Welcome to the week one edition of the high school blitz, we start with a big win at hart park, a non conference matchup between marquette and their hosting arrowhead muhs. Second and nine. At the arrowhead 43 luke novotnys pass to nick furge for the touchdown 31 22 arrowhead. The two point: conversion, no good. The next series is charles smith, handing off to tyler bittman and well. I guess thats, not what happened. We have the two point: conversion that doesnt go, but here is that handoff im talking about for the touchdown arrowhead comes away with a 38 22 win. We did it in spurts tonight. We didnt do it enough, and i tell you if we ever put it all together were going to be very dangerous. You cannot play a good arrow team, the way that we played them tonight and make as many mistakes as we did. Another non conference still with brookfield central heading to catholic memorial, the crusaders, starting out with a huge play, sophomore corey smith, turning the corner and goes 75 yards for the touchdown. He wont be touched now. Their next position, also ending with the big play, rory fox airing. It out to kenny piacek 73 yards on this. One and catholic memorial looks to be rolling 14 to nothing but with 14 seconds to go in the game, drew edmonds scoring his third touchdown of the game for central theyre within two points. But the two point: conversion fails and the crusaders hold on for the 29 27 win, brookfield east hosting watertown and the visitors spoiling an early drive nathan kell coming up and breaking up the pass deep in watertown territory, keeping east off the board, but it doesnt.

Last long, thats, matthew, shimenda, hitting simon lupton for 34 yards in the score and the spartans jump out to a 7 0 lead in the second chamenda calling his own number and getting in from a couple of yards out east, going on to an easily 35 7 Mukwonago traveling to sussex hamilton in the second half evan, herbig and jake adams, decide hey lets get something going here: they connect and its a mukwonago touchdown adamson doing it again. He gets in and helps the indians as he makes this one. A 34 21 mukwonago win. We know that they were theyre loading, the box and – and we thought we could have some success. If we got the ball out on the perimeter around, they could put the ball in and i thought our running backs ran really hard and we did a nice job. Getting the ball out on the edge in the second half its drake zortmans first game as home, says: head coach hosting germantown the highlanders up eight to nothing, but on the ensuing kickoff its aaron grant going the distance. He brings it all the way back and the warhawks are within one down eight to seven. The ground game, though, would start to take over for homestead joe allman, seeing that he has a hole, and he finds it from four yards out. That makes it 15 7 homestead now, after a defensive, stop homestead going back to allman and watch him muscle his way in for the touchdown zortman a winner in his debut 32 14 Applause and quite the treat at halftime in whitefish bay.

Those are the elementary school girls from pom pom camp and whitefish bay, coached by rachel ritz entertaining the blue, duke faithful. What a show they put on nora folk rod, celia, nelson and dylan webb among the many talented girls out there this evening and the blue dukes keep the glory cup with their 56 66 win over shorewood bessemer youth school at home, facing brookfield academy, the blue knights Up 14 13 late in the second and its jonah denson, finding a wide open, malik, crawford and the lead grows to seven. After that nice play. They kick to vidal cologne. To begin the third and well guess what thats a mistake: the junior, bringing it all the way back and tying the game with those great moves and the speed brookfield academy, answering though, with a 75 yard drive fourth and 11, they go for it. Jensen on the run connecting with colton greene for the score and yule school wins its opener 32 27. The lightning looking to strike against st mary springs in a huge non conference battle. Isaac, highland, getting st marys springs, fired up, though, as he comes up with a big interception early because he they string the play out and hes right there to make the big play. But after that it is all lake country, lutheran, luke, hertl whos, had a big season. Last year looks to have a big one. This year he goes 80 yards on this play. I mean he had nobody to throw to so he finds a hole and he takes it all.

The way in the lightning starts the season with a 45 to nothing shutout wow, what a run from him well week. One of the high school blitz is now in the books to go through it all again, just head to our website. Fox6Now.