So if your employer wants you guys to meet together in person, but doesnt want you to meet together in person, you can now use facebooks virtual reality device the oculus quest tool to meet in person where it looks like this in your virtual reality device. But you actually look like this just sitting at home or wherever youre remotely working, which is just if we ever needed more proof that were living in a simulation right now. It would be the fact that this simulations creating another simulation, and i just dont even know what to think about its because this honestly im im relatively terrified of what this is right now, because, yes, im being a bit uh overreactionary right now. But if you work in any sort of office setting that you cant meet together in person anymore or your employer is trying to have extra precautions, youve seen zoom calls everywhere or skype or microsoft teams and just just know how much maybe im just showing my age. But how awful it is to be just interacting with just a letter of somebodys name or on the video conference or the idea that i worked at a very old building. So i didnt have a webcam or anything set up at my workplace and theyre shipping me webcams, so i have to be paying attention. Every single second of every single long conference call that could have been an email type of thing and im. Just i dont like that, as as it is, and now i mean youre going to strap me up in this, this bizarre device that mark zuckerberg showed them over on cbs this morning, where yeah youre here in this thing, but youre really in some virtual reality, where Youre talking to everybody and its just, i i hate this.

I hate the i what happened to talking to people in person, because i think its bad enough when you had people with just their their microsoft image, where you see them online online for a couple weeks and then, when you meet them in person. Its almost like online, dating where some people – oh yeah, thats you i recognize you and some people look nothing like their profile picture, and now we have avatars where i feel like im, interacting with some robot or possibly even being replaced by a robot. Who knows, if youre being replaced, if your jobs are being outsourced to some other country, when you just have everybody using avatars in virtual reality, or maybe even the ai takes over okay im taking this too far right now, but my main concern with this whole thing Is youre giving facebook the inner workings of your business? Now? Because if youre new oculus quest over on best buy its its for gaming and its for like watching movies in a giant movie theater – and i had a bad experience with vr before where i think it was playstation 4 vr – maybe three i forget when it first Came out, but i tried my friends vr and i enjoyed it, but i had never been more nauseous in my life like the entire day was like. I was just still in it. It was bizarre and then, when i heard that the oculus was better at it, i had a friend that used to work for oculus before they got bought out by facebook and oculus quest.

True two came out: it has a decent price, but the one crazy thing about this is im not on facebook, but the one of the features they have is theres an easy setup. Just open the box set up with your smartphone app and jump into vr. No pc or console needed the oculus quest 2 requires your facebook account to log in, and it also used to say a facebook account in good standing. So if you have been banned for trolling or doing something that you post something you saw on twitter and all of a sudden, you have a 30 day ban. I imagine you probably couldnt use your oculus quest 2 until you started saying things that were approved by the facebook corporation, which is insane to me saying that you can no longer participate in office meetings. If you have the wrong think on facebook utterly bizarre and again i dont have a facebook right now and i was looking at it right now and i couldnt recreate it but facebook in order to have an account that actually activates like you can set it up. But before you can activate it, you have to upload a picture of your photo id on it, so you mean to say that now were giving a company that has been known for murky circumstances of what they do with data and ive advertised on facebook. Before and the amount of data they collected on you previously, i know theyve eliminated some of those uh, those those target demographic classes, but the amount of data they collect on you is insane.

Will they even say that facebook has an algorithm to know? I dont know if they use it, but they know when youre about to announce that youre in an official relationship on facebook based on the times you visit each others profile the amount of times that you are tagged in each others, photos or go to the same Places they know that they know when you use the restroom, they know all sorts of things, and now theyre gon na know all the inner workings of your business, not to mention this is an article from 2019, but i think everybodys heard about it where, if youre Talking around your your mobile device, youre talking around your watch or your airpods, or anything like that, there will be ads that are catered to what you said in person now they said is facebook listening to me why these ads appear after you talk about things and Usa, today, uh debunks it saying they dont do it its just because they know what youre into and theyll know what eventually youre going to like. But i know i saw a viral video go online a while ago, where a couple says they think their phones talking to them, but they want to see so theyve never had a cat, never had a kitten, never had a pet, they dont think about it. Talk about it all, but they just kept on saying cat food pets, kitty, kitty, litter cat toys just kept on saying it around their phone, and i think it only took them two days to start to see ads from purina on their facebook feed, which i think Is conclusive? I also have a personal experience where i had one of my employees that wasnt too close to but was telling me about his vacation to jerusalem and how, like a great time, he had, and i was like – oh thats cool.

I have never expressed interest of traveling out of this other country or going anywhere at all, but then my instagram, which is owned by facebook, started giving me ads about visit tel aviv and its like theres, no possible way. Theres no possible way because it couldnt be like all of a sudden. The the tourism agency for visit tel aviv started to ramp up. So he got the ad and went there its like. He went there a year ago, just told me about his trip and its now relevant to me now: ive, never looked it up. Ive never had interest were not even friends on the internet, its just hes, an employee told me about jerusalem. Now its telling me hey visit tel aviv, we know youre interested, i think its definitive, that yes, facebook was likely listening to me. Can we prove it? No, but i do remember how they had the facebook app was draining peoples, batteries or using a lot of data when its not being opened, or also they had it playing a one. Second, sound clip of silence over and over and people thought it was to keep the microphones open, and now you have this whole situation of lets, invite them to our workplace, where now were all in this device that is under the umbrella of facebook and what kind Of data, are they going to take what kind of information will they gather? Maybe its nothing? Maybe i have my tin foil hat right now, but i dont like this right now, especially when you look at the optics and you have the article on cnb cnbc talking about the metaverse and all that stuff, but youre.

Looking at the images – and you have you know, you have your person teaching in the front which you you know that its going to come to a classroom setting, but people over here saying oh im raising my hand its my turn to talk whatever it is, but It just reminds me of that netflix series black mirror – and i just remember there was like an american idol episode where youd be in a room and thered just be nothing but avatars around you, and it just became this dystopian nightmare where we no longer interact with People were so absorbed in our devices that now are not allowed to interact with each other. Now we have to have interactions with avatars and what kind of human contact are we going to have at that point in time where everything you say has to be facebook, friendly, theres, an official narrative, they let you say and things they dont, let you say and Theres, a big criticism of that on twitter right now regarding trump and also whats happening overseas. Right now and whos allowed to have an account on there. Whos allowed to uh promote their message on their platform. Its so bizarre, where youre going to have your workplace is going to be involved in your home life. What youre allowed to say its all going to be attached to a dare i say, social credit system. I dont know maybe im just im going too far and im getting wrapped up in everything im covering, but just seeing this in a funny way of just like i dont, like the idea that i i will be looking like im in i dont.

I want to say this space, or just whatever this image is right. Now i dont want that to be my work life i like meeting in people in person, i like having human interactions. This utterly terrifies me, especially on the fact of i get very, very well used to get very motion sick. Maybe they have a better uh, facial tracking or eye tracking or whatever its going to cause to or whatever its going to solve, the nausea situation, but theres. So much that i dont like about this, but if you like me covering just a variety of things that are all pertinent to what i would consider the silent majority make sure you subscribe down below turn on the notifications and become a decoy along me. Drop a decoy in the comments, but also share this video with people that may appreciate this style of content. Where i cover things that are, you know serious some silly, but they all have pertinence to just a average normal person that may or may not have the time to go to and go to usa today in nbc or cnbc, and you know tied to black Mirror and say: hey: did you know that if you want the oculus quest device, you have to be attached to facebook and did you know that you need a photo id to make a facebook account right now? I think that should be something that more people are concerned about, but just the decoy narrative is hey.

Look at this amazing device. I dont like it.