The biggest mistake yuktobania has made in their blitz attack is that it had failed to sink any of our aircraft carriers well, evacuate all intact carriers to our inlet sea and use them as a base to rebuild our cutters strike force. Youve been called a service and a very important operation. People keep that in mind out there. Today, at 1500 hours, three carriers from the third osean naval fleet will rendezvous at eagleton straits. These carriers are the vulture, the buzzard and the kestrel, which has successfully escaped from port st hewlett. Thanks to your help, your mission is to coordinate with the kestrel and provide top cover for all carriers during the rendezvous. Should you encounter enemy attack, defend the three carriers at all costs? The situation is fluid, so be sure to choose an aircraft with good defensive capability against both air and ground based threats – Music, oh Music, oh Music, Music. Captain! Please choose my plane, which plane am i going up in captain which plane should i use were launching with this formation. Then Music war, dog launch. It was nothing easiest mission in the world thats what it was supposed to be it wasnt just us, but everyone they could get their hands on general mobilization. Our planes filled the sky like a huge aluminum cloud. There was no way the enemy could attack the queens of the ocean, made it to the inland sea, weve got it made in the shade.

Now this is thunderhead. Weve arrived outside the range of enemy air attack permission granted to return to your assigned bases in sequence, aircraft may refuel for the return trip, if required, hold above the carrier for the tanker aircraft everyones starting to leave. Can we go yet bulldog squadron? I told you to wait for the tanker plane above the carrier. I swear man hey. What is that is my radar on the fritz its showing up on mine too whered it come from how come the morons at thunderblockhead, didnt notice, it yo kid. You have to call him captain now: yeah, yeah, yeah, hey, you think we ought to report this enemy approaching all units return to your combat air patrol stations, protect the carriers Music. We have three carriers, these guys dont know when to quit its when they start to tick me off. I cant take off the carrier. Jets Music evade yeah. I cant help but feel like everythings working against us come on. I can do this ive been through a real battle before shaq on the target Music. Nice kill captain my fires missing to the side. What kind of maneuver is that this is a narrow channel. We can only move straight ahead: Music, yes, Music, hey come on. We need some air support here were in trouble if the enemy has anti ship missiles full speed ahead. Rendezvous with the remaining two carriers asap, the carrier, aircraft Music captains – know youre responsible for the air defense effort, roger captain.

I wont let you down all right, gentlemen. Its time to clean house watch out for the reefs shut down Music reinforcements all right, the right chance, theyre approaching from the south too. I see them moving to intercept Music man. I hate these guys. I really do play shut down, abandon Music Music, all aircraft, sir. This Music, roger dont, take too long ship damage engine shutdown. This is the aircraft carrier. Vulture missile strike off our bow severe shock waves. We have to protect the carrier, no matter what Music shut down shut down Music second enemy attack, wave approaching lets, engage them so thats. The fleet that made it through target hit checking fuel still good to go if were attacked here were toast the captain shot one down, dont, repeat the mistakes we made last time Music be on the lookout and climb to higher fly out to intercept again. It seems some of these guys are packing any ship missiles. Can you see any me neither but itll be trouble if they are out there well take them before they can approach the ships enemy fighters closing in on carriers, Music theyre too far we cant make it warning enemy fighters within range to fire, anti ship missiles, defend The carrier were almost at the rendezvous point. This is the aircraft carrier vulture light damage taken from missile head Music were making one pass at a time. Fly hard shoot straight target hit, thats a kill, theyre circling in again, not this time box.

Two yes missile hits carry out your mission to the end, youre, not getting off that easy down, maintain current formation Music. Your air defense mission is complete, hold for the tanker aircraft above the kestrel ballistic missile incoming a ballistic missile where they launch that from incoming Music. What are we gon na? Do kid ill, follow you? This is archer roger ill. Follow you captain Music, just climb people are spilling off the decks almost ten seconds to next impact. Eight, seven, five, four three: two one impact Music heavy damage ship. What the hell was that attack? It was like molten steel, raining down on us whats going on somebody tell me this is the kestrel all surviving aircraft respond? This is swordsman and managed to stay alive. Looks like the war dog squad made it too. Two aircraft carriers lost. I cant believe this is all thats left of our force. We dont have enough fuel to get back to base hey. You really should start calling him captain forget it. If hes a captain, then i want him to start trash talking like a captain. Man im missing that voice real bad now, hes got us back alive from battle for the second time. As far as im concerned hes, our captain now thats right and ill never lose. My lead plane again, no matter what the enemy attack squadron has withdrawn from the area. The aircraft carriers, vulture and buzzard were sunk by a powerful burst missile attack.

According to hydrophone data analysis, we have determined that the attack was carried out by the syn faxi, a yuktobanian underwater attack carrier. The specs of this ship are unknown, but its existence confirms that the advanced shipbuilding efforts of the yuktobanians have been going on unabated since the previous war. The syn faxi is a serious threat to our objectives. Emergency transmission from central our army has decided to deploy the military power of the ark bird to neutralize.