Today we are discussing about the mars missile which are landed on mars in 2021. These missions having importance because these missions are collecting information which are helpful to colonies. The people on the mars let’s started. The video first mission is march. 2020 is a mars rover mission by nasa mars exploration program that includes the preservance rover and the ingenuity helicopter drone. It was launched on 30 july 2020 at 1150 utc and will touch down in gazero crater on mars. On 18 2020 preservance will investigate an astrobiologically, relevant ancient environment on mars and investigate its surface geological process and history, including the assessment of its past life on mars and potential for preservation of biosignature with inaccessible geological materials. It will catch sample containers along its route for retrieval by a potential future mars sample return mission. The march 2020 mission was announced by nasa on 4th december 2012 at the fall meeting of the american geophysical union in san francisco. The preservance rover design is derived from the serio city rover and used many components already fabricated and tested new scientific instruments and a code rule march 2020 was the third three mission sent toward during the july 2020 mars launch window with missions also launched by the national Space agencies of the third, united arab emirates, china, thinwin first with an orbiter, lander and rover. All three are expected to arrive at mars in february 2021. Next mission. The invade first is an interplanting mission to mars by the china national space administration cnsa to send a robotic spacecraft with consists of an orbiter, deo, playable camera landed and a rover.

The mission was successfully launched from the avenging spacecraft launch site on 23 july 2020, with a long march, heavy lift rocket and currently roota to mars. Having already travelled 29.4 million kilometers as of 9 october 2020, thin main has so far completed to cause orbital correction and performed self dynamics on multiple payload. The spacecraft has begun to conduct scientific operations with the mars energetic particle analyzer mounted on the orbiter, which has already transmitted data to ground. Central. Its objectives are to reach for evidence of both current and past life and to access the planet environment. If the rover land on mars, it will china the second country to do so far after usa. Next mission, united arab emirates, uae the emirates mars exploration project is a united arab emirates. Space agency include space exploration mars to mars. The hope orbiter was launched on 19 july 2020 and 958 utc, the mason design, development and operations are led by the mohammed rasat space center. The spacecraft was launched by the mbrsc and the laboratory for atmospheric and space physics lasp at the university of colorado, boulder with support from arizona state university, asu and the university of california berkeley. It was assembled at the university of colorado that’s all about the mars mission. We hope one day we will land on mars and live there. Thank you for watching video, please, like the video and subscribe the channel share with your friends and press the bell icon.