We saw the pc ultra clean series and we want you to just give this pc some real tech. Yes, ultra clean, loving and i was like okay well uh. They said: look we want to help you out for your services, so my friend is a naturopath, so he actually is going to be giving me five tubs of cinnamon and honey. So i can put that in my tea, so im very happy and also some other goodies and in return im going to be turning this thing in and making it work again. However, im probably making this sound like its easier said than done, this is the filthiest. Come through yet in the series there is gunk in the front of the pc theres, like this mixture of oil and dirt on the cpu fan its almost like someone was, i i dont know my experience when someone smokes and they game in the same room and Theres a lot of dust in there. It makes this real thick residue of dust, its nothing fun to clean, but were going to be doing a three phase step on this. Where were going to be dusting, it all down, first, taking all the components out and then cleaning all the components individually and also the case itself and then putting it all back together and then seeing what problems are wrong now the person who did bring it in They said, look brian, the ssd we believe is faulty, so theyve, given us another ssd to change over.

But, as you know, with computer problems, what what seems like one problem may turn into a plethora of other problems, and you also may be wondering too youre, like brian. Why are you sounding like youre excited to clean this pc and thats, because tech, yes, loving, is one thing that i do so sit back wherever you are in the world and enjoy the show hey bro. Are you tired of seeing this annoying activate windows message, then, if so, todays video sponsor scd keys? Has you covered for as little as 14 using the coupon code bftyc you can get activated today, works for windows, 11, pro 2. links in description below Music, Music and weve pulled everything apart, and what ive done is ive separated this into two piles this one over Here is going to be the alcohol wipes and wd 40 pile basically were not putting that in the ultrasonic cleaner. Then this pile over here were going to be putting all this through the ultrasonic cleaner and seeing just how it brings all this stuff up. I mean look at this gunk. Look at that fan. I mean thats, absolutely filthy, so lets get on with it. I havent even booted this thing up and checked the specs yet, but its got a gtx 1063 gigabyte and for the cpu we are looking at. Oh man, my finger aint going to be able to get that off. Oh, a nice, 760, 6700 Music Applause, Music, finish him Music and now were here with the first phase of all this cleaning done, and that is the motherboard, the gpu, the power supply and the big fans, and also the front panel, so were going to go out There now and do the second phase and thats where were going to clean that case down and all the other big components.

However, you may have noticed this: msi gpu is sporting, a different fan now and thats, because when were cleaning it, the fins just broke off. They were very brittle, so i i mean that can happen, but it also has to do with the fact that my thumb did collide with the fan while it was spinning, but not to worry. We do have another fan here that weve sort of uh retro fitted on, and hopefully it even does a better job than the original fan, but well find out if thats, true or not when we do. The temperature test lets go finish. This rig off Music Applause, Music, so Music, so were finally finished now cleaning that case and were going to leave this here out overnight, because this case was just so much more dirtier than what i thought it would be like heres all the uh cleaning cloths that We used to get all the dirt off just that inside of the case, so this thing was absolutely filthy and so what i did after i cleaned it all down was. I gave it a final coat just a massive coat of multi purpose spray, which im going to leave there overnight, to really just let it all sink in and then in the morning ill. Give it a blow job with the with the data. Vac and um. Then also well start putting this pc together, finally, and seeing how it turns out Music tonight, Music, Music.

So finally, weve completed the build after all, that cleaning and tech – yes loving its time to fire it up: Music, hey Music – and here we are now the next morning finish this pc ive, booted it up into a game of apex legends just to test the fps Out and the fps is smooth on high settings were getting around 70 fps at 1080p, then at low settings around about 100 fps. So this pc is more than capable of playing games at 1080p and the temperatures was the most surprising thing because i changed that fan over on the gpu and i kind of got a feeling its running better than stock. Now, because the fan is really quiet. But the gpu wont go over 70 degrees, so the most i saw in a stress test was 68 degrees and, to be honest, that fan just crumbled to pieces, and so perhaps over the years the plastic just got really weak and then we washed it and that Just pretty much was the straw that broke the camels back sort of thing, but in terms of adding parts into the build there was nothing we had to really change out, except just a lot of cleaning and as we saw in yesterdays uh finishing off of this Case there was just so much dirt and grime that came off this thing im guessing the person who had it originally never gave it a clean at all since when they built it, and since in this point in time so im grateful that we could bring this Pc up to what it should be when it was originally built, and even then i think, weve added some finishing touches like the extra fan on the graphics card.

So im really happy with this piece of work. If you guys enjoyed this, one then be sure to hit that like button for us. Also, let us know in the comments section below what youre thinking about this uh whole build right here. Would there be things that youd do differently or change? I just think that weve just gone with the og lets clean it up and replace as little as possible and get it working really well and thats exactly what we did here now. A lot of people are asking about the ultrasonic cleaner, basically its one that i get off aliexpress i every time i guess i do this ultra clean series, the ultra clean, comes from the ultrasonic cleaner thats. Why? I call it that, and so that thing just really really just goes to work on all the parts that you chuck in that thing and i just use hot tap water, and then i use the 70 degree setting, and i give it 15 minutes, and i was Really surprised because this time i decided really not to clean anything before i put it in the ultrasonic cleaner. I just wanted to see how it would go and what it would do, and it came out really like better than i expected it – just basically cleaned the parts from tip to toe without me, even touching them. So i put the uh, especially those big 20 centimeter fence. I decided okay. Well, we can wear, we can weigh some alcohol wipes trying to clean them, or we can just see if the ultrasonic cleaner can go a step further and clean that stuff off, without even any intervention and thats exactly what it did.

If you guys are going to be doing a lot of cleaning, especially when it comes to pc parts, then i can definitely swear by this thing. Its really just the way it brings up the stuff and then after we do that clean. We get all the water off and then we add in the multi purpose, and i definitely feel like this combo cannot be beat in terms of the finished product that it brings up, but also on top of that, i feel like its really efficient. In start to finish so here it is a pc that looked like it came out of the dumpster to now looking like its brand new, and so when i present this pc back to rick, im, pretty sure thats the person whos dropped it off theyre going to Be over the moon with it. I just know they are because yeah when they dropped it off im, pretty sure they thought that this was a bit too much of a task for good old tech. Yes, but when i saw it, i just my eyes lit up. There was a smile, a certain aspect that i knew what it could be. You could see that potential anyway, guys. If you see potential in tech, yeah city videos, then you know what to do hit that like button hit the sub and ring the bell and ive also got the question of the day here, which comes from sanjay chappelle, and they ask looks like that.

Motherboard was missing the original metal cpu cooler backplate. How did you deal with that? So when im missing a backplate on my motherboard, my first instinct is to go through my i o shield bin, which, over the years, all the dead, motherboards ive always kept the back plates from those motherboards and sometimes they theyre close enough to fit. And you just jiggle around with them a little bit and youll get something thats similar or you might have a direct replacement. So if you guys ever have a faulty motherboard and its just completely toast just keep some of the parts off that motherboard, including the i o shield, because it might come in handy in the future anyhow hope that answers that question and ill catch. You guys in the next tech video very soon peace out for now.