Your primary objective is to kill them all Music. The contracts done. Your payout limit has increased cash target. Enemy team is tracking your position. Music, taking shots here soldier incoming Music well done enemy, dropping into the aorta 2 0 threat down. Oh grenade out Music Music setting rally. Point 25 11 stay sharp out there times running out, get to the target area, hostile drop it into the area. Watch the skies tracking enemy, just closing it Music fire. My station costs here, Music, so enemy dropping into the air everyones on the safe zone, Music, Music Applause, gas is moving in new safe zone, located Applause Applause, so at mine primed, need mid call Music incoming fire. In Music tracking enemy, hey remaining battle, royale all right soldier mark a drop point for your team eliminated Music enemy dropping into the aortic attempt this ones mine this ones, my so so friendly uav over here, spotted some cash enemy, uav, overhead enemy, uav, overhead justins. Closing in Music, so 25 remain solid work. So far, bounty target identified slot the bastard hold up drop headed your way: Music located theyre lighting me up. Okay, youll be all right, coordinate, mark friendly, uav overhead enemy, uav overhead enemy uav. Over here this is, i will not die Music enemy, uav overhead Music enemy dropping into the ao moving down. Everyone is in safe zone. Over here uav entering i am under fire. Hostile drop it into the area. Watch the skies Music.

Ive got you.