see. It says brand new updates next big patch cd project, red earnings, call and the silence from cd projekt red now, whats also noteworthy is theres going to be two different earnings calls theres going to be one in august and then theres gon na be one in november.

So i do think we would get another update for cyberpunk 2077 in november, of course, theyre working on the new gen stuff right now, a big new gen update and i think, theyre gon na drop like another patch, alongside that, as well as free dlc thats, going To be my own speculation, thats what i would expect to happen, but lets see what you guys had to say about. My latest video howard smith says this: it must be tough, coming up with material day after day for this game. Yes, it has been a struggle. Picasso black says hello games showed what showed us. What comeback kid looks like this game has so much potential that i really hope they tend to use it all yeah. I really hope that theyre looking outside their own development studio and seeing what the industry as a whole is doing when they have bad launches and, more specifically, looking at hello games, no mans sky and that sort of thing and opening up that peripheral vision. So hopefully, theyre doing this now uh, i am ed shaheen says the following. I hope i really hope they get this game in the communitys good grace again. I was so hyped for this before it released, but now its just installed and collecting dust v customization cut scenes more things to do with your romance apartment. Customizations, car customization, ai improvements are just things they need to add to make this great again yeah.

You know one thing that we havent talked about. A lot is car customization. I would love absolutely love to see car customization in cyberpunk 2077, again its pretty shocking uh that they dont have that already in the game, but lets see what that the big boss had to say says this. Dude best thing to do is not expect anything from cd projekt red unless its from cd projekt red im, hoping that they update to the max. Because from what i see im seeing dialogue and other cutscenes, i havent seen before in previous playthrough yeah. I hear you yeah would be cool if they can open up the live path as well. Will they ever do that again? My personal opinion is no. I think that they would add on a big expansion uh and perhaps do something like that in a big expansion. Well see now glenn goes on to say this: if cyberpunk is ever going to be the game they advertised, they need to start making real improvements. Now its been over nine months and all the major issues like police ai still exists, we all hope they will no mans sky cyberpunk, but after nine months i just dont believe it will ever happen. So you know the first step in my opinion. With this whole situation is tell us about the free dlc, get the game updated into a state where its really working fixed. The glitches are, you know, pretty much gone, but also communicate with your audience way more often than they have been.

They have a huge audience and weve talked about how you know. The reddit alone is nearing like a million people already for cyberpunk 2077, so they do have an audience base. They need to start communicating and it seems like theyre doing just that with the red stream. So that, personally, does give me a little bit of hope here guarded, hope, mind you im being very guarded with my hope, with this one, but uh im really crossing my fingers that again in a couple of years, we can look back at this one and go Man, remember that launch holy cow look at the game now its really turned into something special, but there it is guys the latest happenings around cyberpunk 2077.. Thank you all so much for watching for all the comments. Let me know what you make of update 1.3. So far again, thats not all thats being included, apparently in update 1.3, they will be providing patch notes, and these past notes better impress. I hope, but yeah well find out what free dlc we have in store for us as well.