3, so lets get into it during the stream. They mentioned that it is their biggest patch today and so changes will be substantial patch notes in the description in the menu screen. Theres, a new selection that says additional content in which you can access, download, dlcs and expansions without needing to get them outside of the game in terms of game, mechanics specifically crafting you may now bulk craft crafting components. Personally, i dont use this feature, so i guess its an okay change. Another change is the reset perk feature in the character screen at a much lower cost than before might depend on the amount of perk points spent miles tossed mentioned about the possibility of the ability to reset attributes heres. What he said is how about reset attribute points right, um. This is something that is a bit more difficult to do. Im, not saying that were not doing it. Actually, i honestly dont know what the state of that is, but just from the the game logic and how we built it its not something that we can so simply reset as the perks, because a lot of you know, um, dialogue choices and all of that stuff. Um and and how you unlock content in the world, you know via doors that that you can crack open. They are actually directly tied to your level of attribute points right and resetting. Those would have an effect on the world as well right or your accessibility to it, and we would need to um consider how we want that to to still address it right.

We dont want to add a new system that actually then ends up breaking more and stuff. Then then it heals um, yeah, small details like new cat locations inside vs apartment and improved facial expressions in the mirror. One of the three new dlcs mentioned during the stream was the new iconic jackets that you can receive from victor. Take note that these are iconic gears, so you can craft them to get better rarity. Dlc number two is a new car called quartz bandit, which you can get during the mission ghost town during the stream. The crew showed what the additional content screen looks like and that the last of the three dlcs for the patch is a new look for johnny silverhand, and here he is some journal screen changes where you may now see codex entries of all the elements that are Involved in the quest people factions locations its pretty cool, probably a long awaited fix that a lot of people are requesting. The mini map will now zoom out once youre in a vehicle, some developer insights from miles tossed and patrick mills. They talked about the challenges that theyre facing during development, and one thing i notice in general – and i you know patrick correct me if im wrong – is that um people dont seem to be aware how difficult it is to create patches for a game that has been Already launched right, the main idea behind making patches, of course, to him, prove a game and not to end up breaking it more and how you need to imagine making um fixes in a game works like is basically open, heart surgery right.

You have this whole system. Thats been sort of been working, and you kind of need to get in and try to fix stuff around the stuff without making sure that everything else falls around it or breaks around it, and that can take a lot of time if your game has problems with Memory management and streaming every change you make every change you make butts up against that and weve been working on the streaming. Weve been working on the memory management and i feel like were finally at a place where were a little bit clear of those things and that we can start getting to work on some other stuff, the stuff that you know. We know that you want. We know you want those things. The stream may come off a little underwhelming, given the fact that it has been a while, since the last major update there was a moment where amelia is trying to get a red gun from this vending machine. Amelia, calm down, calm down its okay, okay, okay theres. Also this npc, who did a quick t, pose its pretty funny before they ended the stream. They mentioned something about future dlcs and expansions. We cant talk about the expansion, but i can say, and without promising any any kind of like any thing like im working on it. I think its cool miles and i are working on it together and im really excited about what were working on. I think its cool thats, all im gon na, say thats all im, gon na, say and thats about it.

If you want to watch the entire stream, the vod is available at their twitch page link in the description thanks for viewing. If you are new here, i make character, build videos based on themes within the cyberbunk world and beyond, go check them out and if you have been following my content. Thank you very much. I appreciate the support and hopefully youll stick around for more. I know a lot of people were disappointed with this game, like i really do like i know, a lot of us were disappointed with this game, and i really appreciate those of you who have stuck with us who believe in this project who believe in this game Believe in this world, its wonderful, it really really really makes it worth it, and i appreciate it.