Right now will know theres a lot of interesting facts and details relating to the playstation platforms, but for this lets do a deeper dive on the company and those who work there. Heres 20: facts about sony, interactive, entertainment, Music back in february 2013, when the playstation 4 was revealed, mark cerny, the system architect made his first big public appearance by being a part of the presentation and while mark has done a handful of public speaking in the past, This was going to be seen by a lot more people and it turns out mark memorized his entire portion of the event uh and when we arrived in new york, i i said to him: how are you feeling about this youre doing? Okay and his comment was, he said: oh i cant work with telop. I just i just cant work with with a teleprompter, i said. Well, how are you gon na do it? He said well, ive, just memorized it and i sat there in rehearsals. Looking at the teleprompter and sure enough, he had word for word just just memorize the whole presentation so well. I got better after the first presentation. I think, thank god. Despite mark cernys, 25 plus year, history with playstation hes never actually been considered. An official employee hes considered a contractor and he has been the entire time consulting on games working closely with naughty dog insomniac directing his own titles or leading the hardware programs. When the ps4 was initially revealed, sony didnt actually show the hardware design, which then led to a lot of criticism online, asking why they revealed a console without actually showing it, and this surprised everyone at the company knowing that generations prior.

They always announced new hardware before showing what it actually looked like sg and ibm have agreed to develop our cell processor based workstation. The workstation will fully use the super computing performance of the cell processor playstations current head of indie games, shuhei ushida, who at the time was the head of world wide studios, was banned on wii? U twice you can do on the you know, wii! U tablet and the post comment for other people to see so um, but i was banned on the system twice the first time because i had put my twitter account. You know at ysp on my profile and that was against their rule of having the identifiable. You know id so thats, fair enough, and the second time was when i wrote i heard i love pes and that they banned me again and said that you know you are not supposed to promote commercial product in me. Bus not too many know about dr richard marks, the former head of sonys playstation magic lab responsible for spearheading experimental technologies like the itoy playstation i playstation move and also playstation vr. Before joining the company in 1999, he attended stanford university working on space robotics and also had a summer internship at the monterey bay aquarium, helping to make underwater robots that could be used to map the ocean floor mark earned his doctorate in philosophy, aeronautics and astronautics, after Which he went into consulting for about a year and a half after finding that unfulfilling he joined sony and throughout his 19 years at the company.

He didnt think hed stay there that long despite the occasional interviews elsewhere, he stuck around knowing that playstation hardware was always going to evolve periodically and that a company like sony, allowed him to see through the products he wanted to make. If you think you have this amazing idea – and you just know that youre just going to implement this one thing and its going to be amazing – thats not usually how it works, if youve never done it before so making as many different things as you can and Discovering what feels good and what doesnt the design of experiences in vr is, can be quite different than the design of regular traditional games. Remember the original ad campaign for crash bandicoot, which had the guy in the big costume well initially andrew house, the former president and ceo of sony, interactive entertainment. But at the time wasnt marketing. He was nervous presenting that marketing idea to mark cerny because he felt he was too hard to read, but mark ultimately signed off on it. I went down to la to pitch mark on this idea, for that this was the way that we were going to bring his baby to market, and his reaction was, i think i liked it. Cautious approval is that right, whats the debt. Certainly it worked out pretty well, though, that ad was crazy. Yeah. Are you aware, mr feldman, that sonys playstation has more than 150 games nhl face off 97 jet moto total number one destruction, derby, two im gon na give you a personal demonstration.

Many are familiar at this point with the tiny playstation buttons on the back of the dual sense or the inner shells of ps5, but that design was actually sketched out by hand by sonys senior art, director, yujin morisawa theres. Forty thousand buttons total in the final print used in astros playroom. If you look inside the psvr headset in the playstation labo area, you can see above the viewfinder that the serial number is an easter egg for none other than sony executive shuheishida before the ps1 launch. The father of playstation ken kuragi tried to throw a party for all the associated developers, but the game company said no. He recalled that the game companies responded saying. No, these people have no names. This was because back then companies were afraid. Their employees would be poached by others if they were well known during the development of the original playstation before the company was called sony computer entertainment. It was called the ps preparation office, namely because kuragi had ordered a starblade cabinet from namco to play realizing. This was the goal real time. 3D crystal dynamics was the first non japanese developer to ever work on the original playstation. The reason being mark cerny worked there. He previously just left working at sega in japan, where he learned to read, write and speak japanese when he moved back to the us to work at crystal dynamics. His connections in japan led him to his first meeting with sony, since he could actually read and sign the contracts thats how they secured a dev kit near the height of the ps1s popularity media.

Attention often put a spotlight on the nintendo vs sony rivalry, though ken kuragi didnt feel this way at all where he said, and i quote, mass media asked us who our competitor was and they expected me to say nintendo. However, i didnt think such a thing and i didnt regard nintendo as our competitor, so i answered, maybe it would be cell phones and they didnt understand what i said. Then it was not until iphone was launched when they finally understood what i said. Funnily enough, this is indeed a similar sentiment felt today by current sie president and ceo jim ryan, where he feels they compete for peoples, time against all other mediums and devices, and not strictly another platform holder during one of the e3 expos in the 90s ken kudaragi Had gone on a 45 minute tirade about crash bandicoot to mark cerny, saying that he didnt see it having a chance at succeeding. This nearly put mark on the verge of tears, where he says – and i quote ken is a very intense person, although this might be a point of contention when it comes to recounts with ken kuragi. While there are many stories regarding kudaragi having outbursts or being a more outspoken person, the man himself says: hes never been asked about any of this directly that many urban legends are said over time and eventually accepted, because he hasnt talked about it or denied anything foreign. Just a few weeks before e3 2006, where sony was going to show off ps3 games, features and launch details, shuhei oshida was informed that the controller would now have a motion sensor and that theyd need to put together a demo for e3.

Yoshida was caught completely off. Guard and thats how you saw very strange demos like warhawk for the ps4 physical product appearance, which was led by tetsusumi. There were six finalized designs near the end. Andrew house had chosen two of them to be mocked up in person so that he could keep them in his office for several days. Spending enough time. Looking at each of them and then coming to the conclusion of which one would then be the ps4, speaking of which mark cerny, who led the system, architecture didnt, actually give any input about the consoles appearance, he didnt see it until everyone else did at e3. 2013 Applause, Music, sean laden, the former chairman of playstations worldwide studios, joined sony all the way back in 1987, where he was a communications assistant for one of the original co founders of sony, corporation akio, morita back in 2013, prior to ps4 and xbox one launching there Was a massive twitter campaign called hashtag ps4 no drm in the hopes that the company would not go down the same path as microsoft, employing restrictive policies behind the scenes sony felt the best way to address it was to make last minute changes to their e3 show. Where andrew house mentioned in 2014 – and i quote – i remember – reading an article literally the weekend before e3. That was basically saying that this is the direction microsoft was taking, and it was only a matter of time before sony adopts the same approach.

That sort of put me on the back foot and i went and rewrote portions of my e3 presentation script that weekend and we recrafted the presentation, because there was now an onus on us not to be seen to be going down the same path: playstation scott rhodey. Also said at the time i was personally overwhelmed with a massive explosion on twitter, with everyone essentially begging. Please dont, do the sony. Please dont. Do this playstation. It was so hard not to say right away. Well, we were never going to do that, but now lets have a little fun and announce it in a fun way at the playstation press conference. In addition, playstation 4 disc based games dont need to be connected online to play Applause. Both sony and microsoft were sued by the haptic feedback company immersion in 2002, where they had infringed on the patents by selling their controllers. With rumble, microsoft chose to settle outside of court by purchasing a 10 stake in immersion and sony chose to defend the case, which they ultimately lost in 2006. But during this time leading into the playstation 3, they were still allowed to sell controllers with rumble. For the time being, once ps3 was ready to go, sony opted to remove rumble. In the event no resolution could be found, but this litigation applied to every infringing product. So for a short while before sony eventually was able to reintroduce the dualshock, 3 sony also sold new ps2 controllers that had no rumble, so it was no longer a dualshock 2, but instead just an analog controller.

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