Lets break down why The Pokemon Company has been so silent since the Announcement why the response to the game so far has been so controversial and why the news that we do have is pretty indicative of the direction that ILCA is heading with Pokemon, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, … …, oh yeah, and also this To get why we Know next to nothing about these games that they announced way back in February its better to run through all the stuff. We do have first and foremost., Looking at the official website, theyre faithful reproductions, of the original Diamond Pearl story, meaning most of if not all, of the story, elements from Pokemon Platinum, arent going to be present.. It then goes on to say, while newer players are going to have a lot of surprising moments, the people that played it when they were kids should expect familiar. Scenes.. Nintendos official website doubles down by saying that the Pokemon present are the ones from the original Diamond Pearl games, meaning that weve got 493 to pick from with the expanded Regional Dex from Platinum, seeming pretty unlikely.. Some people took the headphones out during this part of my last video, so I guess its worth expanding on, But a Porygon Z in the trailer doesnt mean anything when we know for a fact that Pokemon Prototypes are filled with debug menus to instantly give you any Pokemon you want., They dont like record some guy at the office playing through the game, with this team of Pokemon for trailer footage or whatever, But if were gon na be real outside of a pretty nebulous conveniences of the modern Pokemon series.

Weve got no idea what BDSP is going to add that the originals didnt already have – And I guess part of that is likely due to the guys that theyve got making it. For the first time in the series history, we dont have Game Freak working on a Mainline game, instead being a CG design, company known as ILCA., Whilst all their previous work has been made up of games, that theyve been outsourced to provide assets to the Sinnoh Remakes are their first full games that theyve ever made on their own, with the only other Involvement being Junichi Masuda as the games, Co, Director and Shota Kageyama on the games, remixed music. Likely a recommendation from Masuda. After what happened with Lets, Go To better clarify the job of the main director for a game is typically one that involves pulling the team together. Allocating staff and making sweeping changes that affect the whole project. Youd be forgiven for not knowing what Yuichi Uedas last game was as a director, because … uh, oh yeah, wow, But whats weird about this whole collaboration, is that ILCA dont seem to be particularly aware that Theyre working on Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl at all. At the time of this video, not once have the Sinnoh Remakes ever been mentioned on either of their still pretty active official social media platforms. Not even around the time of the games announcement., They dont even follow any Pokemon related accounts and likewise arent, followed by anything Pokemon related either.

. Not even Masuda. Feels kinda weird when hes the one co directing the whole thing and only knows Ueda personally.. After seeing literally everything, this company has put out whilst researching for this video, its clear that theyre, pretty small and all about helping out with bigger productions., Combined with Masudas lack of public interaction with the team behind these remakes and its a wonder. Why theyre behind these all things considered pretty important games in the first place., Even on their dedicated ILCA App website for the games that they develop its completely bare of anything Pokemon related with the last main remakes in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire having several trailers and Consistent announcements of new forms and characters every three or so weeks until its release and Lets Go, had Masuda doing interviews with much of the dev team. That was at the time the youngest staff to ever work on Pokemon.. Despite having what seems to be a noticeable increase in production value, with the gameplay seen in the Switch OLED trailer, yes, im gon na talk about it, The Western side of the brand doesnt even seem to be aware of how the game is. Progressing. Youve got Nintendos Twitter and the eShop using outdated screenshots that directly contradict the marketing in your own console trailer that came out weeks before It could be very possible that the footage used there was just some sort of CG mock up for the Switch trailer. Given what ILCA seems to be very good at, but please I dont want to even imagine the fallout if that turns out to be true.

. I dont think thats going to be the case, but it would explain why Nintendo is just fine with actively making the game. Look outdated whenever they feel like posting about it.. I suppose the big question is …. Well … What happened? The main logical conclusion that I can jump to is that theres a distinct lack of discussion internally when it comes to how these games are supposed to be developed and marketed.. The company making them doesnt acknowledge them.. The company publishing them has no idea what the games are supposed to look like. The company promoting them completely forgot that they existed and the person that directed the original hasnt shown any public involvement or done interviews with the current team, like he has with pretty much Every single game in recent memory. Online youd think theyre not struggling with development, because, despite everything, seems business as usual., It was about May 2021 being the first time where they had to fully go online and not once did they ever stop touring universities or hiring new People and the company continues to proudly post about its most recent non Sinnoh games that theyve played a part in and most astoundingly the recent May update for Pokemon HOME.. This is probably the most important one of all, because it shows that theyre not like banned from talking about Pokemon or anything.. I actually kind of feel pretty bad for them. Its super obvious from this rollout that BDSP was thrown onto them in a rush after contributing to HOME, to the point where theyre making games they dont look to have too many changes from the original, and when you Start seeing it from this perspective, this entire lack of news just makes sense.

The Pokemon Company are the ones that allocate much of their IP to everyone they partner with. So I can really only blame them for how this whole thing has panned out.. There is a clear lack of confidence in how to market a game that, comparatively to other main Pokemon games, was outsourced, so Game Freak could release another game just two months later, and the last five months have just been us seeing the lack of communication between those Groups as a result of that outsourcing., It being the first time that theyve outsourced anything like this. To this extent, it makes sense that weve had no communication whatsoever. Its a shame too, because from browsing, ILCA staff and their social media theyve clearly got a lot of talented individuals.. I even spotted an Ex Monolith artist in there.. Only one person that I could find on the whole team has publicly acknowledged this games. Existence which just goes to show that theres certainly a lack of confidence on the project from all sides of the brand., Its a confusing whirlwind of blatant miscommunication that nobody really feels comfortable addressing. And I can only hope that this video becomes outdated at some point. In the future., Whilst I obviously dont expect them to be posting development spoilers, the silence of the team on social media is pretty deafening and not at all like Game Freaks staff that have typically been pretty vocal about their work days on social media plenty of times.

Before., The only other alternative is that they quite literally have nothing to show for what makes these remakes unique.. I also dont think I need to explain why not showing anything on a game people have been pretty controversial for, for, like five months is a pretty bad move and, as I spent a whole video outlining last time, thats, maybe just the worst possible outcome of all.. I like to think that a games Box Art is pretty indicative of what youre in for when playing the actual thing. But the core understanding outside of any basic design principles is that the illustrated art usually looks real nice. So when I saw they announced the Legends Arceus Box Art, I was genuinely floored by how not Pokemon it looked while still retaining the gorgeous style. The series is known for even if we dont have direct credits, Im pretty confident that Megumi Mizutani was the artist here.. The way she draws Pikachu and the general linework are dead, giveaways and shes managed to capture the ambitious open world vibe. That game is trying to go for pretty effortlessly.. I love the blue to red gradient that swells up at the top of Mt. Coronet and it also doesnt tirelessly feature yet another legendary Pokemon front and center. My absolute favorite in the series by a landslide.. I guess thats. What makes ILCAs attempt at the Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Box Art stick out like a bit of a sore thumb by comparison.

, If the most recent remakes did a pretty good job of emphasizing what was new, then ILCAs, one to one recreation lines up with that. Faithful approach theyre taking to the games? Development., An art director put this together intentionally and its not just a Box Art that sits on your shelf, regardless of whether it looks good or not. Its an easy indicator of how they want the game to be portrayed in its boldest form. And if this doesnt spell out to you, then its a very safe remake, then I dont know what will and whilst youre totally free to like them, theres some major construction issues. That should explain why this Box Art has been so controversial.. A lot of people are saying that theyre more dynamic than the original, but thats really up for debate. By just tracing out their basic gestures. The BDSP models are somehow in less actionable poses than the 2D Sugimori art slapped onto a blank background.. These designs, dont, look like they could feasibly move in a 3D space without levitating theyre, just so stiff and rigid looking. Older examples of Palkia Dialga in official art showcase, a lot of curves which really drive the expression of force.. This one from the TCG emphasizes how the waist pushes inwards as it should to accentuate the rest of the pose, especially the shoulders., Whereas Shining Pearls, whole body is just a straight line upwards that barely curves out and has no exaggeration.

. It almost feels like they were given a mandate on how the necks of these Pokemon shouldnt move when we know thats just not supposed to be the case.. The composition is also flat as a pancake Theyre, trying to make the legendaries look powerful, because the Pokemon are roaring outwards, but they still somehow feel tiny because youre not viewing them from below or to the side and moreso at an uncanny forward facing angle. That makes the poses look goofy, as hell like theyre, about to topple over.. We know they can make Pokemon designs, look cool or threatening from dynamic angles, because again, theyve done it before both with previous box art and also Dialga Palkia.. These arent, like unworkable designs that were fundamentally broken. Plenty of pieces, showcase, some incredible foreshortening, good composition or otherwise strong gestures that sell the scale of these two dragons.. I understand why they wouldnt want to make the cover art, look too off model or even 2D, but there were just so many better ways to go about this. Stylistically. The way these models are rendered are also completely at odds with how the Pokemon look in the games in the official art and uh …. Also in the games, wow See how you guys kind of boned yourselves there huh Like said last time. These games have a big problem with visual consistency that stopped being the case with Pokemon, as the series progressed. Having the same design. Look like it came from four different art styles in one game feels like such a fundamental misunderstanding of why this was necessary back on the DS.

, Its also just not an honest representation of what the game looks like at all Anyway, besides Dialgas foot turning purple because Of how they just cropped, the key art, instead of making two separate, renders or the fact that Palkias wings are barely visible. The covers for BDSP have a lot of weird inconsistencies that got people talking.. I want to make it very clear that a lot of these are very minor nitpicks and the original wasnt this work of art outside of Sugimoris contributions. But I thought that we were already aware that 3D just ages, far worse than 2D over time when it comes to video games. Dont worry, I dont think its going to be like Tekken 1 levels of bad in a few years, but I dont think time is Going to be kind to it all the same, especially when Legends Arceus seems to already have it beat.. One thing you guys probably have been waiting to hear me talk about at length are the new visuals from the OLED Switch trailer, and on that I have to say … uhhhh, not very much. I guess So. Early last month, Nintendo announced a brand new model for the Switch, and, whilst it doesnt actually have anything hardware related to make games, look better or run faster. A whole graphical overhaul was presented for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in about two seconds of gameplay. Compared to what we had seen – previously., …, oh and also from that point onwards, for some reason, Whats funny – is that they had stealth, updated the eShop with some new screenshots back in May, but the grass was an even more gross luminous green and I cant for The life of me understand why they thought that was a good idea.

. Thankfully, the OLED trailer completely fixed the colors, making them far more muted by baking in some earthy tones, so they dont clash with the grass anymore.. All of the rock and tree textures have also been redrawn to match the softer art direction as a result and plenty of the background assets have also been shifted. About., We saw a very similar thing happen with Lets, Go which, according to the publicly released prototypes, were changes made super late on in development. So this should be a good indicator of where these games actually are in terms of their cycles., If theres anything to take away from this video its that the games are probably mostly complete, minus the post game and debugging at around June. Whats more is that theyve Completely overhauled the battle intro, so its not a one to one of what we got in Diamond Pearl.. Lucas model is far more detailed than it was previously and even though Im still not a fan of how its constructed the changes make a world of difference.. He also actually rotates in on an axis now, which does wonders for making each encounter have a little bit of depth that it was sorely lacking.. No blank blue screen encounter ripped right from Diamond Pearl was something that I mentioned in my previous video and uh …. Yeah they fixed that This went unheard in the last video and itll probably get ignored again this time around, but I really dont hate these games just a little disappointed with the approach.

They seem to be going. With. Changes like this, though, do mean a lot and really shows that ILCA are looking at feedback to try and improve the remakes.. But what I do find pretty unfortunate is that many of my core issues that Ive outlined previously still have yet to be fixed, even if the game does look leagues better in other aspects.. In fact, seeing the UI be a really out of place, one to one of the original text box just fills me with the dread, because no other remake has done this previously and is again pretty indicative of what theyre going for with this game. Im. All for improvements and dont misunderstand that the OLED footage is a step in the right direction, but I desperately want to be proven wrong from this point onwards and seriously hope these last two videos dont age well.. I hate being negative about this sort of thing, but between their really unconfident approach to promotion that stems from a lack of internal communication or some questionable instances of design that people just cant agree on. It makes sense why much of the community still has reason to be worried about the Sinnoh Remakes not living up to some very reasonable expectations. …. Thank you for all the support on my recent videos.. You can support me on Patreon.