Today i wanted to do a video on one of my favorite game series of all time crisis. This is going to be an awesome retrospective review on the video game series that made me fall in love with the fps genre. So lets talk about this game so number one. I wanted to say that the crisis remastered trilogy the fact that they even got it running on nintendos switch, which will be coming out september 30th, apparently is mind blowing to me because, as you guys know, the history with crisis was, can it run crisis? Pcs were literally exploding, trying to run crisis back when crisis first launched and now were at a point where everything can run this game. So everyone can experience it. So crysis is a first person shooter with an amazing amazing gameplay loop because they give you this nano suit that allows you to go invisible, be super strong, take shots like crazy. Like people, you know you can go maximum armor and people can shoot the ever living. Tar out of you and youll be fine. Then you can go invisible and stealth your way through missions, its a great gameplay loop, because the game itself is extremely fun and its world lends to being able to use these abilities. So whenever people talk about crisis, they need to talk about the fact that crisis is one pretty much. In my opinion, the first game that actually allows you to do the sort of things that the crisis trilogy allows you to do like go invisible like you know, take a bunch of shots with maximum armor light.

You know being able to completely customize your guns being able to completely customize your whole experience to what you want it to be, and the open world is for you to explore. You can attack anything any way you want and its awesome. Because of that and the story behind the crisis games is really cool like how they integrated a storyline into this whole thing. To begin with is pretty impressive, because you would think looking on the surface and no one hardly ever shows the story that there really isnt a very big story. They didnt play here, but thats, not true crisis. One story literally threw soldiers into korea to go and fight the bad guys, but then they ended up going there and they were test subjects to see who could defeat this alien threat, and that was really cool. It was a really cool plot twist at the time that nobody expected to happen. The story of crisis is really entertaining and they also have certain you know kind of hit and hold elements like youre. Seeing right now i mean they didnt hit home whenever the game came out, but they hit home now because, like in crisis, two they had the whole manhattan virus side story. They had the whole um. The guests were invading the new york they were taking over buildings. They were making hives in these big gigantic skyscrapers as youll see whenever they show up. They just go and bombard and bomb themselves right into buildings, and then they show cut scenes of just a bunch of aliens in a hole just looking out onto the world, and the game is insane whenever it comes to this sort of stuff, because the graphics yeah, The game is like what 13 years old, 10 years old – and i think i think it goes 8 years old, 10 years old and like 13 years old or something like that and these games graphically you dont really need the remaster they still hold up today and Thats, what i think is the most insane part about crisis is that graphically.

If you play these games on next generation, hardware, especially youll, be able to see that without hardly any changes. They still look as good, if not better than some of the games from today and its absolutely insane, because, usually you guys hear me, go and say graphics on everything and all that sort of stuff. But in this games case theyve listened. They made the game that i really want to see a game with beautiful graphics and breathtaking gameplay at the same time, thats. What we should want out of our video games so like the fact that crytek 13, 10 and eight years ago, completely nailed this prospect of just lets, find a way to make the game as pretty as humanly possible. Lets find a way to make it as fun as humanly possible and lets throw in a pretty interesting little story in there. You know nothing, crazy or special or anything, but interesting. So when the players playing through these moments, they feel attached to the characters and thats. What crisis did and thats? Why crisis is one of my favorite series of all time, if not my favorite and thats? Why it made me fall in love with this genre of game its because it was the only game that seemed like it truly cared about every aspect of the game. Whenever it came out, whenever this game dropped, it was the only game, in my opinion, that nailed every single aspect of graphics, gameplay and story, its the only one like and youre seeing it right here.

This is a trailer from 2010.. Would you guys have known that if i told you, because i mean this game – looks absolutely bonkers for that graphical standard that was happening back in that time frame, but man, the trailers for crisis, were so hype as well like before a crisis game dropped. You would always see a trailer and youd be like holy crap. I need to play that not like the games today, where its, like you know the assassins, creed valhalla, trailer, where they dont show any gameplay, and they show like very little snippets of cinematics and stuff. They this game prides itself on its gameplay, so it told you its story trailer. It showed you some story elements but then look. It just jumps right into the gameplay. Just like look, heres gameplay heres gameplay get excited like thats. Why crisis trailers were so hype, and this is what like modern day game companies need to realize that we buy games to play and we dont buy games to watch them. We buy games to play through them and to enjoy them and to soak everything they have in and thats. What crisis wants you to do with it even before its releases? They want to show you hey, heres, the gameplay you enjoying it, and i mean honestly crisis. The answer is yes, i am enjoying it and i mean the stories got crazier and crazier as they went its just seeing. This is the story trailer for crisis three now and man holy crap.

I am just so excited to be able to jump in and play through these games again with the crisis trilogy. The crisis remastered trilogy, thats, coming out on all systems, which i still cant believe because this looks like a game that would make the nintendo switch, freaking, choke itself out and blow up, but but no believe it or not crisis. They tried the first crisis remastered game on the nintendo switch. I guess to see if this would work out or whatnot and it works really well like it plays very good. It has a very stable frame rate, especially nowadays. I think it was a little rough at first, but now that has been out for a little while, like the frame rate, is french. You know chefs kiss like its its great now how theyre gon na get like crisis three to run on the switch. I have. No clue, but you know Music in retrospect, though, can you guys think of any game that really captivated the world as hard as crisis did because crisis i mean it was shockingly beautiful graphically. It was shockingly breathtaking with gameplay, and it was shockingly good with its story, because, with a game like this, you would think its going to get at least one of those three things horribly wrong. You would think that, but not crisis, a reason that everybody is talking about and excited and hype for the crisis remastered trilogy, because not only are we excited to dive back into these games, but we are also hoping that if this game succeeds, crisis 4 is right.

Around the corner, thats, what were hoping were hoping that if we buy this game enough and if it does well well get crisis 4. and the fact that crisis 4 hasnt happened. Kind of surprises me because gameplay wise crisis 3 was absolutely amazing. Now i mean story wise: it was a little off the rails. I aint going to lie, but graphically in gameplay lies. The game was borderline perfect for what you went out of a crisis, game and youre, seeing gameplay. Now, if youre in the car im sorry youre not seeing gameplay, because i dont want you looking at the gameplay while youre driving, but you know this is the gameplay, its very open, destructible environments, a lot of fun just to play through and enjoy now. For the last little bit of this video, i kind of want to go over why crisis is so important to me. I told you guys why crisis was a big deal in the game industry and why everybody fell in love with it. But i want to talk about why i specifically love it. I specifically love crisis because the games, where everything that i wanted out of a video game – perfect gameplay, at least to me – maybe not to other people but to me a really cool story. I personally, like the stories of crisis, i dont know if everybody does, but i do and the graphics were gorgeous top notch like most games. Nowadays they nail the graphics, they sometimes know the story, but the gameplay is the same.

Generic crap over and over again and crisis was a breath of fresh air from that and thats. Why i enjoy crisis so much because you know you play through games like the sony, exclusives and all that sort of stuff, but they nail the story. They nail the graphics, theyre iffy with the gameplay, but then youre just like you go and you play something like crisis, you go and you play go back and play something like borderlands or bioshock. This is how you do it perfect, graphically at least to me once again, all opinionated, perfect, gameplay, wise and a really good, engaging gripping story thats all we want from a game like crisis like borderlands like bioshock thats. All we want and crisis delivered on all fronts. For that i mean the gameplay is fun fast fluid you can do it, how you want you can attack in whatever way you feel like it, and i love that, especially with all these falsified open worlds, where theyre, just like you can do whatever you want, like Assassins creed valhalla is another prime example: youre a viking youre literally running around freaking destroying whole entire videos. You know burning down huts and stuff, but then, if you go and you like accidentally, kill a civilian or something, then the games like nah and it immediately desynchronizes. You and shuts down the game and its just like you just made me, kill like 50 debatably innocent people, but then, whenever you do it on accident, the games like nah, like no crisis, you can shoot whatever you want.

You can destroy whatever you want, you can go where you want and you can modify everything in the game. The way you want, unlike modern games, modern games for the most part, do not allow you to do this, and people cannot say things like grand theft. Auto 5, because thats, not modern that came out on ps3 rockstar, is just milking it to death, so its just like you know like we and thats another thing that i dont like about this current gen switch is completely excluded by the way i love the switch. The switch is done great and i love it and its a perfect situation. I still cant reach jason um. I just want to say that this is the end of the retrospective. I hope you guys enjoyed it and um highlighted area of the map yeah. So we have a new series coming out soon, probably tomorrow im going to be reviewing and going over every single game of my collections. I hope you guys are hyped for that and also i really hope you enjoyed this video. I dont know if i expected to do too well. I just wanted to make it because im involved with crisis and its i wanted to share it with the world um and uh yeah. So come in crisis. Damn it. I love these games. Im glad theyre coming to switch. Thank all you guys for watching its all fun games. Keep an eye out for the series subscribe notification bell, so you dont miss it if you made it this far comment 14 minute game together in the comments ive got two men down inside just grabbed someone in games.

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