For several weeks almost like were at peace. Again, hey people anyway lets start the briefing yuktobanian. Combat operations have been dormant since their failed, large scale invasion and the loss of their underwater carriers in facsy. However, there is still concern over a possible infiltration by small scale forces from the ground and the air. You will split into flights of two and carry out patrols in the area from acreson hill to the northern coastline, the airspace above the grain fields, extending around acres and is covered by our ocean, a a system, the system automatically fires missiles at any hostile aircraft. It detects patrol the northern coastline of akerson hill, which is out of our aa systems. Music range Music. Captain, please choose my plane, which plane am i going up in captain Music captain which plane should i use so were going war dog launch that stupid geezer base commander just wont, give us a break willy hes, relying on us first lieutenant chopper, hey! Congratulations on your promotion by the way thats weird, i dont feel any better: hey youtube, whats your current position, 300 miles south of you roger damaged, but the damage is light transmitting aircraft state, your assignment and current status. So finally, your response – this is the osean air force transport, plane, mother, goose one were flying to the neutral country of north portland. We have the transmitter set to minimum power. Please come in closer, so we can hear. Ah i think this is you on our radar.

Can you see us wed like you to guide us to a safe passage corridor through the aaa defenses, were on a top secret mission and are not transmitting a valid friendly id signal to the ground based automatic defense systems? As a result, a friendly surface to air missile was mistakenly firing at us. We narrowly avoided a direct hit, but our radar system was destroyed and we cant fly a safe path through the system. Music guide the transport plane through the aa systems radar coverage and take it to akerson hill. The transport is on a top secret mission, so its id signal has not been registered in the aaa systems database. As a result, if the transport is picked up by the aaa system, it may be shot down by our own missile fire. The engagement zone of this ground, based aa system, is displayed on your radar due to combat damage. The transports radar system is inoperable and its maneuverability restricted, guide the plane, so it stays out of the aa systems. Engagement zone, Music, uh, the air defense command just received multiple radar hits on an enemy formation. Closing on your position. First, bad guys, weve seen crossing the pond for a while warning, alarms are going off like mad, but were the only ones near enough to intercept them in time hold on baby were coming to your rescue, understood, im, counting on you too. Please, can you see the transport craft roger, keep your eyes on it.

Okay, ive got him on my radar. Just like the intelligence said: the radios picking up the enemys voice, these guys sound as beautiful as thunderhead sweet. As a rose, i tell you dont. Let up just because its a transport plane – if we take out this guy, they wont just give us a medal. Theyll build a statue in our honor. This cargo certainly worth that much! Is that the enemy speaking? What are these guys talking about? Dont worry about that. We need your escort were completely defenseless well now this is turning out to be a weird little race against the enemy mother, goose, one any problems on your end, no problems, but wed like to get out of this airspace asap Music. Please fly a course that avoids the aaa system: radio, frequency, 136 megahertz, roger switching Music, osean air force fighter pilot. Can you see us roger? Please show us the way my planes damaged, so i cant put undue stress on the airframe as much as you can try to fly in a straight line for me, Music. I never thought the skies of our own country could be so unfriendly, Music, so so Music. The fact that we cant see makes this twice as scary Music. If we can make it out to the north well be safe. Do you know the way blaze? Music? Roger? Thank goodness we have all of you with us Music thats good. I appreciate it if you can minimize your turns im blind as a bat here im relying on you to lead me to safety, Music, everythings smooth on our end warning Music.

It was just a sensor malfunction, Music, requesting vectors to the next leg of the route well be out of the aaa defense systems coverage shortly Music. This is mother goose, one weve successfully navigated through the aaa system. Thank you, however, id like to ask for your continued escort enemy spotted on radar coming head on. Chopper team has arrived. Hey kid were under your command. Now, mother, goose won well take care of him. Please separated maximum speed. Please im counting on you additional enemy targets. On radar, mother, goose one, please keep your current vector, roger roger your speeds, decreasing whats, the matter mechanical trouble im losing thrust on engine, one hey! I see, fighters the fires under control. Automatic extinguisher system activated theres a problem with the hydraulics Music chopper engaging archer, hey its dutch molly. This is a transport plane. The mother, whos won. The cap has been shot. What there was a spot hey, what kind of cargo you got in there? Is it something dangerous? Hey you there, captains dead, prepare for emergency landing generator windmills. Could you shoot those down for us lets? Do it what weve got? No other choice? Okay, lets! Do it? Are you still there maam heres a lovely voice? Music. I, like you, man, tommys, going to try landing now hes doing his best, but hes never done this before i i dont know if well make it. So i just want to thank you before we go.

Itll be okay, yes, youll do fine. These windmills are huge, but theyre still a hard target from up here. This is gon na be difficult. I have to aim carefully hurry up. I dont think the transport planes gon na wait for us. Almost there youre doing great top. Those pilots ought to recruit you. This jobs, starting to wear me out a little hey kid, dont, give yourself a headache aiming at every single one. Altitude 100 feet almost there. I think mother goose. This is archer surrounding airspace is clear of enemy aircraft. Everything is a okay. The transport plane is ready for an emergency landing Music. Mr cargo uh yeah. I guess that was a pretty smooth ride. Actually, mr cargo ive got a question id like to ask you: what is it the bird of peace? Did you really have to use that beautiful white bird for this war? Do you understand what im saying yeah i wanted to see your your bridge of peace span into outer space its still possible thanks to the bird, were on even terms now im trying to get to north point, because i believe we have a chance to hold talks In neutral territory, right communication is vital, so i can still believe in you. Then i dont want to see any more young men or women lose their lives me neither oh im out of fuel. This is the ocean air force. 84. 92Nd squadron. We observed the emergency landing on our radar.

Can you see us you can leave the rest to us well, provide support until the transport planes crew is rescued, roger take care of him for us Music. Sure weve received a sit rep from central command. The crew on board the transport plane you encounter during your patrol has been rescued by the 84 squadron. That is currently all the information we have. After my article, the four wings of sand island was published to wide acclaim. I grew bolder here was a profile view of the base commander, the emperor of this base, dont hes in a bad mood today. If he catches, you hell, have your head. What happened? The arkbird huh, the white bird in outer space with yuktobania outclassing us in firepower. It was the presidents one trump card in the peace negotiations and now its fallen right out of our hands. So youre saying we dont know how long the war will drag on the arkbird a super weapon capable of attacking from space. Far beyond the reach of the enemy, its power generator was destroyed by explosives planted inside a supply shipment launched from earth.