You know that the moment you return to sand island. This happens. A large combined force of yuktobanian vessels and aircraft has been detected advancing in the ocean directly towards sand island from the west. Our intelligence has confirmed the presence of amphibious assault ships within the oncoming fleet. We believe the enemys goal is to conduct a landing operation on sand, island and capture. This base, close with the enemy, disrupt landing operations and suppress their naval gunfire directed at our forces ashore. Music, even if this turns into a ground war, i am prepared to fight for this island to the bitter end. As my advanced guard, i want you to forget. Everything else concentrate on dealing a lethal blow to the incoming enemy. Invasively, well, be deploying everything. Weve got launch every aircraft capable of anti ship combat, regardless of combat experience. Music, oh Music, oh Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music. Captain, please choose my plane, which plane am i going up in captain Music captain which plane should i use so were going up in this formation war dog launch this all units is carefully. Ah, i missed that sweet voice. Say you get that from your mamas side of the family cut the chatter first enemy wave bearing two eight zero degrees. You are cleared to engage on site its too risky to bring the nuggets here im with you on that you agree kid seriously. They got their hands full, just keeping their planes in the air.

I see so youre, just like us, roger dispersing to engage enemy at will. This is sam dylan based defense, enemy, amphibious force intercepted at the coastline. Oh great here we go enemy. Ships are firing towards sand island, stop them enemy, assault, ships are launching attack, helicopters, shoot them down before they reach sand island. So hey. If the enemy wins here, then what happens to us? Damn this aint looking good in the sky, great heroes, whats with him hes like a completely different view, dont expect that stuff. When we get back, i bet hes got a different script for us enemy assault ships are launching hovercraft. Finally, a real battle im getting nervous. Beamer your planes, wavering, hey, nuggets, try to keep sight of your flight, lead dont screw it up. All right! Squadron dont worry about us, so this is what real battle is like. Is this all there is fired from enemy sub? What get out of there grimm you nuggets too climb climb. Come you on me nuggets you have to climb pull up. Everyone get your altitude above 5 000 feet submarine missile lots confirmed, believed to be a burst missile with multiple warheads that separate in midair, get about 5000 feet and stand by wait were getting a command override from somewhere data linked to asa targeting system. This is now its counting down by itself: nine, eight seven, damn it theyre, not gon na make it four three two one Music, the sky just lit up missile vaporized in midair.

What was that? Did you see that kid? The light that light that wasnt a missile was that the arc missile destroyed by a laser beam fired from orbit altitude. Its the arc bird weve got the arc bird. All units continue engaging anime analysis produces a match with the synthaxy captain. Do you think can really avoid hitting us? Yes, it does seem to be highly accurate thunderhead. This is bluehound protecting sounds from syntaxing indicating imminent missile launch bird will set the data over as soon as we detect the missile were counting on you. If that laser, even grazes us locked on begin datalink Music laser, i know it theres too many come on. Use your lasers. The nuggets are gon na get killed, climb, kids go, go, go come on nuggets climb. That attack really come from a submarine missile vaporized in midair theyre coming theyre still coming ten seconds to impact eight, seven, six, five, four, three two impact now this is and continue attacking the ships. Oh yeah, just read through the missiles. What are you, nuts? Music? Just? Keep going back and forth with bigger and fancier weapons, i cant keep up enemy sub, launching first missile base for impact Music. End of that impact now stand by were dropping the new son of buoy all remaining squadrons rejoin into attack formation. The remaining enemy forces are regaining their momentum, yet roger were sending it now. What are you gon na do count down to firing five, four, three, two one, the artwork shot, a laser into the ocean explosion in the water it damaged, the submerged, synthexy, picking up, sounds and main balance below with some foxy surfacing Music.

Its huge looks like its lost diving ability, its floating like a cork, all units commence attack aircraft. If you see an opportunity ten seconds to impact eight, seven, six, five, four three two impact now: Music watch out Music. I hope so weve been on the defensive for a while. Now i hit Music theres, still a fair amount, left enemy plane, shut down ten seconds to impact eight, seven, six, five, four three two impact: now we havent finished it off yet radar that black hook of metals got a ton of firepower behind it. This isnt on our ship identification charts its the first time. Any of us are actually seeing it enemies, damn its huge. I guess it happened. Ten seconds to impact eight, seven, six, five, four three two impact now warning youre being spiked by enemy radar. I cant believe this sub is still that powerful. Even after its surfaced, this cant be fair missile hit. I did it, i did it theyre still coming its still alive, the sub appears to have lost the ability to launch additional aircraft blasted out of the water chopper roger engaging it will. So. The demons finally reveal itself. The arkbird was successfully employed over the forward edge of the battle area. The enemy amphibious force, attacking sand island was repelled and their invasion plans halted. The underwater carrier synfaxi a lethal enemy threat, was engaged and destroyed by the superior firepower of the arkbird. Having lost the support of the synfaxi, the remaining yuktobanian forces retreated.