So lets begin so im going to start from the very beginning, so they first started talking about the cosmetics and what is the rough process of creating them, and hugo basically goes through the creation of the skins from the conceptual phase on to the development phase. He also talked about the reason behind some of the funny skins is to make people laugh really thats. All there is to it. They also announced that there will be more cosmetics on the way, but did not specify what they would be. So my guess is. We can expect a mix of more of the serious or the nostalgic skins along with a few more funny skins. That also reminds me, if you log in to do maternal by august 25th, you can get the free, quakecon slayer 2021 skin as well. So make sure you do that the next topic that they briefly talked about was the master levels that are upcoming in the next update called update 6.66, which is an awesome number by the way. So the next two master levels that we already know are coming are the world spear and mars core and hugo being the cheeky developer that he is tried to announce more but well. This is what happened: master levels and, at this point now, hugo in the streams that weve done, the weekly ones, weve already revealed both of the master levels and what they are, but lets get into that a little bit deeper and start talking about whats on the Horizon next, which is the next big update, update 6.

66 yeah up next, is let me get this right. You got this its world spear thats, what it is: yeah, thats, the one and okay and uh and mars mars core, and then after that are we allowed to say marty? Are we allowed to say? Is that what josh youre asking me to say? I dont even think we could no um lets just stay with lets stay with updates hes, ready to announce something hes like and ill give you this and ill sell you a little bit of that and well do this. No well just stay with update 6.66, which is the next big kind of like major push for eternal. They then go on to talk about the implications of having a master level based within the second dlc, which means that not only are we going to have the full lineup of all of the demons, including the shriekers, but well also have my favorite weapon, which is The hammer im glad that they briefly talked about the balancing of the hammer and why they are not changing the way. The hammer works instead, theyre going to be making the level harder so that it matches the hammers power which, in my opinion, is a much better way of going about it. So worldspear and mars core are going to have the same difficulty options, including extra life mode and classic mode like the previous three master levels we have, which is great, because that means that there is a potential for more cosmetics for people to earn, which is always A good thing: they then briefly talked about battle mode and they talked about how some of the previous updates they introduced.

Some of the general lag fixing patches. Now i dont really play battle mode or ive, never really played battle mode, so i cant really confirm whether those fixes actually worked or not. So if you do play battle mode, let me know in the comments below whether those fixes actually fixed anything. They also mentioned that they have some more overall fixes coming along in the next update, but they did not specify what those fixes will be. They did, however, mention that those fixes wont bring any big changes. So my guess is that there will be some, maybe some minor, balancing changes, and maybe some stability changes well have to wait and see. Apart from the fixes and updates, they mentioned that they will be bringing in a new and improved streak based matchmaking system. This system will take your win streaks into account and will match you with others that have a similar win streak system supposedly, but they did not give any more info on that. So well just have to wait and see. Finally, they talked about a brand new battle mode arena that will be coming in update 6.66 known as stronghold in the interview panel. They explicitly mentioned that they worked alongside some of the members from the spicy demons discord, which is the discord community exclusively for battle mode and ill leave a link to it down below if youre interested. They do not mention who these players are and im, assuming those players are under a non disclosure agreement, but josh did say the following, but also we didnt even mention yet.

I know it. Doesnt have a level name but theres, a new battle mode arena, thats coming that weve worked with our amazing uh spicy players on the design weve like actually had sessions with them, and i im just going to spoil it here by saying they said it was the Best level theyd ever played and im not just saying that those guys dont take that stuff lightly. So theres that also coming in this update, which and listen the best part, is that they helped us design it. So if you guys dont like it, send your feedback to them, thats thats right go to the spicy. This part, 11. thats right, yeah, so well just have to wait and see what the community thinks of the map once the arena is released. Now before i move on to the main news that everyone wants to hear, they announced the release date for the ancient gods. Part 2 on the nintendo switch, which is coming on august 26th. But since no one cares about the switch lets. Just move on. In the interview panel, they talked a bit about horde mode and its basic functionality. So, first of all, they did say that horde mode will feel very arcady by that they meant that its gon na feel very similar to arcade mode in doom 2016, which is great just like arcade mode. Its going to have a scoring system which will be based on your performance in the match, and yes, just like arcade mode, it will have a global leaderboard as well.

He also mentioned that horde mode will also have traversal puzzles as well, and it will be awarded points based on how many times you fall off or how least amount of times you fall off. They did explicitly mention that horde mode will not be infinite in its length. It is going to have an ending, but they did not mention how long the horde mode will be so well just have to wait and see. Additionally, when you replay this mode, there is going to be a fair amount of randomization to your experiences. So each time you play most, things will be different, but they didnt really say exactly what will be different, but they did say that the horde mode will not be infinitely random. So my guess is that the overall structure of the arena or the level design might have some variations, but overall its not going to be fully modular so well just have to wait and see how it actually develops anyways moving on. They did say that if you are able to complete all of the skill based challenges like, for example, killing high value targets, then you will be able to unlock additional waves and even bonus rooms. So that actually sounds really interesting and id like to see how they implement that they also briefly talked about the bfg and its position within the horde mode, and they said that you will be given more points depending on. However many bfg shots you have remaining so basically the less times you use the bfg, the more points you will accumulate and on top of that, regarding the higher value targets, it is a concept that they took from doom 2016s bonus sphere or the bonus point sphere And implemented that onto these high value targets, so the way it works is that these targets are going to have an icon above their heads when they spawn, which will be clearly visible and then youll get a certain number of points.

Depending on how long it takes you to kill them, therefore, it functions very similar to the bonus point sphere from arcade mode, so the quicker you kill the target, the more points you will get now hugo did sort of joke around or at least give us some Of an idea of what these high value targets could be, and he said that it could either be one marauder or five cursed, prowlers or even something like five marauders and seeing as how there is a secret encounter on world spear with like six marauders. I wouldnt be surprised if they actually did something like this so again. Well, just have to wait and see and im really keen to actually experience this, and once you finish horde mode, you will then be awarded a slayer rank which my guess is is going to work exactly the same like arcade mode as well, and your position on The leaderboard will also be reflective of that slayer rank, but anyways. The interview was only about 30 minutes long, so there wasnt a lot of information that we got so thats pretty much all there is to it. Let me know in the comments below what you are most excited for anyways, if you enjoy my content, make sure to like and subscribe as i have more doom content and more doom lore videos planned for the future anyways.