Yet the pine note and were going to be talking about it right now on the linux lounge now, essentially, what the pine note is is its a tablet with an e ink display. You can probably think of it as an alternative to devices like the kindle, but it will definitely do a lot more than those devices, while also being a lot more freedom. Respecting the most exciting part about the pine note is definitely that its the most powerful e ink device on the market. It uses pine 64s port 64 single board computer as its base, which means that it has a quad core rock chip arm cpu and four gigs of ram. It also has 128 gigabytes of storage. The device will also have two microphones, two speakers, a usbc port for charging and data transfer and wi fi. All of this awesome tech will be housed in a high quality magnesium alloy case with a scratch resistant and glare, reducing hardened glass screen. The e ink panel in this device sounds promising too. Itll have a 10.3 inch panel with a kind of weird resolution of 1404 by 1870. The screen will also be able to display 16 levels of grayscale and will have a light adjustment which will let you choose between a cool white light and a warm amber light. Depending on your preferences and environment. The screen will also have a capacitive touch layer and the ability to use pen import as well.

So all in all, i have to say that this sounds like a seriously impressive piece of hardware and it definitely has the potential to be the most impressive e ink device on the market. But with that said, you might wonder what exactly can be done on this device well at the moment, its fairly early days, so nobody is quite sure. Youll certainly be able to read books on this device and do things like that. But ive also seen some more interesting suggestions like running cli programs and libreoffice on this device, which would certainly make it very useful. All of these things should be possible, since linux has already been ported to the pinenote, though the e ink driver isnt fully functional just yet and its not certain what operating system or desktop environment should run on this device. Sadly, linux on e ink displays is somewhat uncharted territory at the moment. So, if youre expecting a fully polished e ink device, it might be wise to wait a bit before buying this device. So finally, all thats left to talk about is how much this device is going to cost and when youre going to be able to get your hands on it, the pine note will cost ‘9 dollars which might sound expensive and it kind of is. But when you consider what youre getting it actually is a pretty good deal, sadly, ink is expensive and most other ink devices make their money back through book sales.

Pine 64 cant do that so thats why the device is so expensive and in fact, if you look at other devices that dont make their money back through book sales that have e ink displays. You will see a similar price point, although if you do buy the early adopters edition of the pine note, you will also get the magnetic cover and pen included in the box, so thats pretty cool if youre interested in this device youll be able to get it Later this year personally, i have to say that im very excited for this device and, although i wont be able to afford it myself, if pine64 wants to send one my way for review, i would absolutely love to take a look at it. If you think its cool too, do, let me know in the comment section below but with that said thats it for todays video, and i will see you in the next one.