And the samples returned gave us that information. That was what Apollo 14 did. That was so trailblazing. Music. Well, we better back up here and think about this one Houston.. They continued to believe that this mission might never get started and Mission Control is pretty convinced it wouldn’t either., First attempt. Dock couldnt get a hard dock.. Second attempt third attempt. Fourth, fifth and sixth attempt., Two hours., But its that spirit in mission control in the crew, the faith and confidence in their training and their able to work together as a team to really get that mission going., We got a hard dock, Houston., Roger Al., That’s great.. Super job Stu. Cheering.: This is really a wild place up here. In the aftermath of Apollo 13, nothing is taken for granted.. It took a lot of work back home to really re program that software to really understand what had happened, there. We’re on the surface.. Ok, we made a good landing. That was a beautiful one.. We landed on a slope but other than that we’re in great shape. Right on the landing. Site. Looks like you’re about on the bottom step and on the surface., Not bad for an old man. Al is on the surface. And it’s been a long way, but we’re here. Apollo 14 was an incredibly ambitious scientific mission., One of the things they had with them. That was incredibly important was something called the MET or the rick shaw.. Basically, a cart, a cart intended to carry both those scientific experiments, those payloads, but also to return those lunar samples.

So that allowed the crew to travel further from the lander than any crew had previously. We’re really going up a pretty steep slope here.. We got a ways to go: yet. Like any good navigator. The astronauts brought with them the maps that they needed., But there was a problem with the maps. These maps had been shot from the air and on the ground that lunar landscape looked quite a bit different.. Nothing like being up to your armpits in lunar dust.. They found themselves in valleys that were deeper than they thought.. They found themselves working up hills that were higher.. This was an exploration at its finest., Going to try a little sand trap, shot here. That looked like a slice to me Al.. Here we go one more. Miles and miles and miles. The samples returned from Apollo 14 were incredibly important.. They told us so much about the formation of the solar system, so much about the material that makes up the Moon.. Ok, I shall do a loop., Ok, make it smooth. And around we go. Show us a little style.. The return trip to Earth was a time to rest a time to reflect., but also a time to continue science. A major portion of that journey home was conducting microgravity science., Something that today we continue to do on the International Space Station everyday.. That was a new way to think about what would the value of space be. Apollo 14 achieved all of the science that it had hoped to achieve, and it pressed the boundaries of space exploration in ways that future crews would build upon.