This is another great free watch face young yellow watch face from mikhail style download. This beautiful watch face on your samsung galaxy watch, stay tuned to find out more Music, okay guys this is young. Yellow watch face from mikhail style it’s a great watch face good looking and it is free for you download it. Today. On your samsung galaxy watch, galaxy watch, 3 and galaxy watch active or any samsung galaxy watch. I believe it is compatible on every samsung galaxy watch. So it is really a nice watch face nice, yellow black background, some orange color, and it has a nice display of the android monitor, step, counts battery meter and also it shows the date and calendar all right. It is really nice watch face so download it today and from here you can get. It today check the link down below for more details. I have the link that takes you straight to the samsung. Galaxy watch app store, so this watch face doesn’t respond to any tapping. Everything is just displayed on the screen, but it looks great and it has a nice always on display. As you can see here, it is beautiful, super amoled always on display, and it is not uh. It does not respond any typing, but it looks magnificent it’s a great looking watch face and, as you can see here, like the yellow, colors and the black background and the orange accent – and this is how it looks on my brace – it looks very good.

Very nice watch face and um. This is the lod mode. So when you are on ldmo, this is how it looks on your watch and when you look at the time it turns on so guys, head over to the samsung galaxy, app, store and download. This beautiful watch face and in the meantime you can see mikhail style watch faces. He has nice watch face nice selections, so we’re gon na go to the page, stay tuned, we’re gon na go ahead and we’re gon na explore. Some other watch faces from mikhail style, and this is it right here. This is this page: yellow tank 12 24 hour, black yellow designer watch face, and it is really nice and, as you can see here, it is um called young yellow, and this is the display that you can see heart rate meter battery meter month of the year And also some other stuff – and this is always on display on the right – it has a nice aod mode, so this is mikhail style watch faces. This is his page and it has nice, um selection of watch faces, and he is a good good developer as well, and he has tons of free watch faces so that’s a plus, and you can also purchase some watch faces and support him and buy some. And when i hit on install, you must hit, allow and install, and then it is downloaded on my watch and as you can see here, it is installing it and at the end, i’m gon na hit on apply and then we’re gon na go to my watch.

To show you where it looks like you’ve seen it before, on the previous part but i’m going to show you again and guys. This is what it looks like on my watch: very nice, beautiful nice, colorful, nice yellowish background uh, yellowish, um accent and also orange action and a black background. It is really nice and it has a nice display. Tons of information that you can read here, such as heart rate, monitor, stop step count and also the calendar and the um battery meter right guys. So i hope you enjoyed this video make sure you check the link down below and make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell and thank you for your time and also support mikhail style and purchase some watch faces.