I didnt have a gaming pc so because of it, i missed out on a lot of these classic first person, shooters stuff, like quake and its expansions classic adaptive doom, those first early games that kind of built the foundations of first person shooters today, while i did Occasionally play the later console ports of stuff like doom and wolfenstein 3d as they came out. I still feel like i missed something by not getting a chance to experience those earliest original versions of quake, and now this is basically that this is essentially the premier version of classic quake. This is a complete remaster of the entire game, including widescreen visuals. 4K resolution 60 frames a second currently and its about to get a patch on playstation 5 and xbox series x, so its over 100 frames. A second but theres, also a lot of like smaller details like the fact that theres these enhanced enemy models. So, whenever characters running around, they actually look pretty good. I mean this is pretty high resolution for how ancient it is. I just want to make it a note. This originally came out back in the summer of 1996.. This is actually the 25th anniversary of classic quake and thats part of the reason theyre dropping this today is day one of quakecon, and it seems like the developers over at id, wanted to do this as a gigantic celebration. Now i decided to get this on everything. I actually picked this up on the playstation 5.

I downloaded it on the xbox series x using game pass. I also got it on nintendo switch, because really this is one of those games that i wanted to beat now. Let me explain why this is just so. Epic, because this is a game that i feel like is worth picking up. Part of it comes down to the fact that this has every single one of the original expansion packs. Now, even if i did get a chance to try out one of these classic shooters back in the day, typically, i got the vanilla version of it: the 1.0, the original release and nothing else, but what they would typically do back in the day is that once A game came out: if it sold a couple million copies, you would do a bunch of follow up things, extra maps, extra chapters, more story and even harder maps to try and explore, and this game actually got a lot of them which were called scourge of armagon. Desolution of eternity, and now this new one being called dimensions of the past. Yes, you heard me correctly: this has an all new expansion to original quake. This has extra content that did not exist 25 years ago has been made specifically for this version of the game, and now that im getting a chance to play it, it is so freaking, clever its so unique. It actually has a fresh feel, despite the fact that it is just kind of ancient in a certain aspect now.

This does actually include all the original content, including the death match. So if youre, one of those people that did grow up trying to just blast people with gigantic gibbs and try and rocket launcher people to freaking confetti that is still included. In fact, this has online multiplayer with dedicated servers that are incredibly crisp. So far, ive been playing this mostly on the playstation 5, just to try and pick up some trophies and because i, like my playstation 5 controller and ive, experienced zero lag over the internet. Ive never missed a shot because of some sort of frame skip or the servers actually just glitching out. Everything in this has been incredibly crisp and incredibly responsive and honestly, i see now why people think that this is just one of the most legendary first first person shooters that ever came out its kind of just insane to think that this is the game that sort Of established old school death match, this is the game that sort of created the idea of online lobbies and custom servers and one shots kill maps. This is the game that builds those concepts out and seeing them its nuts that it still plays just as good now as it did back then really my favorite thing about this as a newcomer is just the fact that these controls being able to do this twin. Stick having it so i can play this like a modern first person shooter its crazy to me that this can still play as good as it does, despite the fact that the graphics are kind of janky at times like lets just face facts.

These clunky blocky demon monsters these organic combinations of machine and man like this game, its not the most overwhelmingly crazy, visual treat to the eyes and yet its still so effective. It still feels so good to pick up a quad damage, power up and blasting a zombie into little gooey chunks or trying to just shoot a button to open up a door or finding a secret and just going up there to find extra, armor and stuff. Like that, it still feels just as good as it probably did back in the day, because these controls are just so refined when you really manage to boil it down to its purest form. I feel like this game is just such a true testament to the high quality crafting of good level design of trying to make it where each of these courses that were playing through is sometimes only like three or four minutes per level, but going through. So many different sets of them going through all these different expansion packs, seeing how the developers gets better with time and seeing this different styles of experience, these different guns from super shotguns to just your bloody acts. This game feels so primitive and yet so advanced at once. I think im gon na just try and beat every single level like ill, be honest at times. I would flip it down to easy or flip it up to hard just to try and test stuff out. Since every single stage is instantly unlocked and every single stage is just so tightly designed its kind of fun to even fail at stuff to get grounded to itty, bitty chunks figuring things out.

This game really is just the perfect emphasis of gameplay as keying its just such a great example of a game that manages to be so fun, so punishing and so freaking gritty in all of the right ways i suck at it, though i mean im just gon Na say right up front, maybe its the fact that i didnt grow up with this genre of shooter ive seen some people call these boomer, shooters or whatever like thats. This game is very very difficult to me, but that again is part of the appeal. I kind of like the fact that theres this intuitive design to it, i feel like its constantly guiding you to the next objective in a very subtle, very, very nice way, but i like, when i get ambushed i like when a monster manages to pop out and Eat my face before i can react, i kind of appreciate the fact that this game is punishing. It does actually require you to be on your toes running and gunning as fast and crazy as possible, and, additionally god it feels good to get a rocket launcher in the online modes and just blast people again and again whether it comes to single player or multiplayer Quake is just such an impressive experience if you have an xbox. This is on game pass if you have a pc, its even on game, pass or pc, or if you feel like giving them some money. I paid 10 bucks for this and i have absolutely no regrets.

I highly highly recommend this. If i could have any tiny gripe, i do want to say just right up front, maybe turn the brightness way up. This is a very, very dark game by default. I do think its a bit easier to see and understand stuff, if you just crank the brightness up to practically maximum. Additionally, if you want theres, actually a secondary mode, which is quake 64. quake 64 was originally like almost sort of a remake of the original quake. For the nintendo 64, obviously they put that in here its sort of just like a graphics pack thats optional. But if you install it, the game looks like this, and you know what thats kind of interesting. This does bring me to the fact that there is just a lot of different graphic options in this game making it. So you can change the depth of field motion, blur anti aliasing or even just turn the graphics down low. If you want to play the original most terrible, looking version of quake from 25 years ago, which im sure can be very very appealing in its own way, this is great im having such a blast with it, and im certainly going to keep playing it for many Hours to come, but what do you think about quake remastered? Is this cool? Tell me your thoughts in the comments down below and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to subscribe, im trying to hit 250 000 subscribers as fast as possible, and also do me a favor like the video and have a great day bye, keep dreaming thanks.

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