Yes, you heard me correctly. This is like a better version of the original and, my goodness have they done everything they needed to for the nintendo switch version were gon na go over performance frame rates, the different control options, of which there are many, as well as the different game modes, including Local and online multiplayer bethesda have not short changed us on the nintendo switch version. Im mark walker welcome to switch up, and this is our performance review of quake on the nintendo switch im so excited i cant, even think of a quake related pun man. Why well lets find out first things? First, then, lets look at the price. You are looking at seven pounds 99 or your regional equivalent. This includes a download size of 1261 megs and it is fully switch light compatible. Next up, then, we have the options available in the game and they are absolutely numerous. Not only does this enhanced version include upgraded character models, theyve obviously included widescreen support, theres toggles here for texture, smoothing you can enable or disable dynamic lighting. You can change the field of view. You can even enable and disable anti aliasing to remove jaggy edges or keep it with that original experience, and then theres motion blur for that Music that one guy likes it theyve included depth of field, and the original soundtrack is all in place from trent reznor. Other controls that youre going to want to know about are the gyroscopic ones.

On the switch now with split joy cons. This is probably the best implementation of gyro ive experienced on the switch. You know i have a bit of a gyroscopic fetish and its just so much easier to aim on the fly. I dont care what you say its easier to aim with gyro than it is with a controller just using the stick. You can change the sensitivities for absolutely everything you can invert all of the access and you can tweak the character models as well. It just has so much in terms of options. You can even drop the resolution if you want to to its original state, rather than the upscaled high resolution version, then theres the amount of content included as well as the original quake. It also comes with both of the expansion packs, the scourge of armageddon and the dissolution of eternity. Then youve got two more expansion, packs from machine games, dimension of the past and yes, a brand new expansion pack called dimension of the machine. This ones set in the depths of the labyrinth, where youll have to face the machine, but we dont want to spoil that one. Now before we look at the core performance of the game and frame rate graphs and all that nerdy stuff i so enjoy. I think you can already tell its going to be good, but lets then look at the online functionality here now you will need a paid. Nintendo switch online account to do the online game modes, its worth you knowing that and its very easy to set up matchmaking.

I found a game almost instantly and i was in and losing before i knew it then i grabbed another controller, went offline and sat and played with my sat and played with myself at midnight. So sorry, wife, youre sleeping away. I hope you dont watch this in the morning, but yeah. It does also have four player local split screen that drops the frame rate down to about 30 to my eye, but its all completely locked out and its running perfectly. Oh and you can also toggle if you want to play with other people on cross platform, or you just want to play with other switch players. Oh and theres also co, op mode here as well. So you can play through everything with a friend locally or online, which is just ludicrous. Oh and then you can also download additional free, mods and missions, including, but not limited to the quake 64, which was a fan made mod and theres plenty more coming out as well, soon, alright, im getting giddy over here. I just want to go back and play, but before i do that lets go over the performance of the switch version. Music now im sure youd hope that itd be running absolutely flat out 60fps all the time, and i dont like to be the bearer of bad news, and i dont have to be because its running at 60fps all the time it is nice theyve included those tweakable Visual options as well, because you can go back to the glory days or you can have things looking a tiny little bit nicer.

The combination of 60 fps motion controls and the cross platform actually means that you can compete online against pc players. I actually managed to get a few kills. Then, in terms of visual quality. Well, you can include texture, smoothing as well. If you choose – or you can keep the original slightly blockier look, they have added dynamic lights here and what that means is when youre firing off grenades or rockets, they actually cast their own dynamic lights and it can look a little bit tasty at times. In all honesty, what i would say to you is just because its an older game – and you might think to yourself – oh you know its quake. Ive played that ive been there ive done that theres a reason it has the reputation it does and its not just because it was one of the first is because it combined incredibly tight shooting mechanics with some really well designed maps theres loads of secrets to find In each stage, but its that shooting and the weapons that tie it all together, its such a fun game, im just kind of chuckling to myself, because in all of this, if theres going to be a shadow drop, this is the way to do. It drop something that is as good as it can be, and right now id say this is as good as any release could be doesnt matter if its an old game or a new game, its cheap.

It includes tons of new functionality, its nostalgic and its got a double barrel shotgun. It would be brilliant if we could set up a few games. Maybe some clan death matches for the switch up crew on our discord ill set up a channel for the game. So, if youre not on our discord, simply click on the link down in the description to our discord, its completely free you dont, have to be a patron or anything like that and come and join us theres. Always a really good bunch there as well its good place to make new friends and just an extension of the switch up family. So, thank you so much if i havent answered any of your questions, please do pop them down in the comments and ill answer them ill reply to you and ill also update the topping comment. If ive forgotten anything, this one is out right now. So what youre waiting for go and download it, and, as always, a big thanks to all of you, including our patrons who support us each and every month, if you want to join them all the links are also down in the description i cant quite believe it.