Well, you know what they say when life gives you away. You know the saying mark new bud light seltzer lemonade, packed with lemonade flavor after a lemon of a year. You say goodbye – and i say hello with mercury. Your unneeded things can find a new Music buy and life almost anything from home. Mercari your marketplace. Where is everyone pringles original barbecue pizza, the barbecue pizza stack, look we’re saved, hey we’re, going home Music Applause them Music, endless flavors to stack, enjoy carefully what if we were wrong this whole time, Applause, wrong and thinking that joy happens only at the end. After the sacrifice, after the commitment after the win, what if happiness has always been there fueling the run toward greatness Music it’s, not a distraction Music, but instead something more vital. What if joy, is the whole game, not just the end game? Music, so ask yourself, are you happy because you win or do you win because you’re happy? Can i kick it? Can i kick it? Can i kick it? Did you see him backstage? No, oh, you know he’s got a new look. What do you mean like a look that no one’s ever had before, but don’t mention it be cool? Okay, please, welcome Music. Did you see him backstage? No? Oh yo he’s got a new look. What do you mean like a look that no one’s ever had before, but don’t mention it be cool? Okay, please welcome Music.

So so are you gon na buy the car? Please, if i could just go home and discuss things with my wife i’ve been here all weekend, you can leave any time. You want never go to a dealership again. Well, that was painless. Go to vroom.com, buy a car and we’ll deliver it contact free Music. The thing about america is, we can do anything Music, we can turn boundaries into common ground. We can turn solitude into closeness, Music and screen time into playtime, silent stadiums. Let them hear the roar of history being written. We turn waiting and waiting and waiting into dancing and dancing and whatever that is, and together let’s turn our strength into hope. So what if this could change the world? A burrito yeah, it can’t you could you are so weird: it could, could change how we plant things and grow things and improve the dirt where we grow those things it could save water by changing how we use it, it can make us more responsible and sustainable. It could change how we pick things move things in transportation, things, what that’s not a thing whatever it can make our farmers happier and they can make our animals happier, can trees be happier. Probably we could do things more locally, so everyone’s happier more organic, more real soil, helping future facing less carbon emitting and world changes. Hey are you still talking me and my mom are in a helicopter it’s snowing.

They jump out of the helicopter and just start skiing down the mountain. Do you think it’s possible to put a big game commercial in someone’s dream? It would be possible Music, i’m, deirdre, barrett, i’m, a dream psychologist: i teach courses on dreams and do dream research. My doctorate is in clinical psychology and i’m editor in chief of their journal dreaming when coors first approached me, they wanted to know if it would be possible to incubate an ad in a dream. I told them that there is a way if you’ve got cooperative subjects to do dream, incubation and influence their dream content. The idea was that we’re trying to place this surreal cause add into people’s subconscious. We came up with stimulus film about clean mountain air. Refreshing streams. Do i think planting dreams into people is ethical, um, uh, Music, hi there hi welcome to sleep study. Thank you get into your bed and get comfortable watch the video. I want you to tell yourself that you want to dream about the video as you fall asleep and go to sleep when i see that you’re in rem, sleep, which is your dream sleep, i want to wake you up during the dream so that you remember the Dream brandon brandon. Can you tell me what you were dreaming? I was dreaming about waterfalls. I was walking through snow um. I saw some mountains. I think it was something to do with pores and public sticker.

I have no idea if any other advertisers will choose to ask people to dream their ads in their dreams, but it certainly seems to work Music. Okay, everybody ready, ten, nine cake, anyone and we’re back 2020 man that was a great year, not yeah. It really sucks suck dunky good one. We just wanted to say that we’ll see you soon for the game, which, for legal reasons, cannot be named, we’ll see you on the big bowl, the gigantic bowl totally lead yeah, completely legal, all right, good, teaser yeah. I feel good about it.