Thats great here are. The pc games were hoping to see at gamescom 2021 presented by intel gamer days. We got a taste of back for blood and diablo 2 resurrected, as both games recently held betas for players to participate in ahead of their full release. The back for blood beta gave us the opportunity to finally go hands on with pvp, hitting a squad of cleaners versus a squad of ridden in a no holds barred battle to the death. Additionally, we finally got to play the entire first act of the campaign that culminates in an explosive finale pun intended. We went back to hell with the diablo 2 resurrected beta that let us explore the first two acts of the game, and i know that by virtue of being a remaster, the game would look better. But i was not ready to see the dramatic graphical overhaul. Diablo. 2 resurrected offers, i spent more time than id like to admit toggling back and forth, between legacy mode and remaster mode to compare visuals who knew hell could be so creepy. The betas may have come and gone, but the small morsel of gameplay weve been given. So far leaves us hungry for more were also hoping to get some intel on battlefield 2042 during gamescom 2021 or more specifically, whatever the new hazard game mode is theyve been teasing since unveiling the game. The only thing we really know about the new game is battlefield portal, a new mode that allows players to customize the war zone to their hearts.

Content want to pit world war ii soldiers against 2042 troops. How about pitting a squad of duck sized tanks against one regular sized tank or let loose in a close quarters battle between defibrillators and knives? Well, now you can you wanted to show me something sure follow me dying to learn more about dying light too. So, are we this sequel to the original free running zombie action? Rpg is finally back and looks like its packed to the brim with a ton of content. But what were most curious to see is how many world changing choices youll make throughout the game, but it wouldnt be a pc gaming wishlist. If we didnt have an mmo on this list and since final fantasy 14, usually conducts its own events for reveal, were hoping to learn new details ahead of new worlds, upcoming release on september 28th, unless of course, the game is delayed again so once again well have To wait and see same day, which means i already know whats going to happen. Am i supposed to do this every day for the rest of my life, death loop may be a console exclusive to playstation 5, but this first person groundhog day simulator with magical powers and assassinations is also coming to pc. On september 14th, weve already had an extended look at one of the targets youll have to hunt down in death loop during a recent playstation state of play stream. The gameplay demo saw you infiltrate a masquerade hosted by alexis dorsey aka, the wolf using magical abilities that allow you to cheat death and different approaches to carrying out the assassination.

But now were hoping to see another visionary for our protagonist cole to take out. And maybe a glimpse at his arsenal at this years, gamescom, you might kill me but youre not killer, and last but not least after months of silence, we finally got eyes on far cry 6 and an introduction to the playable character, danny rojas, makeshift weapons, like a Cool mortar firing, backpack slash jetpack and a glimpse at an animal companion named guapo. Now we just want to see a tiny bit of gameplay from gamescom thanks to intel gamer days over 40 pc and hardware makers and retailers are coming together for epic savings on all things: gaming starting august 27th theres some exciting prizes and competitions too details at