3 update to be clear. With these cyberpunk does this kind of odd thing compared to the rest of the industry, where dlcs are completely free and relatively small expansions? Are those paid large scale experiences and the way to get these three new ones is simply to keep your game up to date. As if you just download the 1.3 update youll be automatically downloading these three dlcs and then they will just kind of be added to the experience, although one of them does require being turned on which, as youll see, could be a pretty good aspect. I know some of you are curious about my full video on the 1.3 update. It is massive its going to take a little while, so i just wanted to get the dlc video out first, but i will have that coming later. If you want to get subscribed were going to video on a massive mod coming to cyberpunk later this week. So after installing the update youll find a new section on the home page known as additional content, this will just have a brief description of the dlcs. You do have installed the first of which to look at is definitely the multi layered synthread delta, jock jacket and luminescent punk jacket. The way to get these is basically just play the game past the point of actually meeting decks in the game. With two of these dlcs, you actually have to pass a certain milestone in game to get them, which i dont hate and then, after that in game or if youre, already past, that point in game.

Youre gon na get a text from victor hell, talk about how he found these cool jackets gaining dust and more or less after the short text back and forth. Youll, have these jackets added to your player, stash this being that one you could access via your home as far as the jackets themselves, youre going to get them in a rare form and they look pretty cool. I mean theyre just jackets. At the end of the day, its not like you even see them that often on your player, the red jacket definitely has a nice little effect. You could see on the collar where it is pinging or pulsing around the collar, which is kind of cool, but again youre not going to see that all that often the other one, of course, has that notable fur collar to me. It almost feels like its a little too heavy or looks a little bit too warm for the climate of night city, at least at the time the game takes place, but in general these two are going to be pretty subjective, whether or not you like them or Not its not like, they have the best stats in the game, speaking of which, if youre trying to get the best variants. After taking these out of your stash, you will unlock crafting recipes for them, so you can craft a rare, epic or legendary variant. The way it works is you can just craft as many of these rare jackets as you want and then basically you have to take that jacket and upgrade it using the crafting system.

So you craft a rare, upgrade it to a epic, and then you could upgrade that epic to a legendary at first the legendary variant didnt actually pop up in the crafting menu. But after crafting an epic, it will show up and then youll likely go through the process of re rolling these until you find one with good stats, but in general its not the best stats in the world, but theyre, decent and, of course, with mods. It could be a lot better. The second dlc added is the archer quartz bandit. This is the other one. You had to progress past. A certain point in the game to unlock youre gon na have to complete the ghost town quest with hanam youre gon na have to do this just playing the game anyway, so you cant miss it, and i actually think this is also kind of a cool feature. Depending on your choice during that quest and how you interact with panam and some of the other characters, youll either have to buy this vehicle in game, and you can see the price right there or, alternatively, shell, give it to you for free. Otherwise, after loading, a save that has that quest already completed, or even if you just complete the quest youre gon na, have to wait a few days in game time. For me, i was pretty confused at first, but you do in fact have to wait several in game days for the text to pop up, but then from there youre, just gon na get a text message not from panam, and it will mention the cars per sale.

You go to the location and you can buy it. This, of course, is going to be a reskin of the quartz. There are several other quartz variants in the game, but i actually think its a pretty cool one, its definitely faster than the other quartz variants, as well as i think, the exposed engine bay, as well as the intakes on the front, just give it a cool. Looking design overall, that extreme orange isnt gon na be for everyone, but its definitely on the quicker side as far as cyberpunk vehicles go its definitely not as fast as caliber, which is still definitely the fastest car in the game. But i would say it was fast enough. It definitely is a very usable vehicle. I actually am definitely going to be using this one because i think it all around has a cool aesthetic and for me personally, i like how theyre implementing these free dlcs, not as just like a random throwaway car. You have to just walk up to, but actually implementing it into a in game choice its super small. But for me i think, thats a nice addition. Last but not least, we have what is absolutely going to be the most controversial of the bunch, and that is the johnny silverhand alternate appearance. The way to activate this one is in the main menu of the game. If you go to settings, youll actually have additional content now and from here you just turn on which appearance you want.

If you want default johnny or you want the alternate appearance and then from there, whenever you see johnny silverhand in game, he will have this different. Interesting appearance, honestly in the gameplay they showed yesterday during their live stream. I thought it looked way worse in game. I wasnt bothered nearly as much. It is still a pretty polarizing appearance overall, but i actually like it more now, actually seeing it in game. I still probably prefer the original johnny look, but if you saw it during the stream yesterday and absolutely hated it id at least suggest trying it out, because i was surprised how much more i liked it than i thought i would still not my favorite, though, then Of course, at any point you could just turn this off from the main menu when you dont want to see it anymore and yeah. Those are the free, dlcs theyre, pretty small but honestly thats what you should expect from these dlcs. Overall, we knew this was mimicking. Something we had with the witcher 3, the witcher 3 dlcs were literally this scale and size, just reskins of characters and minor additions. Although something else thats pretty interesting around all of this and what this actually ends up confirming is that dlc leak we got about a month ago now, where the naming of 17 dlcs leaked as it stands right now, we obviously dont know exactly how many dlcs will Come if that document ends up being completely accurate and we actually dont even know when the next dlcs are coming with the witcher 3.

They release them one at a time once per week, which clearly they dont seem to be doing now, unless they surprise us and just release another one next week, although we do know, some of the future ones may be a bit larger. Looking back that document, the three things that were confirmed were dlc4 quartz, dlc, 5 jackets and dlc 11 j. Look that being johnny, silverhand look, but now this means we kind of know at least a rough idea of what some of the future stuff will be. Theres, a few dlcs that have the naming of swp or pwp many people think that might be in reference to some of the weapons like swp, a smart weapon, pwp a power weapon for each of the various weapon categories, including melee. Some people are hoping its a weapon pack, obviously based on the scale of these first dlcs. I think if we just got one weapon, that is really all you should expect, looks like theres going to be a pose dlc, so some more poses you could use in photo mode were likely going to actually get a gig dlc, or at least several theres. Some other data mines to back this up, but likely a relatively small, gig or small quest. You could do in kabuki and two other districts. But then, as i mentioned before, cdpr did say some of the future dlcs of those still small will be a bit larger and there are a couple of promising potentials in this.

We do see a dlc just titled, a mirror that could actually be character. Customization, like you, go to a mirror and you can customize your character once again after starting theres, very clearly a new game plus in there. The witcher 3 got this so well likely get a new game plus free dlc. At some point, a dlc called apart, which very likely is an apartment dlc, maybe some kind of alternate apartment we could get in game and what is easily the most cryptic dlc 10 monster, which we dont really know what that is a new creature, a new boss, Fight some vehicle called monster, so overall we can expect in the future, are things relatively on the same scale, but hopefully a couple of slightly larger ones trickled in here or there? But this is the dlc for cyberpunk its obviously not what many people are hoping for. After eight months, the large scale expansions are still a ways away and for me, these dlcs are just kind of filler content if youre already playing its a cool little added extra. But since im sure most of you completed a play through and are look for. A reason to come back im not really sure these dlcs are that reason, if anything in your pc player some recent mod releases could be that reason, though i actually just made a video covering a bunch of new mods and theres. Definitely some cool stuff. On that front, but one different looking vehicle is definitely not getting me to reinstall cyberpunk 2077 and start a new playthrough with that said, as always again and thank you for watching, i hope you guys found this one informative and again later today or early tomorrow.

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