Our main mission is to launch a Martian satellite, the orbiter, to orbit Mars to land on Mars and roll out a rover drive and explore Mars. We have selected our landing sites It’s in the northern hemisphere of Mars, High latitude region used to be Martian ocean local terrain is relatively flat. We have selected two landing sites, Our lander and rover will land there. This is the lander with the rover. On top of it, Then the rover will walk off the lander and drive on Martian surface. The rover moves around and explore Martian. Our exploration includes 6 scientific goals. To achieve these goals, firstly onboard our orbiter: we have 7 instruments onboard the Martian satellite, mainly to study topography of Mars distribution of rock types of Mars climate change of Mars. In short, this is a global exploration, Also onboard our Mars rover. We have installed 6 scientific instruments, we will study soil distribution and soil composition beneath Martian surface. We will look for subsurface water and its distribution using both orbiter and rover. They will work together. There is also a weather station on the rover to study and record Martian climate, etc. we have 13 instruments in total. These are the name and functions of instruments. In addition, this is Chinas first independent, Mars exploration In a few years to come before 2030. China will land on Mars, take Martian samples and bring them back to earth Till now. Humans have not obtained any Martian samples that were brought back from Mars Because with Martian asteroids we could identify rock types, features the scientific stories that they could tell us, BUT I could not tell where they originate from Mars.

Therefore they are not too useful. We have a detailed plan, we will explore asteroid belts and bring asteroid samples back to earth. We will explore the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter Jupiter has 69 moons, its moon are rotating around. So we will explore a series of its moons. We will carry out interplanetary explorations. All these explorations will happen gradually after our first independent Mars exploration. We have the capability to fly further and we should fly further. We would like to explore the whole solar system.