You know I was holding off from making this video for new information to come out for this game, but getting new Pokemon BDSP news is taking longer than it took Superman to lose his terrible mullet in the 90s. So fuck it. Im ONLY going to talk about the art style of the game. We got in the first trailer and I doubt thats going to be changed before the game comes out.. If its announced next week, theyll overhauling the game by making it look like Sword and Shield, then damn me this video will be an insight to the world of August 2021. I guess. Hello fellow Jerry cans., When the trailer for Pokemon, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl was released. Everyone lost their collective minds together for the graphics wasnt. What people were expecting because Pokemon fandom is 80 made up of children and 20 made up of people with the minds of children.? Everyone was expecting a Diamond and Pearl remake running in Sword and Shield engine and artstyle, maybe something similar to what we got with the Hoenn remakes on 3DS.. But no, we got Chibi Dawn and Chibi Lucas and the trailer of the video game showed that we are getting something far different from a Sword and Shield version of Sinnoh.. Then the usual narrative by Complain Tubers of how Game Freak is being lazy, even though they are by choosing a lazy and ugly as fuck art style and the angry mob of toxic Pokemon fans began to flood all over the internet and meanwhile, Im here being like Um I dont know.

BDSP …, the chibi …. It looks fine. What In todays video Ill explain why Im content with the Chibi art style, unlike everyone, else. Part 1. Game Freak Cant, Get Over the Uncanny Valley Game Freak is stuck between a rock and a hard place. That is the middle of the uncanny valley.. I cant get up. You know, whats the biggest problem of the Pokemon franchise these days. There is a reason why the past Pokemon games have been so mediocre and its not just because of the incompetency of Masuda or Ohmori.. The Pokemon Company and Game Freak are not willing to invest time, money and effort into Pokemon games, but meanwhile the Pokemon fans and gamers expect a AAA game with AAA graphics and AAA content.. There is a dissonance between fan, expectations and competency of developers, which leads to games being a letdown.. The fans want a Pokemon game that has the content and quality of games like Breath of the Wild or the Witcher 3 or something, but I hate to break it. To you, youre, never gon na get a Pokemon game like that in the current state of Game Freak. It is my belief that it is physically impossible for Game Freak to make a game of that level similar to how it is physically impossible for Elon Musk to have integrity. Because of these high expectations. We get dumpster fires like Sword and Shield, which wanted to be a Pokemon game with super realistic characters and have real life environments that will make any British man and woman cry with tears due to familiarity, but that resulted in a game filled with lazy animation.

Terrible optimization of graphics, empty spaces everywhere cutting corners such as getting rid of the national dex all because of incompetence of the game developers and the Pokemon Company, forcing Game Freak to throw out a game every year, Little ones its a simple calculus., Releasing a game every Year leads to mediocrity because of quantity over quality and whats. Worse, realistic 3D games require more time to develop over 2D games.. Therefore, my solution is this Game. Freak should just give up trying to make a realistic graphic game and fans should just stop asking for realistic graphics. Do you know why old games up to gen 5 were good? Making a 2D game is easier and takes less effort., Unlike 3D. 2D graphics gives time for Game Freak to polish up the game put in a crap ton of content such as the post game, like the Battle Frontier. Where is it and make the games excellent.? Even though Im not a game developer, I fathom it probably took a lot less time coming up with a 2D map design than a 3D environment by modelling. Everything and it takes less effort to just draw Pokemon sprites than it is to model all 800 of these fuckers now., Its no coincidence, all modern Pokemon games that everyone has a grievance with are in 3D.. So what Im saying is FUCK GRAPHICS.? If you are a game developer and do not want to invest in graphics, you basically have 2 options.

Option 1 Make the game in 2D, which is a route most indie developers do resulting in a crap ton of roguelikes and metroidvanias becoming a fad. Or option 2. Make the graphics abstract. You know, I would actually really love it if they went with option 1 and made the next games in the style of the DS, graphics or something like Octopath Traveller, but Game. Freak decided to go with option 2. Make the graphics abstract., Because abstract is better than half assed realism. It just is. And by abstract they decided every character would be 3d renders of overworld sprites from the original games, which could be called chibi.. You know whats funny is that in my second video Ive ever made, I suggested they should just adapt Links, Awakenings, graphic style for the next Pokemon games and BDSP is just possibly that.. He can see things before they happen. Or maybe Game Freak just likes to rip off. Everything Zelda is doing Make an open world game, then remake an old game in Chibi Art Style., But wait a minute.. The next thing Zelda made after that was the lazy cash grab. Skyward Sword remaster., Oh Im, sorry, not a remaster, but a port.. I guess that means were just gon na get direct ports with no remaking with the Unova games in the future.. He cant keep getting away with it Part 2., The Benefits of Abstract Graphics, But you might still not understand why having abstract, chibi graphics is good.

, So lets now talk about how chibi graphics can actually help Pokemon BDSP. So I can talk some sense into the madness that is the Pokemon fan. Base. Yeah call me based., I explained in my previous video but in my opinion, for almost any video game, cartoony and less realistic graphics are much better than realistic graphics because you can get away with many things with less effort without it being distracting.. Lets compare generation. 5 Pokemon overworld to generation 8 overworld Pokemon.. When a character is talking in gen 5, the actual sprite of the character is just standing still and the most movement it can do is maybe some headshakes and turn around in 4 directions.. But since this is a cartoony 2D world, we imagine in our brain that theyre doing something else than turning around. Lets. Look at the final epic showdown finale in Pokemon, Black and White review of why its overrated coming soon on Gireum, with N and Ghetsis., Even though there is zero voice acting just text, some still images youre invested just through the 2D graphics and music alone., Literally, the Only animation you see in game is N doing that weird Demise death pose in battle and that close up shot, cut scene of him talking thats it.. There is that 1 3d animated cutscene with the dragons, but it happens only like twice in the game. So these kinds of scenes feel special and epic, and not derivative like it was in the modern games such as that dumbass scene, with Ultra Necrozma.

, Despite having very little animation or graphics. We imagine in our brain its an epic showdown.. Everyone loves Ghetsis as an intimidating, evil villain, but in reality the only intimidating thing he ever did in that game was slowly walking around with his theme song playing., But that uncanny valley is filled in by our imagination of Ghetsis being an evil guy.. Do you get it Hes more than just a 16 by 16 pixel moving around in a Z axis in a Pokemon game. Lets compare that to our favorite modern Pokemon game, Ultra Cretin and Ultra Feces.. Remember that ridiculous cut scene where he threatens Lillie with an invisible, katana or desert eagle or something by breaking the entire Pokemon lore by attacking someone physically Yeah thats. What you get when youre, too lazy or dont have enough time to render proper cutscenes for your stupid. 3D game and it wouldnt have mattered if this was in 2D.. If the same thing happened in 2D, maybe we imagined in our head that the small Ghetsis sprite is holding a Uzi 9mm at Lillies head. This is why I prefer abstract graphics compared to realistic Pokemon. Graphics. One of the most distracting things in 3D Pokemon was characters turning around in a single axis as if theyre stuck in 2D. Its been there since generation 6 and is still in Pokemon Sword and Shield.. However, in a chibi environment, characters turning around like that wont, be distracting because the characters are in a tile like chibi environment.

. To summarize my point here, Game Freak will have an advantage of making the graphics chibi because they can be lazy with the animation and still make the game look good.. They can be lazy with graphics and animations and put their efforts somewhere. Else. Part 3.. A Land of Tiles and Blocks. You still may ask why chibi, though Now some of you might argue, the semi chibi art style from the generation, 6 Pokemon games or Pokemon Lets Go games where everyone still looked realistic while being pretty fat and short, is better than BDSPs exaggerated, chibi art style.. It is a fair point and I think an ORAS style Sinnoh game would not be bad.. However, there is another reason why I think the chibi look will really fit BDSP and it doesnt have anything to do with things outside the games. And that reason is Squares. Dont you like them. It literally has 1 more angle than a triangle. Minecraft is made up of squares and you were able to hack your 3DS with it., Okay, I dont know how many people understood that reference, but its not because of squares, but tiles and blocks. Sinnohs entire map design is based off of tiles or blocks like Minecraft.. Every route, city and dungeon is based on a tile like environment., Despite being a 3D overworld, the Sinnoh games, overworld was designed with a tile like mindset like the previous 3 generations.. Not only that Sinnoh is probably the most mountainous region in the entire series.

. There are many areas in the game where the width of a path is just 1 tile and narrow areas alongside cliffs.. There are also the bike: wood bridge thingies.. I argue this kind of map design, doesnt work with a 3D character model, because a 3D character model can move in 360 degrees of all directions, but the original games you could only move 4 directions.. It will be awkward having a full 3D model walking around in narrow 1 block width. Paths., Remember, Cerulean, Cave in Pokemon Lets Go games. I think the developers realized this problem with Cerulean Cave in that game. In the original Pokemon Yellow. The entire second floor was a maze made out of small rocks with narrow paths.. This will be really awkward on HD Switch, so in the remake they completely took out all the rocks and made it an open area where you can grind for shiny Chanseys.. The solution to overcoming this problem is making the 3D character 1 tile or block big, just like the 2D games. Thats. What the Links Awakening developers did considering Koholints, nightmarish overworld design of narrow paths and small areas, everywhere. Ooh, …, Thats kind of small …, Yikes. And thats. What the designers of BDSP did too because of the overworld design of Sinnoh.. I, like Sinnohs map design because of the many small areas you can explore along the way. So I hope they faithfully recreate that in the remake., So the chibi look is good for me.

. In short, giant Gloria is too big for the Sinnoh region and cant fit in Part 4. More Important Matters Than Chibi. What I find frustrating with the Pokemon fans is Im more concerned with the game itself, not the graphics or the art style. Im, a person that believes gameplay and content outweighs anything aesthetic of a game, and there are more depressing matters with BDSP.. I honestly dont care about the chibi look. Hell. The game could literally look like Food Fight for all. I care, as long as the game has plentiful content fixes the problems of the gen 4 games and good gameplay.. I just hope this game isnt a straight up. One to one remake of Pokemon, Diamond and Pearl, because DP is a shit game. Im hoping for Pokemon Platinum content is in the game because base DP Sinnoh is arguably bad as Pokemon USUM or Pokemon SWSH., At least thank God. It seems were not getting only 151 Pokemon like the original Diamond and Pearl pokedex, because Porygon Z is in the trailer.. If BDSP has good content, good post game and not a middle finger to the fans of Pokemon Platinum, I still believe it could be a really good game., Its just too early to judge it folks. And stop whining about the graphics, because, based on the new footage, They released for the OLED Switch trailer, theyre, actually improving it, so they are listening.. Of course the game can still be shit when it comes out, but what Im saying is whining about the art style is not healthy for the Pokemon franchise in my opinion.

. So, to summarize up my point, Game Freak is physically incompetent to make a well made Pokemon game with realistic graphics. So I hope by making the graphics, chibi and less realistic, they have more time to focus on the gameplay and content. Epilogue.. The only genuine complaints I had about the trailer of the game was that Lucas Dawn and Barry were wearing the exact same clothes as they did 15 years ago, when all the previous remakes gave cool redesigns to the characters even gym. Leaders. Come on Ohmori youre good. At drawing questionably clothed under aged girls, do it for this game too. You know what this game is equivalent to. At the current moment, The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker before release.. Every fan wanted to see a Lord of the Rings. Super realistic, Zelda game. After Ocarina of Time, but Nintendo decided to go with an abstract, cartoony, cel, shaded, graphics and the fanboys cried because cartoony automatically means childish.. So after Wind Waker Nintendo made edginess and furinnes manifested into a video game which is Twilight, Princess. And looking back now, Twilight Princess, including its remaster, looks like fucking shit and Wind. Waker graphics still hold up today. And I would argue, Wind Waker is the better game than Twilight Princess minus Midna.. My guess why people are so angry with the chibi look. Is most people associate chibi with childishness or corniness. Its the same reason why people hate Teen Titans Go series, even though I think that series aint too bad.

I care about the actual content, not how childish something looks.. I mean by that logic the fucking League of Legends ripoff, made by Tencent, is a better made game than any of the Pokemon games cause the developers of a free to play game made the best realistic, good, looking Pokemon game ever Anyways thats. My thoughts on Pokemon, BDSM. God, I thought I could get through the entire video without saying that. Ahem anyways thats my thoughts on Pokemon BDSP.. Many asked about my thoughts on the look of the game in the comments and well here I delivered. I was patient, unlike other YouTubers, who jumped to conclusions right. However, I did talk about my thoughts on shit like Pokemon BDSP, the Skyward Sword, remaster Legends Arceus. On my Discord, server way back.. So if you want to hear my thoughts or just want to chat with me, join the Discord server, The link is in the description below.. How do I end the video after an ad like that? … Ummm..