Food, as the name suggests they do food news, videos recipes all that jazz and they also stream they actually stream a lot to their twitch channel, including their their kitchen league series, which is fantastically entertaining highly suggest. You guys check it out. Uh they reached out to me a few months ago because they were trying to step up their streaming game, and so i built them a system initially uh this guy right here in the ssupd, meshlicious lovely mini itx case, and this has been working out for them. Pretty well, its got a ryzen 7 3700x rtx 2070 super 16 gigs of ram but theyre trying to scale things up and they want to go with a dual system setup. So, while were still going to be keeping this in their in their workflow im going to be building the second pc today, which is going to be way more high, end uh and uh, and you guys are probably gon na be jealous because its gon na make One hell of a gaming system too, although thats not what theyre using it for at all. I know sad gamer noises its also worth noting that theyre using an ndi setup so rather than sending video signals via hdmi, for example, theyre actually sending it over their network using ethernet cables. So you can actually transmit video signal over like cat5cat6, whatever cables, which is pretty cool. It streamlines the whole process, but theyre gon na have like eight connected cameras to this, the setup when all said and done so obviously we need something thats super powerful.

They already have a 10 gig network. They already have that infrastructure figured out, but we are gon na have to include a 10 gig card in each of these systems, which is impossible to do right now in in the meshlicious pc, because its mini itx that single pcie slot has already been been taken. Up by the graphics card, so im actually gon na have to migrate this to a larger case. Im actually gon na be using an 011d mini like that one uh, but thats gon na be for a different video. I might not even shoot that i might just do that in the background behind the scenes uh, this video is gon na be focused on building the other pc which is over here before we continue. This video is brought to you by kyoccia. Kyokushi actually has a rich history in the tech industry as being the inventor of nand flash memory, but they also have a full lineup of ssds for pretty much any occasion. Whether youre looking to drop an nvme drive into an enterprise data center or a crypto mining rig gaming piece, i meant to say, son of a with competitive pcie. Gen 3×4 speeds. The bg4 and xg6 series are well suited for gaming systems, while the cd6 and cm6 feature leading edge, pcie gen 4 performance for milan and ice like servers to learn more about everything, kiosks has to offer click on the link in the description below for the cpu Were going flagship, all the way go big or go home right, amd, ryzen, 9.

5950X. 16 cores 32 threads uh. This is the flagship zen 3 chip right now and its its freaking fantastic, extremely fast. Now ndi allows you to encode with nv encoder as well, so they actually have their pick of the letter if they want to use the cpu or the gpu for for live encoding. If they use the gpu, which i imagine they would thats what im going to suggest, they do then thats going to free up a ton of cpu resources for all the other tasks. Theyre going to be running simultaneously for our motherboard, we have a gigabyte, x570s aorus master. This is the uh an updated board. This is different than the x570 non, so its actually fairly new but were still getting all those good features. Pcie gen4. We have a 14 plus 2 phase power design with a beefy heatsink on it. Its also got wi fi 6e built in and a bunch of other bells and whistles. We have 64 gigs of crucial ballistics gaming memory. Ddr4 3200 speed ill, probably upgrade that or upgrade overclock that to 3600 just to get it on par with uh, with what our 5950x expects. But this is a 2 by 32 gig kit, so they even have room for expansion if they wanted to scale up to 128 gigs in the future down the line, if they have the need for that at some point: uh very nice kit there. We also have an nzxt e850 power supply fully modular 80 plus gold.

It is a digital power supply, so you can actually monitor you know wattage. You know how much its pulling from the wall and stuff like that through the cam software kind of handy. We also have a p5 plus from crucial one terabyte pcie gen4. This is an update to the the non plus p5 um p5. Regular was gen. 3. now were at gen 4, so were getting faster speeds both on the read and write and one taylor. Byte should be plenty for their needs against the streaming pc. I believe they already have like a server. You know where they they keep all their data and stuff with lots of good redundancy with 32 threads on board, our 5950x can get pretty toasty under heavy workloads. So, for that were cooling it with the corsair iq h150i rgb pro xt 360 millimeter aio and our gpu bomb gigabyte aorus rtx 3080 ti extreme. This is extremely uh awesome that i actually got. One of these shout out to gigabyte for providing this. This card is an absolute animal, its got 12 gigs of gddr x memory, max covered cooling, thats from gigabyte thats, using a triple fan, design and one of the fans. I think the fan in the middle actually spins in reverse from the other two and i think that creates extra turbulence thats supposed to aid in static pressure. So it covers 100 of the heatsink, as you might expect, weve got an aftermarket pcb upgraded power delivery.

All that good stuff, but well take a closer look at this card later on and then for our case we have a lian lee lancole 2 mesh, absolutely love this case. Did it build in it not too long ago bringing it back, because i just like it that much look at that front panel. You can just see through it like right through it, thats thats, how they should all look wide ventilation. Holes tons of airflow is going to be going through this thing when all said and done so those are the parts pretty all star lineup of hardware here ill put links in the description to all this stuff in case youre interested, but lets get started. Okay, i was actually debating on whether or not i was going to do like a montage like a build montage. Oh wait! What am i? Why am i taking this off? I was going to do a build montage, but i just decided that im just going to build the system walk you guys through it. Well do a step by step type of thing, obviously not a tutorial, um or or guide even but uh. I know you guys like to watch because youre a bunch of sick puppies there we go 5950x in its almost like the build you know, building a pc kind of like gives you the opportunity to warm up. You know because this the early parts go in so easy. You know its just uh.

Well, the build gets progressively more and more, i wouldnt say difficult involved, tedious time consuming. This is this. Is the easy part dont make me get out my ifixit kit? I will do it dont forget this got ta peel, peel the peel off your uh, your little plastic wrap there, otherwise youre just gon na be insulating all that heat, that thermal pad will do nothing and we need to screw that guy down. Do i have an m.2 screw on hand? I think this is it and voila i already got three parts installed. Aio is next, oh wait. I have to take this bracket off corsair, always ships their aios with the intel bracket on by default, am fo sho uh. I always forget: does it go this way? It goes this way. I actually really like the am4 mounting system for for this cooler and for a lot of coolers like it, because you know a lot of these companies are using the same oem and stuff. But i just love that its only two screws two screws, as opposed to four on most coolers, and also the fact that it uses the the stock um mounting brackets. One last thing i have to remove the ao comes with a usb 2.0 cable that uh connects the pump to the motherboard. That way you can control the unit within the iq, software and stuff, which i dont think uh. The food beast crew is probably gon na dabble with that.

I dont know unless one of them is really into rgb or something but well wire it up for him anyway. I think before i put this in the case, im gon na mount the fans to the rad, but i have to figure out which way were gon na orient this um. Okay, i figured it out, so we actually have a removable, uh radiator bracket from the the land cool 2 mesh that i popped out and were going to orient it this way. So this is going to be the front of the case and were going to actually have the radiator bracket in between the fans and the radiator. And because this will be the right side of the case where our cable management side will be im going to actually mount these fans in such a way where the cables are facing. That direction be a lot cleaner and easier for cable routing. That way, pretty sure the aio yeah im definitely sure the aio takes the longest to install out of a build, especially if youve got like a 360 rad, where youve got three fans. Four screws: each its a lot of screws, a lot of screws, plus the pump block, however long that takes to install fortunately again its really easy on this one, but sometimes it aint, depending on who you go with geronimo here we go. Thank you pre installed. I o shield one of my favorite things to be to have widespread adoption in recent years.

Is the pre installed io shield? Another thing: another thing that just saves you a second or two, i think motherboard – is the most boring installation right its got to be the most boring because its literally just screws, at least with the radiator, sometimes bending the pump block – can be kind of fun, although It can also be a nightmare if its a nightmare, its not boring it just sucks, motherboard install, is always bored all right um. I guess we can start connecting some front panel connectors here and also just do a little bit of cable routing, get like our pump block cables behind the motherboard tray im, just going to push them through theres, a sata for power, and we have a three three Fan splitter manufacturers that make 360 millimeter radiators and dont include a three fan. Splitter on them are evil and i hate them. So could you of course there i dont hate. You got these nzxt case fans 140s whew lets do it. These are from the uh, the assassins creed bill that i did not too long ago. These were included with the uh, the valhalla h510 valhalla case, but i removed them because i installed an aio that had its own fans. But now these fans are getting a new purpose and this systems already looking really nice, i mean i knew it would but oh wait. This only does a one. Why didnt? I check that. I just assume that somewhat mid to high end cases have a 140 mount at the back.

This is only a 120. well, do we even need a fan back there, or is this one good? I dont know im kind of im kind of tempted to put a 120 back there theres a lot of power going through this thing lets do it. This is my box of random fans that ive collected over the years. I have not opened this in ages. Hey look at this. We have an nzxt fan its definitely a different. Its a much older case fan doesnt, even look the same as the other one i dont think were gon na find one of those, because all these fans are pretty old. All right. This fractal fan will do just fine. We got the knock to us, but i dont know theyre not going to match. You know what you know. I just found gp 14 fractal this. This will match this one im. Sorry, i cant i cant. Do it im too much of a im too much of a stickler its going to bother me, i wont be able to sleep at night, knowing that theres, a pc out there that someones, using that i built with mismatched fans, i dont care about the ones in The front with the radiator, because those arent even its like in a totally different area of the build, but these fans are right next to each other, they got ta. Look the same. Okay were gon na start, wiring some stuff up here, just the little guys.

Nothing too crazy, yet until the power supply comes in, but first up is usb 2.0 that usb, oh gosh, the tables moving a lot of earthquakes in california. You dont want one to hit and then this whole table just roll off and destroy the build happens. All the time, okay, usb 2.0 cable for the aio, we could wire up uh okay, so we also have also coming off of the aio pump block. We have a three pin fan connector. This is for our pump, but were gon na plug this into the actual cpu, the main cpu fan header. Otherwise the system wont boot. Then we have sata for powering our pump, but uh. We have to wait for the power supply to be in for that uh. We have the fan splitter, which we could use right now, hd audio, i never plug hd audio in for any of my personal builds, but i will plug it in for food beast because they might want front panel audio for whatever reason so for our radiator fan Cables im thinking we can bunch these up in the top left corner here, so im going to pull all of the cabling towards this corner up here. I want to make sure that the the headers on the the fan splitter and the fan connectors themselves are not underneath the zip tie directly. That would just bunch it up too much. You just want wires. Only nothing but wire looks pretty good.

This cable was just not quite long enough to reach so ill, just tuck them up here in the rafters and dont. Give me no sass boy, or i will cut you off now. I usually recommend that people wait on their cable management until they have the power supply installed, because what will happen with most builders is that theyll start cable, managing things and then once they get their power supply and theyre like oh wait, theres more cables that need To go in a lot of the places, ive already zip tied up, and so they have to undo a lot of their work, but im pretty familiar at this point with where the power supply cables are gon na need to go and which ones i can cinch Down now, which ones i cant so uh, you know just just get that experience. What can i say, kind of a professional all right? We are ready for the power supply already connected all the modular cables that well need, which includes 24 pin atx eight pin. Of course, which you already have here, uh there is pcie. I think our gpu has three eight pin connectors on it, because its a big boy, so weve got those wired up as well as a sata cable for our aio plug this guy. In get out of here, usb 2. move aside step aside out of the way, make sure that the fan is face down so that were not suffocating our psu uh.

We do have ventilation at the bottom theres a nice pull out dust filter, its a pretty thick filter sheet thick and plug and chug were almost done with this build. This went by really quickly. I hope i didnt miss anything. The saddest part about that is that no one would be surprised not even me. Okay, thats, probably a better angle for excuse me. You guys boy were ready for the graphics card sweet before we continue. This video is brought to you by the corsair iq 7000 series build your next masterpiece in the spacious full tower interior, with uncompromised support for custom water, cooling, a flexible layout with a multitude of configurations. Lets you build your dream, pc exactly how you want and four included sp 140 rgb elite fans keep your components cool while looking cool click, the link in the description below to learn more about the corsair 7000 series. You guys, you guys, you guys are going to die when you see this gpu this card. This is quite frankly, one of the biggest graphics cards. Ive ever worked with look its like quad slot card holy toledo, triple eight pin power plugs, but just the sheer thickness of this thing im really glad. I picked the case that has a spacious interior because even a case this size some cases this size would not fit this card very comfortably. If at all like, i like the styling and stuff the aesthetics, nice im sure it looks good with some rgb.

These fans are huge too. I think these are the ones on the sides are 115 millimeter one. The center is 100 thats, the one that spins in reverse, damn what a freaking beast. Look at that heat sink one, two, three four, maybe six or six to eight copper heat pipes in there and then its got a little cut out on the uh, the pcb for ventilation. What an absolute unit, good god! I hate the freaking, stupid plastic. Things are trying to be insane: oh wait. They have a lot of wow triple hdmi and triple display port. I like that i think, thats a step above reference. The show you know this card is so big. It wouldnt have mattered if i passed the pca cables around the side here, because it would just cover it but im going to keep them right at the bottom. I think that just works all right, i think, were all oh, no last thing. The very last thing i do with any build before i put the side panel on if it applies, is to remove the plastic peel on the pump block, always save that for last dont ever dont ever take this off at any other point in the build theres. No point youre, just gon na its gon na get fingerprints on its, never gon na. Look the same and youll be miserable; youll, be depressed, youll, hate yourself and youll die alone; jesus christ, Music, all right, oh, and by the way, its actually running its been running.

Furmark as well as cinderbench r23 simultaneously for the last 20 minutes now, with the side panels closed well talk about temps in just a sec, but even with those tests running the system is quiet, its very quiet. I mean everything from the corsair fans on the radiator to the uh. The gpu is just whisper quiet, which is great in the case like this, because theres so much ventilation theres a lot of sound leakage, um which it could get annoying if the fans are ramping up too much. But these are really quiet. The fractal fans are doing a good job too. What is this by the way i mean, i appreciate the lcd on the gpu, but what is what is this supposed to be like an egg cracking like? I keep waiting for something to hatch out, but nothing ever happened, its just cracking in perpetuity anyway. The system looks so mean it looks. It looks like its ready for battle this card seriously is ridiculous, of course, theres a little bit of sag. I think thats kind of expected, but not nearly as much sag as i thought they would be, given the heft weight and size of this thing. Its just mean temperatures lets take a look here, really quick um, but the 1550x max of 68.8. I havent even seen these numbers yet 68.8 thats awesome, thats, really good good, good, airflow, good, good radiator, good aio, rtx 3080 ti 70 c hot.

Damn gigabytes been doing. Work 70c on a 3080 ti run for mark and thats for mark at uh 2560. By 1440, mind you hey, you know what the systems pretty badass and i think its gon na serve food beast very well for their live streams, whatever else they need it for uh its gon na be able to handle it. So, oh, and one thing i totally forgot to do during the build, was install our 10 gig card, but there it is. I just popped it in after the fact, its actually pulled from my zenith to extreme. It came included with that board from asus, so there it is its good to go. What a beast, what a beast – and i hope foodbeast is gon na – enjoy this pc as much as i enjoyed building it. I think its gon na handle – i mean, i know its gon na – handle anything they throw at it its an absolute animal um, and i hope i really hope someone at the office there gets the game on it at some point. It would just be a shame. Not to but thats gon na do it for this one guys if you enjoyed it, please toss a like before you go. Oh, no is my microphone all okay, its fine, never mind if you havent already done so go ahead and subscribe to the channel for more tech content coming at you really soon have a good one guys.