This is another great free watch face from mateo dini, md204 download it today for your samsung galaxy watch, stay tuned to find out more Music, okay guys. This is mt 204 it’s a great looking watch face and it is highly interactive. It has different color changes and it is free. Today it is free until february, 3rd 2021. So get your copy today and install it on your samsung galaxy watch and we gon na see that it is really nice watch face. We’Re gon na go ahead and export it together. We’Re gon na see the interactions and also we’re gon na see the always on display Music and, as you can see my friends, it is really really nice. It has tons of colors very colorful watch face it’s gon na look great on your samsung galaxy watch or samsung galaxy watch, 3 or samsung galaxy watch active and these are the interactions. This is the always on display. It looks amazing, nice, vibrant color, very super amoled and we’re gon na go ahead and tap on the screen and we’re gon na see that it has nice color. So when you tap on the corresponding surfaces, you get a color change and also it has um two different areas where you can tap to change the color of the background like this one right here it has multiple color and the top one that’s green right. Now you can tap on that and it changes colors as well, and it has relevant complication or more, i counted 11 but i’m sure it has more than that.

So when you click on risk applications, it opens up a piece of information such as heart rate, monitor, step counter s, health and also it has the some launches. You can learn some music, some messenger and also some email, and you can launch some music player and also you can launch some application. You can set any kind of app that you want to launch so that’s the app shortcuts you can set your own app shortcuts. There’S two complications where you tap on it: it launches uh, app shortcut and you can select the one that you wan na launch. It also has the calendar when you tap on the calendar date on top. It opens up the calendar, as you can see, and also it has more stuff right here, and this is the s health. You can tap on it. It opens up and then you can just set up your um workout and then let’s go ahead and check out um just held as well the same one and we’re gon na click on so there’s a lot to look for too many complications. My friends, this is the music player. When you tap on it, it launched the music player, and also it has some other stuff, such as messenger, like i say, and also you can keep tapping and change the color of the background. It is just amazing, very nice watch face, and here you can set up your email account, so it takes you to your phone, so you can set up your email account and also the alarm when you tap on the alarm.

Everything is labeled nicely, so you can just see everything clearly, but it is just great, and this is the messenger you can tap on it and it opens up the messenger. Very interactive watch face very beautiful and it is just amazing and you can tap on find my phone also, so you can find your phone when you tap on the um circle and also it has. The recent call all right guys. So this is yours today you must go download it today to have it for free, it is free until february 3rd – and this is how it looks on my wrist. It is just nice um. It has a nice always on display. So when you look at the time it turns on and then after that it goes back and aot mode. So if you set your watch on aod mode, you get a nice always on display like this super amoled and looks great and now we’re gon na go to mateo dini page on samsung. Galaxy watch app store, and this is the watch face md 204 and it is free today until february. Third, so you need to download it before that date and it has nice pictures as you can see here. This is what it looks like like. I show you on my samsung galaxy watch. This is the always on display, and this is the diagram that tells you where to tap to get the particular informations and it looks great on race.

It is very nice, and also this is the guide for the tapping. You know when you tap on it. It shows you a piece of information and it is just colorful. It has like seven colors here that i see it is a nice watch face so don’t pass on it, go get it today and make it your own once you download it today, it is free, it’s gon na be yours forever, but if you wait until february Third it’s paid one but mateo dina has tons of watch faces that you can explore he’s a great guy, a great developer. He always makes beautiful watch faces and this is his selection, so he has nice. Selections of watch faces that you can explore so check. The link down below i have the link that takes you straight to the samsung galaxy app store and from that you can download. You can download. Some watch faces, support him today and get some paid watch face and also get some free ones as well. So he’s a great developer. He deserves your support and now i’m going to download it on my watch i’m going to allow hit, allow and install and, as you can see, it is transferring to watch and then after that, he’s gon na download it and, as you can see here, it is Downloading it to my watch and then at the end, i’m gon na hit on apply and then you’re gon na see.

Oh, you already saw how it looks on my watch but i’m going to show you again um the way it looks just to make this um review complete and guys, as you can see, i’m going to go ahead and hit on apply, and then i go to My watch and then we’re going to see the watch face how it looks on my samsung galaxy watch again. You can download it for any samsung watch, such as galaxy watch, galaxy watch, 3 and galaxy watch active and at the end this is what you get. You saw this part before i’m, just showing it again, and you get this beautiful, colorful very informative and very interactive watch face on your wrist, so you can get tons of informations you’re, not gon na miss any more infos such as the s health hardware, monitor and Also, your um notifications from your phone battery meter calendar everything is just listed on that one watch face, it is really nice and it is free. You get it today. I have the link down below for more details and you get a nice always on display. It looks great very magnificent watch face so guys this is it we’re gon na wrap it up. This is mt 204. A free, great watch face from material genie and guys. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell.