I was kind of hoping for like a remake or something like that. Maybe theres still going to be something new and cool announced in the near future, but we are going to be diving into this remaster right here, its in glorious widescreen, its got some sort of like graphical upgrades. I know you could always just go ahead and download. Like uh, you know a source port or something like that, but this is also a thing, makes it easier for like people who dont want to deal with that, and also people who want to like play on consoles or whatever. But the meat here for me is this new campaign dimension of the machine and if we really enjoy this enjoy the out of it, you may have heard my like uh amazon device beeping just now. I dont know if the microphone picked that up. But if everybody really enjoys this ive never played these original two um level packs okay. So we could. We will pack them levels in all day meat. They look like meat teeth, okay, meat tooth meat tooth meat meat, its its very different from uh sweet tooth from the um, the little whatever the its called exactly driving twisted metal thats, the one collect all the runes to power. The machine um we gon na go left. I want to go into the gear vagina and i want to um. Was that a piece of meat just like bubbling up near these like there we go, it was a piece of it was a piece of meat.

It could have been a troubled miniature lava bomb um, the realm of the machinists, the god. The cogs are turning um lets. Uh lets dive on in and and uh ride. This pipe whoa, i didnt, i didnt mean to be overly sexual. There wait a minute. I always mean to be over sexual, okay, um, no getting stuck on the plates as you are. You are surrounded by death. I, like mario, that guy okay, except you, know, hes. He was all like i i i eat your feet. Okay and im pretty sure he did stab me in the foothole okay. That would be that me and the bumper that would be the most unlucky like quake adventure ever like the first enemy you encounter stabs you brutally in the foot dead, um its the kind of noise that somebody in either the quake or doom universe might make. Give me your backpack give me your backpack um. I i swear. I heard like some going on over here. Oh, oh, oh you dont like getting shotgun. You dont like getting shotgun. Well, uh! Guess what a shotgun ye will be off nailed it nailed it get it! Oh yeah nailed it okay, we need a sliver key or like that other wacko that does all the the invention. Building like mark robert mark rover, i want to see him make one of these nail guns. Oh dude, that would be pretty flock rover. I am throwing down the gauntlet okay or in the uh in the in the doom universe, the game i know exactly, although i think, were gon na sing about like the running a gauntlet, not like the not like the kind of gauntlet that goes on your hand.

Okay, thats, what you think thats the other guy but im throwing it down. I want to see roberts nail gun its going to be epic its. What if he does its one thing to lay down like a whole bunch of dominoes its another thing to tear up with the nail gun? I know it also no fail gun all nail gun. I would also accept a flat cannon. What from the unreal uh? That sounds extremely dangerous: the red, hot nickel, ball uh or red hot metal ball or whatever, oh okay, because uh those things its like basically red hot metal balls that are coming out of the flat cannon in uh unreal tournament. That is going to get nickel poisoning. All up in his lungs, okay, im pretty sure nickels not going to be carbonized carbonating and not uh uh! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Is that a thing or is that, like from some other, i dont know people used to give things weird stupid names for like no reason there we go uh, i just knew i was gon na get ambushed from on high okay. No! No! No! No! I hate these grenady guys: okay, double barrel, shotgun, theres, nothing on earth like that, weird sound, those grenades make yep its beautiful. Oh no, oh no! You were not going to eat my testicles, these guys. They they, they fuel themselves with testicles. Okay, thats! Well its what they do. The testicle is probably good eating really because it has to nourish the swimmers yeah.

I guess youre, not it does a body going about. I could have sworn i heard some rolling trolling heres. What i want to know. I want okay. If i were to nut right now, yes, what how many meals back do i have to go before i get to the meal that became those sperm um. You know: was it like most like that guy got gloriously, grenaded yeah and yes grenaded in the back im? Pretty sure it wouldnt be breakfast, it would have to go at least to like lunch yesterday, yeah because i mean im gon na save and see. If i can go inside of this door here uh, i could not go inside of the door. I could not go inside of the door and i was getting my testicles melted off and were talking about. Do not want your testicles um. Is this also hurting water? I i dont want. I dont want to go on the hurdy gurdy thats, okay, its lime inside gertie yeah, not the hurdy gertie, the hurdy gurdy uh. No, oh, oh those things are speaking of testicles. Speaking of testicles, no wait! No more testicles! Those are the product of testicles. They do kind of look like air sperm yeah like look old school fpss and even like you know, modern takes on old school fpss seem to have a tendency to have like air sperm. Okay, there were, there were im pretty sure there were like air sperm in um, whatever the well, you know what okay ion fury.

Okay, i think i know what what theyve been doing, so i can like jump on down there excellent and easily get back. This is going to be a deep cut of a reference here right, but i remember seeing those things you know recently in quake and i was thinking what do they remind me of, and i remember now remember the episode of star trek voyager where that other starfleet Crew was killing random aliens yeah. Yes, i do and those what they look like. They were also made of sperm. Okay. Did you see that grenade? It was almost me up. Okay, it was you know what i should probably do at some point. I should probably make a save before, like all oh before something like that happens to me, okay, before something like that. Um yeah were gon na. Not let you uh slice me up like a roast. I am not a roast okay. There we go there, we go um, i quick shaved, it um dude, we got, we got. Milk everywhere were in the milling district: okay, apparently its a its a very large district, yup, all the entire places. Look. I made that sperm suck down my uh, my uh hot lead as it were. Okay, yes, oh making the spring um i just wanted to watch the like. You know the circus going on there. I didnt expect you to be jumping down and treating me like a clown um grenade launcher grenade launcher.

Oh yeah, uh dont. I dont want to go down there that that looks like that is not the place to be um boop, oh yeah, oh yeah, you dont like getting exploded. You dont like getting exploded, well, two batting but yeah. I was gon na mention, though, that those sperm they have the tail the air sperm in this game. The tails are a little short and the arms are a little too like existing, oh um, i was just trying to get over there and get some stuff. I was just trying to get over there and get some stuff. No, no! You stay far. That was not good. That was not good yeah! Oh, so you want a grenade fight uh. Well, he did want that grenade fight, and now i have two health. So um, would you please stop throwing your like horror, rope at me. Thank you very much. Um come on. I know there must be a way to get up here because theres, a theres, a theres like a pack over there, okay, its, like theres, an invisible wall. Okay, i almost fell in the. I almost fell in the goo okay, oh juice, im. Getting that one way or another. Would you please stop throwing things at me? Thank you, a very okay, okay. Finally, it only cost me most of my health, okay and all of your like patience, yup. No, you had the patience. Oh, i didnt have the patience and i didnt have the power.

Okay. That is true. The jumping power. No, no! No, why you always got to be laying eggs on me like that bro, why you always got ta, be laying eggs on me like that, okay, somebodys, getting your grenading and i im aiming for it to not be me this time. Do you think? Do you think anyone ever selected hand grenade when challenged to a duel um? You know somehow that makes me think of black outer okay, it makes me think of black out or they were dealing with exactly exactly that was good stuff. It was. It was okay, look black adder, its a cool show, okay, but it may not be one of those shows thats appropriate for the year 2021, but uh okay lets get on its been a while, since ive watched it lets get on down here. I i kind of want to watch it now, um. No, no, no lets go ahead and, oh, oh you you dont juice! You dont like getting exploded. You dont like getting turned into a pile of meat or maybe even miles of meat, maybe miles of mild meat. Im pretty sure, if i remember correctly, those dudes will respawn if i kill them so thats. Why im like trying to not kill them because thats the i could be entirely wrong, some of them all the dudes respawn? No, the zombie! Oh, like the ass zombies. Okay, i mean zombies, would definitely oh we got the.

We got the super nail gun. We got the super nails, oh no! No! No! I aint taking no from you in any way. Um dude were all like sideways bro or diagonal ways. Bro, its just turbidity topsy turvety topsy huh. I dont, like it uh, oh well, youre gon na learn to like it come on from the excellent qualitative um, the sort of lower quality of wolfenstein lung blood, not uh, notwithstanding okay, i didnt hate it, but i didnt, like it wasnt my favorite, okay, yeah lets Put it like that, i i think thats why we never finished playing it on the youtube channel yeah. I think that the problem with it is that its i dont, like the like big health pool uh, like style yeah. I, like people, rising the out of lots of anime enemies and i dont, like you, know, stats and like that. I like i mean i like borderlands, but i dont want borderlands to be yes exactly its, not a chocolate, peanut butter, im a wolfenstein. Thank you. A very um what the hell was that, oh you know what like perfect example is, if you were to add, like a borderlands, you know large health pool enemy, rpg element situation to say a far cry game. It would also ruin it yeah. I agree. I agree like theres, no reason why not its just that if you do it itll suck Music? No, no! I guess maybe the zombies dont respawn! Okay, maybe i just like had some sort of post, traumatic, zombie, stress, okay.

By the same token, i think if you were to change – oh god, but there it is no. No you stay that big boy is here away. Um thickness is real. Okay, uh real bad for me, is what it is there we go. I ended up thinking about necessary the abominable snowman aint, okay, youre youre, picking a fight with the abominable snowman, okay thats. What you just were actually doing here, uh wait more more shits gon na appear now that ive, like oh look, yeti, want to come and have a taste cute. I am ready to throw down something right. It reminds me of like the cover for that ico game. You know the game im talking about like you know what it reminds me of you. You may not have had this experience, but i played through the vr version of tetris effect and uh theres, several like windmill areas that like are like, like windmill tetris zones, tetris effect and test test tetris erect. I dont know why. I said that okay, it didnt, make me erect, but it did chill me out. It was a rousing, it was. It was arousing and yet also soothing. I can see that its a very good chill out ive ever seen that im digging this by the way. Okay, oh yeah. This is this – is so high quality im digging this oh yeah, oh yeah, i got ta, get it got ta get inside your door.

Baby got ta slide inside your door. Okay, okay, were gon na. Stop here, im trying not to destroy my voice.