We have not covered one of these in a very long time, but this one explains the lack of information for legends, arceus, brilliant diamond shining pearl. Of course, its just a rumor so as always take it with a grain of salt, we do have some other tweaks to go over as well from insiders in regards to the generation, 4 remakes and legends arc. So quite a bit to go over today. If you are excited for the video, though, as always make sure to drop a like down below lets, try it 500 likes. It really does help out leave a comment with your thoughts on anything we cover in todays video subscribe if youre brand new. With all of that, out of the way lets get to the video – and i really hope that you enjoy so starting things off – this was posted on 4chan and its titled legends arceus improved screenshot um. So i dont know if theyre talking about like this screenshot here uh with like the character and badoof and stuff, i dont think they are. But talking about screenshots and stuff. We do have insiders saying that certain screenshots have been leaked and stuff already before the pokemon presents im not going to be showing them in todays video, but anyway lets go over uh this rumors. This was posted on the 13th of august, so im pretty sure the day that the pokemon presents was announced, and they said the reason why you havent seen anything on pokemon, brilliant diamond shining, pearl and legends arceus for months is because they want to make sure that The next time you see these games, they are more of an accurate representation of what youre going to see in the end versions, which i kind of understand as well.

I feel like its more or so because of the whole kind of marketing cycle where, because legends arcus is coming out in january instead of november, all of the information and stuff has been pushed back a few months, but this could also be another one of those Reasons this rumor doesnt really go into detail about like things that were going to be seeing in the games. It kind of just says why we havent really got any information and stuff, which is why i feel like its a little bit more believable, but anyway, it says breakdown of the improvements. So these are the improvements that were going to apparently see in pokemon legends arcus. So were going to see a new post processing effects, uh the depth of field, improved post processing effects, so auto exposure, bloom, color adjustments, the lift, gamma gain and ambient um occlusion. We also have new normal maps, which is the grass ground texture player clothing. Professor team logo – i dont know if this is whats gon na be shown in the pokemon presents by the way, um, like i say, theres this screenshot, which is again. I dont think its this screenshot theyre talking about because it doesnt really look any different, but i guess thats because its a really small screenshot and its very blurred and stuff like that um but yeah, maybe well see all these updates and improvements in the pokemon presents On wednesday, it then says improved albedo maps for grass, ground, texture, small grass and then grass blades, that blend better with the ground.

And then we have limitations to expect with legends arceus. So its important to note that yes, like in pokemon, sword and shield, they are getting a lot of help from third party companies. Seven dreams inc is doing the ter uh. The terrain again worked on breath of the wild xenoblade sword and shield nps. However, the very outdated engine, which is the upgraded version of the same engine used since uh the xy games, is holding this project back. This is the main reason why this doesnt look as good as breath of the wild. So apparently the reason that pokemon legends, arcus doesnt really look as good as breath of the wild and xenoblade and games like that is because theyre using an old engine and thats. Just simply the reason apparently, and then also says what many people are mistaking for frames per second drops is the new billboard system, so the frames per second drops that theyre talking about is kind of you know seen in like the the reveal trailer, where chinglings kind Of just jumping up and down, but its kind of moving really statically – i think theyre talking about that, but that is all to do with the new billboard system, so its very similar to mario odyssey. A similar system was also used for crowds in the stadiums in pokemon, sword and shield. So, instead of popping in and out of nowhere now, you can see pokemon from a higher distance compared to sword and shield, so yeah, obviously with sword and shield, when youre kind of running through the different routes and stuff a pokemon just kind of pops.

Out of the grass and then just pops back in uh thats, not the case with legends arches, you can actually see them from far away um, which is why theyre using those kind of uh billboard systems im sure that, like the the kind of staticky movement and Stuff will be cleaned up um but yeah that thats kind of why, in a very early, build of the game we saw stuff like that. The trade off is that the pokemon are animated. Surprise because of the switch limitations. These animations have very low frame counts and you have to be four to five. Meters was three meters in the build you saw away from the pokemon for it to turn into full 3d, similar to the legendary birds in cot, which is crown tundra, boss. Pokemon are prioritized and currently have a range of 30 meters, so that makes sense. Obviously, if you youre going up against the boss, um interesting that this is boss, pokemon as well, which again is something that we think was leaked in the original leaks, obviously for legends, arceus, um, but yeah, you can see the buses from really far away 30 meters, Where, usually just an old pokemon, you have to be like four or five meters before you start to see it so theres, no anti al uh liaising. I dont know if i said that right, real frame drops are to be expected in multiple situations of the game. Um again thats something to expect.

Obviously, with the switch oled, we were expecting like a much much more powerful um console that obviously wasnt the case. So legends arcus is pretty much going to run the same on the switch oled as it would on the the switch that you have right now. This is by far the most ambitious project in the history of game freak. Yet i think people who liked crown tundra will love this game. Many who disliked it will probably have mixed feelings on this one as well so yeah, i dont know this rumor just feels a lot more believable. They dont go into talking about like new forms or when this is gon na happen or thats gon na happen. They kind of just go into uh, well theyre, just going to death about, like all the different things that are gon na, be improving graphics, wise and stuff. So i i dont know if this is legit or not, but it definitely it definitely doesnt seem fake. It seems all very plausible theyve done their research and stuff with like the third party companies, seven dreams and all that stuff um, so yeah, i i dont know well have to wait and see. I am sure that the game is going to be looking much better on wednesday, though, when we do get the pokemon presents. Of course, we are going to be streaming that on this channel were going to be going live like an hour an hour and a half before the pokemon presents, if you didnt already know so make sure to subscribe.

The notification bell for that um, but yeah an interesting rumor nonetheless again take with a grain of salt. We dont know if its true or not, but um kind of just a very good explanation of everything. Everything if it is true next up, i do actually have a couple of tweets that i also want to go over from kilios and also uh theres. A small pokemon presents update as well that i do want to go over so this isnt just a rumor video. We actually have some more stuff to go over uh, so kilios tweeted out saying well. There are already leaks on pokemon legends, arceus im not going to share them like the last time, no fear, and then he says i wont, share no need to ask and its not a public link and its nothing crazy, just a noticeable graphic improvement. So i think that is what this kind of rumor is talking about: um, so again giving this more of a reason to be true, because there are leaks for legends arceus. You know its not a public link, but there are images somewhere um of the improved graphics. For pokemon legends arcus – and i think this person writing this rumor or whatever or leak, if you, if you so want to call that, may have seen those images and theyre kind of just writing up about it so yeah, maybe it is true, maybe it isnt, but Because a very respected insider is also saying, like oh leaks, are, actually you know, theyre surfacing it wouldnt.

Surprise me that this person has also seen those again they are probably gon na flood um to reddit and 4chan um over the next couple of days. Of course, its monday today, uh, we do have the presents in a couple of days. I really hope they dont kind of leak, everything until after the presents, because it just kind of ruins it for a lot of people. A lot of people cant help themselves, and they just want to see all the new stuff, even though, like i dont know, just seeing a picture on a screen is nowhere near as hype as seeing it in like a pokemon, presents trailer with everybody else. So yeah thats just my two cents on it, but of course some people just want to see it straight away, which you know its fair enough. If you want to see that but uh, i i very much just like, like waiting for the pokemon presents and stuff as well as that we have this from kelos, which is also very very interesting, and he tweets out saying people dont understand that the term faithful Means that a former player will recognize the region when they play the game, but the story will be much the same, but that doesnt mean there wont be anything new. So then they say heart, gold, soul, silver or auras are faithful. A player who played gold, silver, ruby or sapphire was not lost when we played the remakes um.

So then this person, uh j ipe, says for once. The vr fr site translates well that we will have the same uh scenarios dp, but i imagine that if there must be a change, it will be on uh the end plot twist. Yes, the story will not have a big change. I think they can have uh. They can play on jupiter, mars or saturn and modify a few things, for example, so, basically yeah thats, um kind of what hes saying there like people are kind of taking it out of hand like how faithful these remakes are gon na be, and i think theyre Kind of more referring to for a player like me, for example, i play diamond pearl, so its going to be very faithful for me, because i already know what the story is. I know where to go and everything like that, whereas if you havent played it before its obviously not going to be faithful for you, because you dont really know what youre doing um its going to be like a brand new experience so thats. What keyless is kind of saying its like so hopefully thats true, hopefully that there are going to be new things again? Kilios did tweet out yesterday saying that he does think that there are going to be new forms and stuff or that its likely that theres going to be new forms. So, of course, well have to wait and see again. I am sure all of this will be um very much revealed on wednesday.

Again it is a big pokemon presents and talking about pokemon presents. We actually have the specific exact time for uh for it, so its actually over here, if you type in the um, the actual um link of the pokemon, presents into the google search bar. You actually get the pokemon presents thing here and i actually havent got my screen recorder in. Let me zoom in a little bit but as you can see, uh, it is 27 minutes 28 seconds long. This is obviously the pokemon presents its 18th eighth 2021. Three days ago, but that is the exact time of the pokemon present, so its not 28 minutes like advertised its actually 27 minutes 28 seconds long. So a little update about the pokemon presents there so theyve taken 32 seconds away from us. I hope they werent important um but yeah. That is the exact time of the pokemon presents for wednesday. So just wanted to include that in video uh today, tomorrow ill be doing a big breakdown of what i think were gon na see and all that stuff um. So yeah thatll be an exciting video and then obviously wednesday were gon na be streaming. The pokemon presents uh well be talking about its gon na, be a fantastic stream, so make sure youre there subscribe if youre brand new ring the notification bell drop a like. If you enjoyed this video, what do you think of um this rumor? Do you think it is true, like do you think its just talking about these leaked screenshots? That are a thing like there actually are leaked screenshots somewhere on the internet um, but its just? Not a public link, so not only one can really see.

I think you have to have like a special link for it or whatever um but yeah. I i generally think its true. I think they are talking about the elite stuff. So anyway, its gon na be everything for todays video.