For that lets have a quick look samantha parts in appealing for this build and thats a description for the cpu. I got the amd ryzen 5 3500, which is a six core six thread processor, then my base clock, speed, the 3.6 gigahertz and a boost clock. Speed of up to 4.1 gigahertz, it is priced at around 7 600 pesos. It also comes with the raid stealth stock cooler, soyu narina gagamitin nathan, eliminating the need to buy an aftermarket cooler sanyod. You can also get the ryzen 3300x, which is also around the same price range, which features four core in a threads and offers almost the same performance since multi threading can also benefit most games on the motherboard. I choose the asrock b450m steel legend, which is priced at around 4850 pesos, mainly because the chipset can support overclocking. If you want to gain more performance from the cpu, but the granumankumua, an a320 or 8520 motherboards. If you ever dont plan to overclock anything so that mas mahamura kapa, of course, this motherboard has mostly the features you need as well as argb rgb headers, so, okay narinyon for starters. Next man is the graphics card, which is the zotac gtx 1050 ti. Yes, its an older card better, considering the prices of gpu. Nowadays, this one is still priced now at 10 150.. We can settle with this muna sangayon. It still performs well at 1080p, although dont expect ultra settings on most triple a games, but just on the playable side of the man as seen with the benchmarks.

Later on now on the ram or memory, i got two pieces of clegg bolt x, 8 gigabyte kit. So bali, 16 gigabyte for around 4700 pesos, which will be run on dual channel mode for additional bandwidth and performance olangalashan rgb sends usually mass mahalang mah kits than my rgb lighting. If you dont think that you need much more memory, you can also do with one eight gigabyte stick only so that you can save some money pero in my opinion and eight gigabytes of multi tasking, especially on heavy web based work or browsing thats. Why i went with 16 gigabyte on the storage, i went with the xpg sx6000 pro 256 gigabyte nvme ssd, which is much faster than the usual sata based ssds, although masmura you manage in case, you want to save some money. The xpg sx6000 pro features nvme 1.3 and gen3 support reaching read, write speeds of up to 2100 1200 megabytes per second respectively. It is also priced at around 2500 pesos, so you have options to make downgrade to either a large capacity but slower setup based ssd or higher nvme one. Instead, depending on your needs on the psu or power supply, we managed to get the fsp hyper k. 600 watt 80 plus white, which is around 2150 pesos more now, considering reputable brand cfsp when it comes to power supplies, which is a component nandida, patiniti, ped, theres, a black cables and a lot of cable connectors, which is more than enough for this build.

Lastly, the case i picked up the cooler master master box q500l for around 2800 pesos. It can fit up to an atx. Motherboard has magnetic glass filters and movable. I o mounts depending on the cases orientation as well as fully perforated for multiple fan, mounting options. Theres only one fan included, but you can buy some for an additional price. Now we finished building the pc. Let us proceed demand on installing the operating system, which is in our case windows, 10. But before that ill teach you how to get and create your installation media, which is usually an 8 gigabyte or higher flash drive containing the windows, 10 installer so head on to the microsoft website, using an existing or another pc link in the description, then click new Download tool now under the create windows, 10 installation media. This is free and will let you download the iso file and create a bootable flash drive. Nawalanka here appear up, follow the on screen instructions and select the language then edition, which is windows 10 pro and architecture which is 64 bit. Then select your installation media which assume blank usb flash drive dabat blank ito since, if a format num tool, young flash drive, if you prefer, you can also choose to save the iso in case. The gusto motion is burned on a dvd drive instead, but before we proceed to installation, we may as well introduce kunsan mahabrai, namura and legit windows 10, pro key, which we can use later to activate our windows 10 installation, which is our sponsor vip, scp, dot, detox And system builders, which is binded to the device retail keys, which are usually expensive, dial transferable little to another device so head to the vip sedg link below in the description, click buy now login or create an account then on the checkout page type, no unlimited promotional Code navi ipxc for 30 percent discount, then click apply so until september 1, so guys imagine 30 off, but still having a legit key for activation non windows.

Later on after september 1, the code will be only for a 10 discount, just like our xtnc code afternoon. Click pay now then choose payment method, peridito paypal or any visa mastercards like umanginagametco, gcash or paymaya. You can also buy other legitimate keys, such as microsoft, office and other applications just check out their website. So to see you activation key head ons a user center. By clicking the link on the upper right side, then click new young, my purchase, orders, agility, wait your langma process and then, if completed on status, just click view keys, codes, save or write. The key for use later now install the windows. Madelineanso will skip out on that theres a lot of tutorials meron din, ditos, a channel, nothing and then proceed on to the activation process, which is very simple, just type in the search bar activation settings and then click young la la bass option. As you can see, we havent activated our windows yet since hualapang product installed, but if you entered it during installation it will automatically activate so no lead for this, then click new change, product key and then type new young product key than the billing from vip scdkey And click next and activate if theres no problems, it should activate immediately back to the computer. In my opinion, for thirty to thirty five thousand pesos sangayun, i think pudding built nato for the usual back to school online class, an entry level gaming pc with the lot of multitasking power, courtesy of the six core ryzen 5 3500 and 16 gigabyte of ram video Halls and web browsing attempting online class should be easy for gaming demand solid button and gtx 1050 ti, despite it being an older card, especially on mid to high 1080p gaming at 60, fps times wise since perforated and k snap 10 and would offer more airflow than The others, although i dont like the fact considering the power supply, gets its share of fresh air from the front like i said before, there are options for each component like downgrades and upgrades, but if you think about the upgrade pad for this build, we got you Harvard naren for the cpu: you can go up to ryzen 5, 3600 or even ryzen, 7 3700x, without any problems since b450 and motherboard net.

In for the ram, you can always add another two sticks of eight gigabyte for 32 gigabyte overall, since four slot and motherboard nathan. Yet we only occupied two as of the moment, although for most users, 16 gigabyte is usually enough, its a graphics card number. Maybe you can also upgrade to an rtx 2060 or any equivalent card without any problems for the power supply. Youll be good, but in the man, since it is 600 watts, pero palette the graphics card higher than lets say rtx 3070. You might as well upgrade your power supply to at least 650 watts. Take note long enough for the 30 to 35, 000 pesos. The monitor and peripherals are not yet included. So for the record. This is for the system unit on me, honestly, medjo mahera million components. Considering that, a year ago, the prices were different. Finally, we have some gaming benchmarks for those who are interested in seeing the gaming performance of the build Music Music, Music, so Music, Music, oh Music, go go Music, so Music onward Music.