First i’ll have links to that. Video here and in the description below, but if that’s not working or not available to you for some reason, i have another option for you called locast, which is available to you, whether you’re in the us or not what’s up i’m mike and welcome to bender tube. We get bite, size, tutorials and smart home tech reviews. Let’S know you should get it or forget it. Low cast is an app that streams broadcast tv from 28 us markets at the time of this recording and is available on these platforms. Just go to your device’s app store and search for it. If you do live in one of those markets, all you do is install it open. It you’re pretty much ready to go after you register an email address and put in a setup code just like most other streaming services now locast is a not for profit organization, but this is totally free, so they’re gon na ask for a five dollar donation. It’S not required the only thing i’m gon na say is every so often they are gon na throw in an ad asking you to donate. Maybe that’s worth five bucks to you not to miss any of the game, but it is totally up to you. So if you live in one of those cities, you’re all set sit down, relax grab some chips scarf down, some wings enjoy the game. If you found this video helpful leave a comment, leave a like and subscribe, but if you live outside the us or outside one of those cities, all’s not lost it’s.

Just gon na take a few extra steps to get you there. In order to do this, we’re gon na fake your location to get you access now to do this. We’Re gon na use expressvpn and use a windows 10 pc as a mobile hotspot. So you can watch the super bowl on your smart tv now. Not only does this change your location to the new york or la servers that expressvpn recommends using, but this is also going to help hide you from hackers. If you use the affiliate link in the description below that, will get you an extra three free months on a 12 month subscription and it helps out the channel with no additional cost to you and they give a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with the service, for whatever reason you can get your money back, okay, once you’ve signed up, install the expressvpn app and logged into it on your windows, 10 pc. I want you to go into the app and in the top left corner. There’S three lines to pull down the menu click that now select options head over to protocols and change it to the ike v2. Now, click, ok and then we’re going to head all the way down to your taskbar and right click on your network connections. Music. On the left side of the network connections there you’re going to go down to where you see mobile hotspot, you’re going to share your internet connection from wi fi share the connection over wi fi and then we’re going to change the network name and password to something You’Ll be able to enter into the smart tv or streaming device.

Now it is profitable that you use the 5 gigahertz band for tv streaming, but if your tv doesn’t support it feel free to use the 2.4 gigahertz band instead, now head back to the top and start your mobile hotspot, and then you have to scroll down to The related settings and choose change adapter type. Now i changed the name of mine, but i want you to remember the name for your microsoft, wi fi, direct virtual adapter, Music, now we’re going to go back to the expressvpn app and connect either the new york or los angeles servers. Music you’ll see a new connection come up there in the network called expressvpn right. Click that and select properties go over. The sharing tab hit the checkbox to allow others to connect through this internet connection. Select ok to the pop up. Dialog boxes then select the connection for your mobile hotspot from the drop down menu and hit ok, now head over to your tv or streaming devices network settings we’re going to want to connect to that mobile network that we made earlier the one that i had you Make a unique name and password for that you’d easily, be able to remember, go to that once it’s hooked up as long as you’ve already set up the low cast registration and the setup code, you should notice that it took you directly to the local listings for The survey connected so la or new york and it doesn’t matter which one of those you’re in whether you’re in la new york or chicago cbs, is channel 2.

1 for those so hook up to that and enjoy the big game coverage starts at 2 p.m.