Yes, i was invited to speak with niantic um i just wan na. I guess i just wan na like be transparent about it um. You know niantic said in their letter to the community that they would be speaking with certain community leaders in preparation for their task force or whatever it is theyre doing internally. I dont i dont have any details about what niantic is specifically doing. I dont know anything about their task force and whos involved, and what theyre talking about i dont know anything about any of that. What i do know is that myself and other members of niantics sort of content creator program um. You know those of us who have been in contact with niantic uh regularly over, i dont know, maybe the last two two and a half three years. I i dont really know how long its been that the program has sort of evolved over time. But we were invited to speak with niantic, to share feedback and ask questions that will be presented to the task force and – and i dont know who from niantic will be on this call listening to our feedback uh, i i dont know whos gon na hear it, But i just i ive been told that i have the opportunity to speak with them and to share feedback so um i mean, i guess you know if theres, if theres something that you would like addressed specifically. Please leave a comment down below and let me know i think for me personally.

What im, really most interested in focusing on is transparency like thats thats, really what i want from niantic at this point um i want to know if were going to get any kind of transparency uh with the the pokestop distance in particular. You know, i think ive said multiple times that i i dont fully believe that uh exploration, encouraging exploration is the real reason for reducing the pokestop distance um. You know i personally, i still think its about driving footfall driving traffic to sponsored locations. Um i mean thats thats, like a big thing, that i want to focus on and then beyond that just kind of uh just understand. Niantics motivations and i dont know that im really gon na get any of that. I dont know that were gon na really even get immediate feedback to our feedback or questions um but yeah i mean thats thats thats the update and you know, theres an entire video attached to this, which i wasnt sure if i was gon na post, but the Whole video, i mean obviously im posting it its its a beautiful video. I i went camping last week with the trailer um and you know its its a beautiful video. I think youll enjoy it uh, but i also talked a lot about my plans and basically what i want to do. Moving forward with pokemon go and the way that i want to interact with the game. Um – and you know, i didnt really focus too much on the pokestop distance, specifically, but really just on like how i want to move forward overall, knowing what we know right now, um and you know that that could change depending on how the feedback is received.

That could change, depending on niantics final answer on september, 1st, whatever we end up getting from them at that point, that could change but uh. I do talk in this video at length about what i want to do with pokemon go moving forward and uh. If you enjoy the peaceful nature, camping vibes of this video make sure you go check out, maybe ill link it here, maybe itll be therell, be a card at the end of the video um and maybe a link in the description. Also, i posted a whole camping kind of trailer video uh on my other channel, which i havent uploaded to in like a couple years um. But there is a camping video with even more just kind of like trailer and and being out in nature type footage. So if you like that check the link enjoy the video um, you know give me your feedback down below things that you think are important to share with niantic at this point or questions to ask of niantic at this point and hopefully uh. Hopefully it will be received. Alright enjoy the video Music Music im in the town of mammoth lakes. California, ive been up here for a few days, camping in the trailer you can probably tell um, but today, right now, im about to open pokemon go for the first time in a week and a half since last monday. You know i havent opened the game in a while im gon na go maybe later for now.

What hello, what i said. Maybe later i havent opened the game in a while, because i i just ive been trying to kind of process everything and uh and figure out how i want to interact with the game moving forward and um yeah, we got ultra unlock three. This is, this is literally the first time ive looked at this map since last of what there it is since last monday. First pokemon, why not a clefairy up here in the mountains ive been doing a lot of thinking. Ive been doing a lot of thinking, and i think i i understand at least for now how i want to move forward with pokemon go with this youtube channel, um and and well talk about that today, im headed up to devils, postpile, national monument and honestly, i Dont know if i have service there, but well see there you go in case. You thought i was faking. Oh yeah wait. I cant reach that from here. Oh my god, um in case you thought i was faking it. Let me show you my recent pokemon here. It is, i guess i could have just transferred them, but 811, the last pokemon i caught 8 1 10 days ago, Music, man, all right. I can i get close enough to this pokestop. I walked zero kilometers this week there it is, if thats, not proof enough, and i can spin a pokestop for my one day – streak all right lets go lets go for a hike.

Music mammoth mammoth mammoth is normally a like a ski resort during the winter. During the summer, you can go mountain biking up here, but im just waiting to get on the shuttle to devils, post pile and im im im playing pokemon go. How long have hes been in here three hours, five hours, three hours, theres some activity up here, im gon na hop on this shuttle? Well talk more Music Applause, Music! Well, im, not super surprised, but theres no service down here were pretty deep in the mountains. Right now, but um i mean we can still talk right. We can still talk like i said. Ive spent a lot of time. Thinking about how i want to move forward. What do i want to do with pokemon go um. Let me just start by reflecting a little bit basically whats going on for me personally um is that i feel kind of caught between these two conflicting feelings. These two conflicting ideas, which is i love, pokemon, go and and everything that its done for me and all the things that ive experienced over the last five years as a result of playing this game and at the same time im. So so, just uh put off by the direction that niantic has been moving with their increasingly more predatory or manipulative or or just kind of scummy, monetization, um tactics with the game and basically what its come down to where ive landed on this whole situation is that I dont want to stop playing pokemon go um, like i said i havent opened the game until today for a week and a half, but as soon as i got up here as soon as i got up to mammoth, i wanted to like.

I instinctively pulled my phone out and wanted to just look around and see see what the game looked like in the town of mammoth ill have service where im camping. But if i had service there it would have been the same thing: thats thats, how i really enjoy playing the game. The most is just going to a new place, opening up the game and exploring i mean thats thats, really what its always been about like from the beginning, the logo, the the channel logo, was the mountains, the trees, the lake, its always been there um and thats Thats, really what i want to continue doing, i just i just want to keep exploring so for now, at least until we get our official response from niantic september, 1st um at least for now. The way that i want to continue playing the game is to explore new places and what i dont want to do is spend a ton of money trying to hatch egg exclusive shiny pokemon. I dont want to spend a ton of money trying to raid for raid exclusive shiny pokemon, and i dont want to go into that too much right now. I think weve talked about it enough at this point, probably but moving forward. I do just want to be more intentional and more aware of how what im doing here on the channel um can normalize certain behaviors in pokemon go well. If we go. If we go back to the beginning years ago, when niantic first started introducing shiny pokemon to the game uh, it was, it was so much fun for us and im sure for everyone to go out and try to find a new shiny pokemon, whether it was magikarp.

The first shiny pokemon introduced whether it was pikachu which was introduced when i was in japan with you know: mystic 7 lachlan, pope dave. We had so much fun going out and trying to find those shiny, pokemon in the wild. And, of course, we noticed that when we did find those shiny, pokemon, the videos typically did better right. If we have a shiny, pokemon, a new shiny, pokemon caught in the thumbnail um. Those videos do better so that encourages us to try to get new shiny pokemon. Every time they come out and those videos do better and people see that and people see that you know were shiny hunting because thats whats really getting us the most views on youtube um and that that normalizes, that that shiny hunting is really a big part of The game, a big focus right, its something we really focus on uh and then im sure you know, niantic knows that that we all enjoy doing it and then starts putting shiny pokemon only in eggs or only in raids and we as youtubers, whether its youtube twitch Streams whatever it is, we continue chasing those shiny, pokemon and now spending money to do it because again, thats whats typically brought us the most views, thats thats. What brings the most people to our videos and then, as people watch us spending 20. 30. 40. A hundred dollars trying to hatch or trying to raid trying to get this new shiny pokemon that behavior just seems normal.

That just seems like a normal way to play. Pokemon go and i think, thats something that i really want to be more intentional about because, like i said, im really not interested in doing that anymore, i dont want to keep spending money to try to get new shiny pokemon because when it comes down to it At the end of that, it just doesnt feel that rewarding for me personally, its the same reason why i dont really like opening pokemon cards, why i dont like shiny hunting in the main series is because well especially with pokemon cards, if youre looking for a certain Card you know rainbow rare charizard or whatever it is. All you have to do is just spend enough money right. We know what the odds are of getting it, and if you spend enough money, if you buy enough packs, if you buy enough boxes and open all of those eventually youre going to find it. And for me that just kind of takes the fun out of it and raids in pokemon go have gone the same direction for me and hatching eggs and pokemon go has gone the same direction for me, which is if i just spend enough money. Im gon na get it eventually and it just doesnt feel as rewarding now, of course, in pokemon go theres. Also, these sort of time limits on some of these things, where you know the ultra unlock part 3 event only lasts for a week and a half and the gallerian pokemon will still be available, but you wont be able to focus specifically on hatching them most likely.

So when it comes down to it, you could spend as much money as possible, trying to hatch it and, at the end of the event, still end up with nothing and thats thats even worse. So as i move forward and continue playing pokemon go um when it comes to things like shiny pokemon, being locked in eggs, i ive just accepted that those are shiny, pokemon that ill probably never have and thats totally fine. You know i dont have to have them all, but as long as i can keep exploring and going to beautiful places, whether its a new hiking trail or a new city, i will continue to enjoy playing pokemon go in that setting and ill continue to enjoy making Videos around pokemon go and also around the new places that im visiting and thats. I mean thats thats, where i am. I hope that explains it um. Let me know down in the comments how you feel uh about you know, maybe niantics last response or waiting for niantics new response, full response, um, and then i just i just want to remind you. You know that, however, you choose to play pokemon go is completely valid, its totally fine, i think thats. One of the really cool things about this game is that there are so many ways to play. You know you can be a shiny hunter. You can be a battler, you can do pvp, you can really grind the the gyms which im gon na have to start doing again for coins.

You can you can be free to play, you can buy the raid passes, you can buy the incubators, you can do whatever you want and im im not going to judge anyone, and i hope that anyone watching this video also is not going to judge anyone for Playing pokemon go the way that they want to play now: im gon na hike to the top of this Music. Not not this way, thats dangerous and probably impossible at a certain point. Im gon na walk up the trail over here, so so Music. You know at the end of the day, pokemon has always had this strong connection to nature for me, um, and i think that goes back to just playing the original games, red and blue version on my game boy on camping trips as a kid, but also you Know the adventure in pokemon, like just traveling from city to city, in between theres these wild areas, and i always dreamed of being able to go on that adventure and pokemon go really brought that to life and thats thats, something that ill always appreciate. So, as i go to new places, i still enjoy picking up pokemon go and using it to to as kind of a guide as i walk around and explore and discover new things, whether i see them from 40 meters or 80 meters, away its its still. Its still cool to be able to do that also its starting to rain.

So im gon na head back back up to the shuttle.