So once you guys arrive here, youre gon na see the cyberpunk 2077 icon this one just tap on this button. Now on this page, they will ask you to enter your email because they will use this email to send you the key, so ill just go ahead and do just that. So after you guys enter your email, you just have to select your platform and, as you can see, it works on every platform, but for now ill stick to windows, pc now just tap continue, and at this point the process is pretty much done. You only have to wait a few seconds now or a few minutes until they scrape a key for you and, as you guys can see, they are looking for a key right now and it looks like my key has been scrapped, all right guys. So i almost got the key but, as you can see here, theres one more step that you guys need to go through to get your free key for cyberpunk 2077, and this is captcha. I know its annoying but im going to show you guys how you can bypass the captcha and get the key in your email. So on this page guys you need to. As you can see here, i need to install and run for at least 30 seconds. Two of these apps from that list and after that guys just wait a few minutes and youre gon na get the cyberpunk key in your email.

So this is done to prevent abuse and several overloads, as you can see here. But after you guys do that. The key will be sent to your email instantly, so guys remember to bypass the captcha up. Just install two of these apps then run them for at least 30 seconds or one minute, and then youll be able to download cyberpunk 2077 on your device so yeah. That was pretty much it guys, as ive said, to bypass the captcha just install two of these apps run them for at least 30 seconds and then thats pretty much it guys thats how you get cyberpunk 2077 for free. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Make sure you leave a like and subscribe if you got your cyberpunk 2077 key as well, see you guys in the next tutorial now. This is the last step, its the human verification step, but dont worry guys. I will show you how to bypass it for free just follow my steps, so click on verify and here on the verification page, you will have different verification offers. Your offers might look different than mine, depending on where you live. I live in sweden, so i have swedish offers. If you are, for example, from france, you will have french offer from germany. You will have german offers and so on and on. But the process to complete is the same. Just pick an offer and follow the instructions for it, so i will pick this first offer as you can see its an easy offer and you will get sent to this page.

This is sms. Verification offer its very easy to complete. All you have to do is enter your phone number and confirm with a pin code, so i will enter my phone number and click continue. Now you should receive a code. I will show you on my phone screen enter the code and click finish and, as you can see, we get this message saying successful offer completed now. Here is the trick. Once the website says offer completed repeat to the same message: stop this will cancel the subscription and refund you money, as you can see, amount charged were zero euro and just like that, we have completed the human verification step for completely free. Now, if we go back to, we will get this message saying successful as you can see now. Let me open fortnite and show you if i got my v bucks as you guys can see.