We just put up an interview earlier in the week, but now were taking a closer look at the switch version of crysis. 3 remastered well be also checking out crisis 2 remastered, but we wanted to start with 3 because, quite frankly, 3 is a beautiful game still today, and also has a lot of history here on digital foundry, which is one of the reasons why i had to bring Along richard ledbetter to talk about it, i cant wait to see what youve got here, john, because weve been testing crysis 3 for over eight years now, this game, its just like a powerhouse on the pc. It could still bring modern hardware to its knees and thats at the very high setting, of course, but i think um. One thing i do want to stress is that its always been a very scalable game, so im actually really intrigued to see what the developers have come up with here and how theyve managed to cram. This awesome experience into basically a mobile chipset yeah and you know, crisis three was also my first uh assignment. If you will not even assignment more like thats. What you gave me uh when i applied to work for you so yeah. I looked at crisis 3 on the consoles, which is what were gon na do today, because uh this is an interesting one, so the switch port in particular was done by sabre interactive in sweden, so that specific team, its the same team that did crisis one remastered On the switch which we looked at last year, the playstation and xbox versions, which will also be arriving in september uh that was done by a different team within sabre and that shares more with the pc version.

While switch is sort of derived, it seems from the console versions, namely playstation 3 and xbox 360 uh, which we will be comparing with today, but you know before we get into all of the details again, i just have to stress how good crysis 3 still looks Today i mean this was released before the last generation of consoles got underway, but i think it holds up absolutely. It looks like a ps4 xbox one generation, title uh in a way, thats almost kind of shocking yeah to see when you go back, especially like character model quality, its its really up there, absolutely its a 2013 game, so its absolutely on the cusp of crossing the Generations there and um crytek didnt hold back on the pc side of things um. It was a native dx11 title and they really pushed the boat out there. And yes, there are some elements of the presentation that are basically quite dated at this point, but in terms of density in terms of quality of assets uh, i just absolutely love this game, and actually, i think something to stress is that we have actually seen a Very early prototype rendition of crysis 3, a multiplayer map running on tegra x1, which was actually at the shield android tv launch and jensen um was basically showing what the tegra x1 chipset could do. He rolled out the canik run crisis line and then produced this tiny multiplayer map, which was running with a poor frame rate at a low resolution.

So to see you know many years on what the same chipset is doing down clocked, but in the hands of excellent developers. Im really looking forward to this yeah. Definitely now it should be noted that most of the heavy remastering work was poured into crisis 2.. So, as i said in the interview as well, obviously, uh alex and i have visited crytek a couple times this year we had an early chance to look at the versions and development and share some thoughts on it. Uh – and i did see the switch version like six months ago and its looking a lot better than than it was at the time actually uh. But the key here is that there arent nearly as many changes made to crisis three versus crisis. Two and even one uh, but there are some changes and i think the first one to start with – and this is actually one of the biggest ones – is just image – quality. Yes, uh and, firstly, anti aliasing. So in its original form, uh crisis three used this smaa t2x sort of implementation right. It was intended to offer some temporal stability, but i would argue that it didnt really do that, so even on pc, but especially on the consoles last gen, you got a lot of shimmering in surface aliasing and just noise. Like things, you just see pixel popping everywhere and its just its very messy, whereas on switch theyve implemented a much improved temporal anti aliasing technique.

Uh, i mean its its so simple to see that even just you look at the pistol here in this shot, uh just moving around with the pistol out, you can see on ps3 its its noisy shimmery, whereas on switch its actually very solid and thats. Also true of a lot of these background elements, youre seeing its just a much cleaner, looking game uh – and this is just the switch version by the way like more advanced aaa – is also in the other versions that weve seen, but the switch actually tops out at 900P here, so you get better aaa with a slightly higher resolution than that console version uh, because the console version is not especially high res. Is it the previous generation one? Well yeah? It was 1152 by 720 on xbox 360, but were looking at ps3 here that triple and um its a 1024 by 720. But more to the point, i believe that crytek used uh, actually the nvidia gpu hardware scaler to expand it horizontally and it doesnt do a particularly good job and you could actually physically see the lower horizontal resolution to an almost painful degree. I think yeah. Absolutely so. Even in this case, you get you get a higher maximum pixel count switch still uses dynamic resolution scaling um. We havent actually counted out the minimal resolution. Yet this is still sort of technically a preview of the game here, um and specifically, were looking at the gold master version of crysis 3 on switch uh.

I should note so this is the version thats basically being sent in uh as like. This is whats gon na ship on the cartridge, but they are working on a day, zero patch, so theres more changes to come, but in this current state for sure its much much cleaner than the last gen version, yeah its looking great but weve got extra details, Though right, yes, weve got new uh features that have been added to the game, but it was the ps360 version that was the base, so im interested to see where theyve actually scaled up from there yeah so thats interesting. The first thing i noticed then actually is the increase in overall grass density and changes to the grass rendering in general its it is. It looks different. You can see it here in the comparison, but when you kind of go back and forth, you can see that there is genuinely more grass on the switch version versus ps3 um theres, also scenes where i noticed things such as improved texture work. So it seems like theyre using a higher setting for textures in general. Shadows are improved, theyre higher resolution shadow maps and they are filtered more cleanly. I also noticed a improved and additional ambient occlusion so like in this comparison, shot. For instance, look along the back walls. There and you can see that theres more natural contact shadows on the switch version. They also made some changes to things like sky, rendering, like theres, more visible clouds in the original version and its a slightly clearer day on switch.

So its just kind of an artistic change, so there are some nice improvements, but it didnt receive the kind of changes that we see in crisis one and two remastered. It still looks really good, basically right. Well, absolutely. This was, after all, the last crisis game developed and, as i said, it did kind of straddle the generations, so its not surprising that the uh bumps to quality are probably going to be uh, not quite as pronounced as the prior titles, but um yeah. Its looking good to me, i think, the the concept that this is running on a mobile chipset, its still kind of mind blowing, and i think the thing we really need to talk about, though, is that um. When we talk about those last gen versions of all of the crisis games, uh performance was basically uh. Well, if were being kind wed call it sub optimal. If we were being unkind, it well dogs dinner. Really it was pretty disastrous in some places yeah. I think its a perfect example of how things have improved in recent years last generation we still saw a lot of 30 frames per second games, of course, but by and large 30 frames per second targets were hit by big games. That was not the case with the ps360 era, especially later in the generation, and i feel like the crisis games are a perfect example of this. So we had the the ps3 data here and running through a multitude of different scenes throughout the game and, as you can see just based on the results, the frame rate was terrible, quite frankly like its almost always below 30 frames per second or i guess in This case its, i think the games capped at 31 frames per second, as we kind of found out when it went backwards compatible on xbox yeah yeah, where it could actually hit that because normally it doesnt its usually in the 20 to 25 fps range on average.

I would say every scene feels somewhat choppy sub optimal uh. The motion blur helps a little bit but its just not a smooth experience at all and youre. Well aware of this as well. Having done a lot of testing, i think with these versions in the past, as as am i yeah its not great, but um, i think the irony is is that this is actually better than crysis 2 on ps3 and 360.. They did actually optimize between the two games, but its still not in a great place on those last yeah last gen systems and thats key because youre right it looks better and it runs better, but its still not in acceptable territory, which is not the case with Switch so the switch performance profile in its current build uh, its pretty good. Basically, they are aiming for 30 frames per second versus the playstation and xbox versions. Those are going to be 60 fps versions. It should be noted and ive seen those in action, but on switch – and this makes perfect sense. It is a 30 fps game, but the key is that it does actually hit 30 frames per second uh consistently, but um. There is still a problem, as you can see. If you look at the frame time graph, there are frame persistence, issues present or frame pacing issues that arise, and this is an interesting one because i feel like now. We have a little bit more understanding of whats going on here.

So this was a problem with crisis, one remastered. It was a problem with all of the panic button, id tech, ports, uh and and a few other similar types of games um, and we, i actually asked panic button about that in an interview, if you recall – and it does seem like just due to the nature Of the switch hardware uh and from what i can tell talking to crytek guys, it is actually kind of a similar thing here. So its just kind of bumping up against some switch issues. You could say partially due to how the engine works, um, so uh, but honestly i mean youve seen the footage i i dont think its a huge deal like it. I dont love inconsistent frame pacing, but i dont feel its quite as like, pronounced as say like bloodborne, or anything like that, but its very much exactly as we saw in crisis, one remastered right, but its not happening all the time. Is it its just kind of like in the sort of stress points that you get this inconsistent frame facing yeah thats kind of the key right like when you can tell when things start to get heavy its still hitting that average frame rate of 30 fps? But you get these persistence issues so its not too bad in that sense, but it is a big improvement over crisis remastered both in terms of performance and the fact that this 31 fps cap has been removed.

Thats gone completely right, yeah thats, that is completely gone. Uh, so in that sense it actually looks more consistent as well, even with these little issues, its its very consistent and im actually really impressed with how smooth and stable this really is for a mobile, chipset um. It is, it is not bad at all, and, as i mentioned, we saw an older build of this running on switch, which was already looking great, but there the performance was significantly less stable, but here in this current iteration, its pretty great, i got ta say and Its neat to see a game like this running on a portable machine um. Of course you know when talking about this. Everybody needs to keep in mind that were dealing with the switch here. This is a mobile chipset with a low power draw so um. I dont know i its its a 2017 device. Crysis 3 came out in 2013 yeah takeover x1 in 2015.. So i think this is actually really really impressive and uh its just great to see uh the classic highly explosive materials section playing out rather nicely on a mobile system and uh its quite interesting, also to check over some of the areas where we kind of know How crisis we behave so you know this classic cutscene with psycho overlooking uh this, this sort of uh dangerous area with the tower this is like super cpu, heavy and um seems to be working. Okay on the switch yeah, it hits the target.

Just fine no issues there, it really seems like theyve, managed to solve a lot of their cpu uh issues there, which i id be curious to know where the exact bottlenecks lie for ps3 and xbox 360. To be honest, i would imagine for that generation its probably more gpu limited. Would you say um, but yeah you stuff is heavy too in crysis 3. yeah its really difficult to i mean the sense with crysis 2 was that you were kind of ping ponging between cpu and gpu bottlenecks on the on the last last gen systems and um. I dont know the switch has got a less capable cpu than than you know, certainly ps3 cell, but at the same time the cell was likely being used to take on some of the graphics burden as well. I just find the idea that um that the the switch is able to exceed the outputs of the ps360 era in virtually every dimension, absolutely astonishing and im. Just generally, as i said, im a huge fan of this game, i mean weve been testing it for eight years and you cant do that without um without not liking the game, and i love the campaign and um im just psyched to see what theyre going to Come up with on uh the next gen consoles, but also the pc version, which you know still looks great to this day, still hugely scalable im kind of wondering whether well see actual performance improvements there over the original game because, as i said, its stressing modern components In a way that it kind of really shouldnt be yeah from you know from what i gather they are making strides in terms of overall performance there, but also it does have some new features such as uh ray tracing, which is in crysis 3, but specifically on Pc um so ill be very curious to see that plus, of course, the much better image quality thanks to more modern ta, and i think it will have dlss as well im pretty sure it will, because crisis one does.

I think theyve said that before so i mean all of those things will help solve some of the remaining issues with crysis 3 that are persist in the current pc version uh, but yeah. You know this is just uh. What can i say? We love crisis here in digital foundry theres, no doubt about that uh so, and i was very excited that we could share sort of a first look at how its shaping up on the least capable platform right now yeah and it speaks to kryteks confidence in the In the port here that were actually seeing this one first or at least showcasing it on this system. First before all of the other consoles yeah, exactly exactly so, um yeah good work from crytek and and uh saber interactive on this one thats pretty much crisis. Three uh, but i think things will get even more interesting. Perhaps when we look at crisis too, because the jump the jump there is significant uh, but i think thats going to do it for this one. So thanks for joining me for this little round of previews, rich, absolutely im just really uh excited to see this one, because it is one of my favorite games. Yeah i mean you were just saying, but i agree like this is a game. I actually think that gets better. The more you play it right, like the first time through theres, some sections that seem a little bit frustrating but like once you learn them and get into it.

Somehow it becomes really addictive. You really start to be able to do that whole predator thing and really efficiently make your way through uh i mean yeah its basically its. Basically the introduction of the bow that allows you to stay cloaked while attacking opponents thats the game changer. For this one and its its huge its just awesome, i love it absolutely uh, but thats gon na do it for this video. So thanks to everybody for watching and of course, as always be sure to like and subscribe to, the video follow us over on twitter uh ring the bell for instant notifications, uh. Yes, i said instant and, of course, check out our patreon for higher quality direct feed footage of this video and many others, but thats going to do it for now.