My one adapter port at the lawn usb interfaces, seven micro, current electrodes or trigger information, Music, adapter led beauty mask foreign Music controller, which is on default timeline. Controller 30 minutes color select or start button item color select start button. C1 stands for red light, anti aging skin, forming shrink, pores repair damage can improve skin condition, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles whitening, promote collagen, speed up metabolism. Atlanta is a manual and wavelength nang. Red light is 6 30 nm known as the biological activity light, which can improve the cell activity next c2. The green light reduce all circulation balance, water and oil, relieve mental stress, dredge, lymph glands drain, swelling wavelength, 520 nm with neutralization balance and stability. Next c3, the blue light heel, acne, bactericidal effect, anti inflammatory effect repair the skin without scars and pigment wavelength of blue light. 470 nm next c4, the yellow light increase immunity, healing worm, treat skin redness, improve wrinkles, improve rough skin, promote lymphatic drainage, decomposing pigment, replenishes, skin cells, improves, oxygenation of skin cells, wavelength 590, nm next c5 cyan or the cyan in light promotes metabolism gradually enhance cell energy. Next c6, the purple light remove acne scars, heal acne. It is red and blue light frequency. It combines two kinds of phototherapy efficacy. Next c7, the white light improve fine lines, improve loose skin, reduce freckles, speed up the metabolism of the active tissue it penetrates into the deep layer of the skin. Next see it red green, blue, yellow cyan purple white.

Therefore, c8 is automatic. Color exchange next season, no color ballet beauty mask. Therefore, on selection, i, from c0 to c8, is a brightness button, a3, a4, a5, a6, a7, a8, a9 um a1. Therefore, and brightness choices nice from a1 to a9. Next, you up buttons a time from 30 minutes to default. Maximum time is 90 minutes determination down buttons a time. Minimum time is one minute. Next flickr button f1 steady lights, magna color, select f1 is actually the default. F2 fast speed, flashing lights, f3, moderate speed, flashing lights, f4, slow speed, flashing lights, boom, lignitious f1, so on flicker choices i f1 to f4 next app button on microelectronics, b0 on the fault now mask or no micro. Current activated button from b0, b1, b2. 3. 4. 5: 6, 7, eight, b9, b9, Music, so a maximum micro, electronics or intensity in a micro current, a b, nine Music micro electronics, a minimum ib0 or zero microcurrent. My first day of treatment for your information, my primary reason buying this is for my acne hindi.