This is danny from deep south homestead im over at the off grid cabin. As you all know, the off creek cabin is where one and i spent a lot of time at its our downtown place, um and when were over here because its off grid. We dont want everything to be about having a solar bank built up. We have invested a lot of time and energy into working with the blue eddies over here. We now have five different blue eddie uh power stations and we just came up and was uh presented with a 2000 watt blue eddy, which is the is this uh power station right here. It has six uh outlets here: theyre um 120 volt outlets uh, the guy like they got the rubber covers over them. You pull it up and you can see when i pull it up there, that the outlets are underneath it there. I like that, because it kind of keeps the dirt and anything like that dust out of them and all uh. It has two usb uh charging ports here. One is a three amp or theyre. Both three ounce, six volt three ounce uh charging ports for the usb. It has one here for your phone: a uh, a 60 watt, one for the phone. You have the 12 volt dc outlet like cigarette lighter thing here right there. We really like that, and then you have the where you can just plug two 12 volt jacks into it.

Also now, and then it has a regular dc output over here, uh, where you can plug one of those into it guys we had. This is new to us here at the at the cabin we wanted something that we could run the whole cabin on now. It also has the chargers on top up here for your cell phones. If you need to like to charge two cell phones up there, its got the magnet back on, i want to be sure to mention that it charges with uh both ac adapter or you can plug your solar system into it and thats. What we like about it here, we have a solar plug coming into the cabin here. We just plug it into the side over here and let the solar panels do the charging on it. But what i like about it is is the display screen here. The display screen has so many functions on it. The display screen here youve got an ac thing. I have it turned on now. You just lightly touch it with your finger. You dont dont, hit it hard. You just lightly touch it. You can just come up here and see the dc thing comes up right there and you can turn the dc on now. You can use both ac and dc at the same time and or you turn the dc right back off. As you can see, there were at 46 percent. We ran this thing hard, the whole other night that we were over here.

We ran all the ceiling fans in the cabin all the lights in the cabin we had our our monitors to. Let us know whatever moves around on the property all plugged in cell phones was plugged in charging. We made coffee with this um, i mean we, we basically just put it to the test and what you can do when you put it to the test. Is you can go here and you can hit this button right here and it shows you whats being pulled right now now theres, nothing actually being pulled out. This wonders gon na walk in there and turn the ceiling fans on the living room turn the ceiling phantom theres one to just turn the ceiling fans on in there hold up. Well, we turn it on high shes going to turn them on high and were going to see exactly whats being pulled here. Okay, we have two ceiling fans running on high, with two light kits going with. Six lights were pulling 1.6 amps or 192 watts that helps us to understand, whats being pulled in the cabin when were using something, as you can see now she just turned all the kitchen lights on with it were at 1.9, amps and 227 to 28 watts. The bedroom light and ceiling – okay, she just turned the ceiling fan and the bedroom and the light kit in the bedroom home were now pulling 2.3 amps 287 watts. Just you just turn the bathroom lights on so every light we have the uh pantry lights on here now.

Well, wait! One more and the uh hall light weve got it on now. Every lighting house is on and three ceiling fans every light in our house. Our cabin is on right now, and this is what were pulling 2.4 amps now this is using led lights were not using any of the old old style lights running about 2.4, close to between 287 and 300. Watts is being pulled at this time. Okay, so what we like about this is, we can keep up with our power. What i have here is i have this uh plug plug in with the number 10 wire plugged into one of my outlets here, and i have it plugged into a plug in here, which back feeds into a power box that i have up here now that power Box, where i have it tied into has a 100 amp breaker on it right there. If i decide that im going to use the generator to run the cabin outside and have it its plugged up outside, and i crank the generator up before i do that. I come in here and throw this 100 amp breaker and turn it off and that prevents any back feed into these power stations. Now, if im going to use the solar system out there, the battery banks and all that kind of stuff, i have a 50 amp service out there. I disconnect and – and i turn and connect. I have a 50 amp on the uh generator and i have a 50 amp on the solar system and whichever one im going to use is the one i turn on the other ones i leave turned off, so i basically can run this cabin three different ways.

I can run it off of these power stations. I can run it off of the solar or i can run it off of a gas or propane generator out there. It works either way and we are just excited now. The blue eddie this one right here, the 2000 watt, one is kind of heavy for a lot of people uh. If im not mistaken, i think its 46 or 47 pounds. Uh is what this one weighs its got: two handles on each side, so you know a person can grab it or two separate people can grab it and pick it up and tote it off. Uh we charged it the other day with the ac just to see and it took about it wasnt all the way down, but i think it took like five to six hours of charging and we had it charged back up now. It has a lot of things on the screen. Here. You can uh, you can punch that it and it tells you the wattage, the volts and the amps uh a lot more in detail than what the other one did there. This side over here has your dc load on it. It all. It also has a settings here. You can actually set this thing where it only puts out a certain amount of uh power uh to any one frequency or mode, or you know that youve got going or you can put uh. You can put the language in here where you want english.

You can put on here uh the buzzer settings, so that there is a overload, a buzzer goes off and you can hear the buzzer its got the date, the time all that stuff on it. I mean its got a lot of really nice features here. Uh i was going to try to this. Is a pvc car charge um theres a lot you can do with this thing. You can technically charge this from the uh 12 volt in your car. If you want to, you, can plug it in right there and leave the car battery run and leave the car running, and you can actually charge this thing from the car theres. So many features about this thing that just makes it nice first off. We want to mention that uh blue eddie is having a power sale from the 20th to the 30th and theyre offering these at discounts. So if youre interested in one of these, i strongly suggest them. I mean im not going to lie, one that i was in the process of fixing to buy one when blue eddie contacted us, they want to know when we do a review on one of their uh new 2000 watt ones, and they have a 2400 watt. One also which, in the near future, if we see we need that extra power me and wanda may go ahead and purchase the 2400 watt one, because theyve got this sale going on and it and its on all blue eddies its not just this one.

Its on all the blue eddies, now we have the um. We have the the 1500 one here, weve been running the cabin on this 1500, one for about a year or two now and its done fantastic, but we realized that we needed just a little bit more power to run the whole cabin for any length of time. Now this one does fine on the ceiling fans and the lights and stuff like that. But if we needed to use like we have a 12 volt uh dc refrigerator in there, if we wanted to run that it kind of takes its toll on this one a little bit, but this one here will pick it up and do okay with it. Now we have some uh a 500 watt one over here and i think a 300 watt one up there. We use these and a 100 watt one up here. We use these for like if were going to be reading over here a lot rather than turn all the lights on in the cabin and draw from this right here. Well, just grab one of these little small blue eddies here and take it in there and set it down beside us and well plug a light into it there and not use up all of our energy in our big one here or if we have a hurricane Coming in or something like that well grab a couple of these here when we go down to our underground shelter.

Well, take those with us in case the power goes off. We can plug a light into them and we can keep lights down in the underground, shelter and stuff like that they dont off gas or anything to that nature. We can keep our cell phone plug down there into it and keep it charged. We dont have to worry about the battery going dead in it uh several things that we can use the blue eddies for around here, but mainly our big thing is we live in hurricane zones and it is one of those things that, unless you lived in a Hurricane zone and youve been like. We were 26 days one time without electricity, uh trying to survive in 100. Something degree heat outside these things come in handy because you can turn a little fan on you plug a little small fan on right there beside you and you can run it long enough to cool yourself off. If you get overheated and then you can flip it back off and just use it that way, itll run for days on those little small fans and to go along with all that. What we have here at the off grid cabin wanda – and i also have two suitcase power panel systems – thats 100 watts each that fold out. They will actually charge the blue eddies or they will charge your cell phone or you can charge a computer. You can charge laptops. You can charge anything with those fold out solar panels, uh theres, just they make an assortment of different things that you can use these blue eddies for guys.

I i strongly encourage you. If you dont have one and you live in a hurricane zone, you need to be considering them. We just spoke with the lady yesterday, her husband bought the 2400, what blue eddie for them, because he wanted to have something that was portable. He could take with him wherever he needed to go in case. There was no power and theyre very pleased with it. We had another person telling us that they was fixing to purchase one of the two thousand watt ones. I mean and weve run across numerous people here lately that has mentioned to us. Oh, we already have the blue 80s and we just and we love them and and then i i cant say enough about them: ive ive, looked into all the different varieties and stuff like this, blue eddie has been the one that seems like, and i have other Ones ill tell you: now i have other power stations and blue eddie is the one so far that uh has towed the line as far as im concerned thats. Why were strong advocates of the blue eddies? The blue eddies have never let us down now. I dont actually know this is a probably uh ive done any research on whats inside this one yet but im pretty sure its got a lithium ion battery in it. You want to not. You want to keep it from getting into extreme colds, because lithium ions, when they get into extreme coals, they dont work real well ive, never had that happen here at the cabin all through winter last year.

This one here that we used never gave us a moments. Trouble it worked fine uh as soon as we get through using it tonight with the next morning, when we get up, we grab the uh, the solar panel cord. Here we uh we just plug it into them. This one here plugs in right here in the front over on that side, you see the green light comes on, tells you the solar panels are automatically working and uh. So we do that, but this is completely charged theyre all charged, except for this one, its not charged up all the way because we run it down on purpose. Solar panels work fantastic with the blue eddies. If you are uh, anticipating a grid down situation, uh an emp or anything like that happening on i dont know, i cant give you a 100 definite uh. Whether an emp would destroy these or not. They probably would to be honest with you if you didnt have them in a faraday cage. I would strongly suggest if you have one that youre not using and youre, not using it during the day. Uh is to unplug it and put it in a faraday cage and keep it there in case. Something other happens, then youll be able to take it out and youll be able to use. It now were probably going to build us a faraday cage for these and when were not over here, well, keep them in the faraday cage and keep them locked up so that, in the event like a carrington event or something like that takes place or an emp Or whatever solar flares theyll be protected and then afterwards, if nobody else, has any power? Well still have our power because well have our blue eddies guys check out the link in the description down below and go check them out between the 20th and the 30th? They have that power station sale going on and i think that you will uh, i i know im pleased and i believe if you had them and you needed them, you would be pleased also.