If you like, these short gaming news, videos be sure to hit subscribe and the bell button that way you are able to get all of the uploads. So this came from gamespot developer, cd, projekt red pulled back the curtain on cyberpunk 2077s, first batch of free dlcs, but theyre, not as substantial as you might expect. During a live stream, several cd projekt red employees broke down whats new inside the shooters latest update. Alongside discussing the changes in patch 1.3, the studio, showcased four new pieces of content, two jackets one car and an alternative outfit for johnny silverhand, all four pieces of dlc can be accessed in the games main menu under the additional content tab. The two jackets, both of rare or iconic qualities, are available in these apartment. After completing the ride mission, meanwhile, the archer quartz bandit car can be purchased. After finishing ghost town, you can check out the screenshots on various websites and social media outlets, so this is obviously not going to sway anybody. This is sort of gon na maybe land nicely and well for the people that are playing this game, but for the rest of us that have been continuing to sit on the fence waiting for this game to have its no mans sky moment. This certainly isnt it. This is just the beginning of very minor updates to the game. Something ive consistently said is that when they fixed the witcher, there was a good game underneath my concern is that cyberpunk is actually not that great of a game underneath all of its problems.

So even the recent patch 1.3 that fix things with the gps and allows you to like re, spend your skill points thats, not changing the fundamental core problem with this game, its just so so wide, and it just lacks that depth. Now, continuing on the report here, cd projekt red senior level, designer miles toast clarified that these add ons are small for a reason. Patch 1.3 is cyberpunks biggest update to date according to toast, so the dlcs function as a kind of sweetener for the tea as such. Bigger more substantive expansions for this game are coming later, heres, the quote from toast this patch is our biggest one. To date. We put a lot of effort into this one so consider the dlcs that we have now as sort of goodies sort of cherries. On top, the reality, of course, is that weve talked about this in the past, as we differentiate differentiate a bit between different kinds of extra content between dlcs additional items, of which we will have plenty coming down the road and, of course, the giant expansion passage which We will have something to say about later, so at the moment, theyre saying, listen! Quite honestly, this isnt meant to be substantive. This isnt meant to be you know a game changer. This is literally just meant to be a little bit extra additives to make. You understand. Hey this is an update in a patch and were throwing in some niceties on top.

According to this article, this mirrors the studios approach to the witchers wild hunt, uh, which saw 16 pieces of free dlc before receiving its two massive expansions in 2015 and 2016. cd projekt red called this method out in september 2020, when president adam kaczynski said cyberpunk 2077 Dlc would follow a similar trajectory, so it sounds like theyre, basically taking the approach that they did with the witcher were going to do just a bunch of little updates and then, when were done with that were going to land the big pieces im holding my breath And waiting for the big pieces im really not interested in jumping back into this game until those big pieces land, because i think those are going to be theyre going to need to be tectonic game changers. If this games going to get back on the map.