So this is going to be one part of this overall vision that weve talked about and something that weve been using internally at facebook for a while and we really like, but it basically gives you the opportunity to you – know, sit around a table with people and Work and brainstorm and whiteboard ideas for people who cant be there through virtual reality. They can just video conference ends, so you can include everyone, but its this pretty amazing experience where you know you feel like youre, really right there with your colleagues. Nobody asked for this. Nobody, nobody wants it, no one asked for it. No one wants to make work meetings worse than they already are. Mark. Zuckerberg is one of the worst people in the country i dont know. This is the reason why well, there are many other reasons why, but this for me personally takes the cake. Okay, im, biased facebook has upsides were on facebook, okay, im just keeping it real um. So now, in terms of this idea hate it so look uh now weve all gotten used to zoom meetings and they go relatively smoothly, but remember in the beginning: oh no did you turn on that? Oh youre, muted youre, this youre that and oh no jeffrey um. So uh, but now i dont even understand this. To be honest, i read it and im not clear on it. Are we all turning into cartoons or do we have to put those clunky things on our faces and bump into stuff, and or do we have to do both? Do we put the virtual reality goggles on and then we become cartoon characters? Well, jank im glad you asked, because this next video might give you a little more information.

How meetings will not just be more annoying but more expensive, because youre going to need weird gear to do this. Okay, workrooms is used on facebooks, oculus quest 2 virtual reality. Headsets, once inside you can customize your own avatar mark im in all right welcome. Oh my god, you got freckles on your nose. I have freckles in real life too, so im trying to do the best of that. Do you, like my glasses, i like it in here your avatar looks great. This is my first virtual reality interview how about you, mine too, my virtual reality interview too isnt. It excited to do this with you isnt it good. We can do this together. No gail! No, no! This is not great gail. What do you think it was not a situation where the mainstream media was going to do a hard hitting interview. Okay, they were going to do an interview going. Oh my god, thats amazing. Okay, we got mark zuckerberg um, keep it real so now look guys on the zoom youre, not cartoon characters, youre actually real people. So why do we need this? This is really like. If im on a zoom call with anna for a meeting, then i see anna in the zoom. Why would i need to see a cartoon version of her, and why do i need to put like these weirdo goggles on to see the cartoon version because jank, when you put the goggles on, then you feel like youre in the same room as me, while were Doing the meeting yeah, but why why why would you want that? Well, somebody on twitter made a good point: okay, well theyre like so we get to be in a really boring conference, room together and thats.

The point of this, its not like you guys, are going to disneyland together. Okay, theyre, like we can whiteboard whoo. You know what i want to do. I want to reward the ceo or the entrepreneur who succeeds in minimizing meetings right i want like. I want us to actively look for the person whos, like you know how theres all sorts of consultants running around making a ton of money to consult on okay lets, just keep it real. So that happened. Why arent there any consultants that specialize in minimizing the number of meetings? There was an interesting article this week from the atlantic about what went wrong in afghanistan. Now, of course, there are many things that went wrong in afghanistan, uh. The us intervention in afghanistan was garbage and wasnt really about nation building. Weve talked about that at nadia nauseam. You guys are probably wondering why zana bringing up afghanistan because of this one little snippet in the atlantic – article that i think is relevant so uh social media and public affairs documents were replete with images of rifle ranges: obstacle courses, room cleaning and lots and lots of Meetings, many of which were themselves about meetings over chai theres too many meetings, people we need to find ways to minimize meetings, no more meetings unless, like its something that really cant be adjudicated over email, now, theres all sorts of middle management people running around theyre, like I got ta make it seem like im working.

How can i do that? Let me do meetings, meetings, meetings upon meetings, meetings on top of meetings, meetings about all day every day i cant stand yes bart, yes, okay, so first of all uh im, not that ceo, no hes, not okay, so we have meetings uh, second of all, counterpoint um, Taliban had tons of meetings then took the country in 11 days. I think the meetings are about people who are trying to prevent the taliban from taking over oh really yeah. Oh, they were the ones trying to take prevent the taliban yeah, never mind withdrawing your honor strike it from the record, because guess what? Having because i was amused by that? No, i was getting amused by the idea of the taliban being like. Oh another zoom call right is corbin in here: theyre zooming, you again, okay, so okay, uh, now look guys uh back to vr for a second theres two different issues here, which is annas tangent rant against all meetings, virtual or otherwise. No, i have a meeting every single day and it is an important meeting, its called a production meeting. Oh damn, oh, your meetings are important. So no, no, no! My point is no. This is my point. There are important meetings that should take place its just that i think that theres look theres a problem with corporate culture in america, and i know it seems like im talking about tyt in some cases. I am but right now not really im talking about, like the general corporate culture of the executive class, wants to make sure that theyre, you know extracting as much labor as possible from the people who are working from them, and so that leads to middle management.

Wanting to prove that theyre working real hard and one of the ways that they do it is meetings meetings lets do meetings lets do meetings its 10 oclock at night lets. Do it, i cant stand it. It makes me crazy. Okay, thats amazing rant, especially because we really dont do that here. We have plenty of meetings, but we have a lot of meetings here. No, no. We have plenty of meetings, but trust me that if i was in a meeting that was unnecessary, im audi im gone. We dont, i, we dont have a minute twice right, so uh. There are reasons for it, but anyways back to vr, yes, okay, uh. I remember first putting on the goggles and – and i thought two things – oh, that thats amazing – that looks really cool. I feel like im in italy or paris or wherever they used to do those first vr things right and then my second thought was uh. This is never gon na work and i took it off put it down. I was like not interested okay now, and i knew that there would be tons of investment into it now. Why did i know thered be tons of investment when i thought it wouldnt work at all, because tech people have a tech bias. So if you do anything, thats gadgetry, they fall in love with it instantly and theyre like. Oh, my god, look at it its goggles and i feel like im somewhere else right.

Oh, i give you billions of dollars right away. Right and facebook bought one of these companies and so now theyre trying to make their money back so the whole time they theyre pushing this and pushing this. And if you remember, um zuckerberg did one of these goofy things uh during the hurricane, in puerto rico, and after that, they, like cartoon characters of zuckerberg, showed up high fiving in the middle of like the streets where people are dying and stuff like and hes. Like look at this, this is so cool were in puerto rico, not cool, no um and so theyre obsessed with it and now my guess is. I have no idea, but my guess is that theyve lost a lot of money on it, because nobody else is interested, and so the reason why normal people are not interested in it is not because it isnt cool you put it on. Everybody goes oh thats cool and then you go well. What am i going to do with it? Theyre like meetings? No, can you imagine no, no jake. Okay, jake is so overloaded with stuff that sometimes, like you have meetings when youre in your car. All the time can you imagine jank with that with those massive goggle things like in his car. Like oh banana banana, i think no, no. What is that garbage garbage? No garbage, as my dad would say, i dont know why i turned it into this. In the middle of this story, okay cause those like dark glasses that they want everyone to like spend a thousand bucks on to do these cheesy meetings come on um.

So look when that when i put it on, they just feel the door goggles right now, somewhere. Johnny pie is going no thats, not right. Those are amazing. Its amazing technology damage report damage report. How much damage have they done? Okay, no, they said hey. Why? Dont you walk around the streets of paris the first time. I did this. However, many years ago, five, seven years ago, right and then you know whats the first thing that happened i bumped into the table because you have goggles on you cant, you see the virtual world, but not the real world. So if you walk anywhere you instantly bump into things, okay, i put them down im done with it theres a saying in turkish theres, two sayings actually close the book and drink a cold glass of water. They both mean its over its over okay, close the book drink, a cold glass of water. This thing is done. Meanwhile, facebooks got, however, many billions sunk into this thing, so theyre all bumping into each other like trying to have meetings with car cat crashes. All across silicon valley, Music, i love it so much close the book and drink a cold glass of water im gon na use that now its so good yeah. We should change that to drink a hot glass of tyt, see mark. We can do uh product plugs too. Okay, thanks for watching the young. Turks really appreciate it. Another way to show support is through youtube.

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