It is sculzy here with the latest gaming news, rumors and speculation, and today is a video. I have been very excited to make for a long time now, as some of you who are ogs of the channel and have been following me for a long time, would no doubt know that ive been dropping hints that a new quake project was in the works For some time now, and even though reddit seems to think i dont have any sources here i go again, i guess just predicting the future somehow without sources but weird flex aside. I did hear this from trusted sources a long time ago, and i am so glad my sources were correct about this because it seems like we are indeed getting some sort of new quake announcement very soon, and there is some actual evidence, legit straight from bethesda, to Prove this as well evidence that they have attempted to cover up for some reason, but lets not waste any more time and get to todays information as im about to be breaking all this down for you right now. Now lets start from the most starts of all the starts the beginning. About a year ago, i heard from one of my sources the same source that told me some of the now confirmed starfield information, and they told me something interesting was indeed going on with quake at the time they didnt tell me if it was an entire new Game or if it was a remake and to be honest, the conversation back then was actually more focused on starfield and wolfenstein three at the time more so than anything else.

But now i wish i would have focused more on that new quake topic and would have gotten a lot more information back then, but i dont even think they had that much information to go with even back when i spoke with them now. I dont know if its an entire new quake sequel complete with a single player campaign. I dont know if its a quake, remaster or even a remake of the original quake and further, i dont know if its a complete reboot of the entire quake franchise as well. But i do know 100 that something has been going down in quake town as ive been hinting at for a while. Now, however, they told me, whatever this project was its something a lot larger than the style of content. Quake has been getting over the last years for those that dont know, quake didnt actually begin as a multiplayer only game, because back in the old ancient times, also known as the 90s, i actually grew up playing the first quake game and it did indeed have a Very fun and unique multiplayer mode even way back then, but in my opinion, what set quake apart was its amazing atmosphere and its high speed, gameplay gameplay, which reminded me of doom eternal in many ways, because quake was meant to be played fast and furiously. Also quake had amazing, sound design and an even more amazing soundtrack, which was all composed by none other than trent rezner of nine inch nails.

Who also happens to be my favorite musician of all time so clearly quake and i have a thing going on and had a thing going on for a while now, but to be honest, once quake focused more on the competitive multiplayer aspect, rather than the single player Campaigns i lost a bit of interest, as indeed recent quakes have basically been all about that multiplayer. It seems like that. May all change, though, as bethesda has a three and a half hour segment at 10: 30 a.m, edt on friday, august 20th during quakecon. Of course i mean it would make sense for quake to be at quacon, and this event is simply called lets. Talk quake, which immediately is a sign of something, as they arent going to be talking about quake for up to three and a half hours, without actually having new or exciting information, and no this isnt the evidence that i talked about earlier that confirms all this. I have even more solid evidence from bethesda themselves to support this first of all. Yes, this is the quakecon 2021 schedule that was recently released. Yes, yes, nice villa community, so many happy – and this has actually been the trend of quakecon lately being more of a community focused event rather than an event to drop major new announcements at. However, many people in the community still firmly believe we could see some kind of starfield content at quakecon 2021, as bethesda did indeed showcase skyrim at quakecon, a while back in the past, but i can almost guarantee starfield will not be at quakecon 2021.

, its clearly a Community event – and we even have a really cute ass showcase, where pete hines apparently rates peoples dogs, but it seems like there is a hidden gem at this quake con in terms of a new announcement, and it is indeed going to take place at this. Lets. Talk quake segment here is the evidence using the magical, wizard powers of the wayback machine. We can find this evidence that bethesda attempted to remove and cover up when this quakon schedule was. First posted bethesda actually gave us a legit description as to what this lets talk. Quake segment is, but bethesda must have felt they accidentally the stairs or something because they almost instantly removed. This description, a description that reads as follows: quake is back in this special stream, john lennon from digital foundry talks to jerk gustamsten of machine games about the titles iconic legacy and what it meant to both of them. The pair will also discuss the additional content machine games have contributed to this revitalized edition boom quake revitalized edition. The rumors of a new quake project in the works are now confirmed by bethesda themselves, accidentally showing us their oopsies. Now, as i said at the beginning of this video, i was unsure if it was a quake, sequel, reboot, remake or whatever, but judging by the title quake revitalized edition, it sounds to me like it might just be a remaster or perhaps a complete remake of the First couple quake games: it also appears that machine games is assisting in this project as well to some capacity, adding new content to the game, as well as to what this new content is.

I honestly dont know my guess is perhaps more levels in single player as well as multiplayer complete with, of course, the ability to play the game in 60 frames per second on modern consoles and pc hardware. I do find it very interesting, though, that machine games assisted with this as quake, is indeed an id software original ip and the original quake came out shortly after the original doom games. In fact, the john romero left during quakes development process, but of course wolfenstein was also originally in id software game as well when that predated the original doom game. So i suppose it makes sense for machine games to be working with id on this new quake stuff. After all, machine games and id software are the masters of fpss. In my opinion, and the two of them working together on new quake stuff seems like a dream, come true to me, the only thing that would make this better if trent rezner was also involved. Somehow another interesting thing that i will note here is that its softwares office in germany has been working on a new game engine or a game engine upgrade for some time now i figured this would be for the next doom, eternal sequel or maybe a single player Quake sequel, but with all this recent news in mind, it almost seems like the quake. Revitalized edition may actually be a complete remake, but i dont know i still dont think thats the case.

I believe that this new id software game engine is for something else completely either a new ip or again, a doom, eternal sequel and honestly, i dont have any information on what this new game engine is actually for or what even this new quake project is to Be exact, but just based on what i know and the title quake revitalized edition id have to say its probably a remaster with added content of the first couple quake games, including the single player campaigns, as well as the retro multiplayer modes. And personally, i think this is a genius move as the single player quake experiences. Well before a lot of gamers times and, like i said, i was a wee little skull back in the 90s when i played this game and the single player was definitely amazing. It was different enough that it wasnt immediately compared to doom, although quake and the original doom games do have some low key similarities and vibes. Everything about quake was awesome, though the enemies were scary and unique and grotesque. In some ways, the level design was genius beating the final boss was like a crazy scenario that took a lot of figuring out and even choosing your difficulty mode for the campaign required just simply surviving choosing the hard mode option, as you had to jump across lava And stuff, as zombies growled at you just to even start the campaign on hard mode, because at the beginning of the game, youd have to go through one of three portals, one for easy one for normal one for hard.

And then there is an even harder difficulty called nightmare hidden in the start area as well. It was just an amazing and unique game that still holds up to this day, especially if you add some of the recent mods to it that improves the way the game looks and stuff like that, and a quick remaster or a remake goes right along with the Rest of the trending stuff going down right now in the gaming industry as remakes and remasters, are truly fire right now and are definitely the way as ea killed it with a mass effect. Legendary edition capcom has been killing it too, with the resident, evil, remakes and now even rockstar games seems to be joining the party as they are apparently working on remastering, gta, 3 vice city and san andreas, all within the unreal engine. Somehow i even heard they might be doing something like this for red dead redemption 1 as well. So clearly, the new quake news can further be confirmed by recent industries trends. So, even if you dont believe my sources somehow or if you dont feel like the recent industry trends are enough evidence to support this new quake. Rumor then, just simply base the confirmation off of bethesda, literally confirming it themselves unless they removed the explanation for this quake event, because they changed their mind and decided to not show the quake revitalized edition. Yet then i dont know why else they would remove it unless they just didnt, want to let the cat out of the bag and spoil the surprise.

Yet it definitely wouldnt make much sense to just decide to not show the quake revitalized edition at quakecon last minute. As thats literally the best time to announce quake stuff and at the same time there isnt much going down for bethesda this year and next year is going to definitely be the year of starfield. So quakecon 2021 is indeed the perfect opportunity to drop this announcement. So there it is, it turns out once again my inside statements, werent full of crap, unlike what the moderators over at the starfield subreddit think its its just quite ironic as anyone that tries to post anything about me on the starfield, subreddit usually gets instantly banned and Their post gets removed. I have countless screenshots of even the moderators themselves, just messaging people that post about me and cursing them out for liking. My content, its insane and i think its just because the starfield subreddit tried to claim my various confirmed, leaks as false, and then it came out to be true, so they just kind of got butt hurt. I think i actually dont know what their problem is with me, but if i were you id stop using that garbage heap of a subreddit immediately its i dont know why people are considering the starfield subreddit as representative of the starfield community, because that subreddit is so Toxic, so bad that i dont want it to represent our community at all, so im trying to change, make some changes, get the moderators over there to step down and be replaced with people over the age of 11.

. I even tried to reach out to these mods and parlay with them, but they immediately uh responded to me by saying juvenile insults complete with schoolyard cuss word combination, so its whatever. I dont know why im on this topic anyway, but if you value the bethesda and starfield community – and you actually want to work towards making it not as toxic leave the starfield subreddit right now until they fix things, either way. Im not sure how we got on that topic, but, as you can see, i am more than confident that the recent quick inside statements i heard a long time ago are now confirmed by bethesda because they did an oopsy doopsy poopsy pants with their event, description. Also, apparently, the cicadas are outside are excited by this too, so you might hear them yelling for some psychotic reason, but either way thats everything that i wanted to talk about in todays video. As always, let me know what you think about this news down in the comments below. Let me know what you want to see from the quake revitalize edition and let me know if you actually played the original quakes way back in the day. As always, if you enjoyed the content be sure to give the video a thumbs up subscribe and turn notifications on, only 10 of people subscribed have notifications turned on. So if you really want to help the channel go to my channel page and turn on those notifications also make sure youre still subscribed as youtube does randomly unsubscribe people without their knowledge.

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