We wanted to know more about what this means a potential booster shot for the immuno compromise, but then, of course the question is: will this soon be possible for everyone else? I asked dr anthony fauci about that late today, dr fauci, thanks for joining us, obviously on a major night of news involving the virus uh. Thank you very much david, its good to be with you. First, i wanted to get right to this fda decision on a third shot, a booster shot for the immune compromised. I just want to make sure i understand this. This is mainly for vaccinated americans, who really didnt get a good response to the vaccine. To begin with, that is correct. This is not about the durability of a good response to keep it up. These are for people who almost certainly did not get an adequate response to properly protect them in the first place, which is understandable because their immune system is compromised and when you have a compromised immune system, youre not going to get the type of response that most Of the normal general population, so it really is to get them up to where they should have been in the first place. Dr fauci, obviously, people at home are going to wonder. Is everyone else? Next? You have said yourself that no vaccine lasts forever. So how soon could we see a potential booster shot for everyone here? Could we be getting guidance on this in a matter of weeks? Well, i dont know if i can give you a time frame david, but the one thing i can tell you is that we are following in real time, literally on a weekly and monthly basis, but definitely a weekly basis, where we look at the data from a Number of cohorts of people whove been vaccinated and we follow what the efficacy of the vaccine is, for example, against symptomatic disease and in general you know its going to start tapering down the rate at which were not clear right now, but were following it so closely, And were simultaneously preparing to be able to give people that additional dose, which we refer to as a booster.

In the meantime, it would seem. The israelis, though, are ahead of us on this just today approving booster shots for 50 and older starting next week, 40 and older expected a short time after that. So so what are they seeing in the numbers that were not what theyre seeing in their population? David is that when they go down over several months, they do pretty well, and then they have what looks like a pretty sharp drop in the efficacy. What what holds up well, which is good news, is that they still get good protection against severe disease leading to hospitalization and death, but the protection against symptomatic infection and early infection has gone down considerably its interesting. You point out what you think theyre seeing right now. So let me ask you about this new mayo clinic study just out tonight. It needs to be peer reviewed, but it does look into whether these vaccines are wearing off over time here in the u.s and, as you know, it suggests that the pfizer vaccine after six months really begins to lose its punch less than 50 percent effective after six Months i know more study is needed, but but does this concern you well, it does and thats why david were watching it very very carefully and putting all of the data together on multiple cohorts. We look at every study. I mean that study, as you mentioned, is a preliminary study were going to examine those data very carefully again, as were doing that were preparing to be able to give people the booster if they need dr faucio, i always ask about the children here.

Weve reported hospitalizations for children are at their highest levels in this pandemic, weve seen in different parts of the country. Are you seeing any data that this delta variant is more severe in children than previous variants? Right now we cant make a definitive statement about that david. Its a great question that gets asked frequently we are seeing a suggestion in adults from a couple of cohort studies, particularly from the uk, that it appears that hospitalizations in the adults are more, relatively speaking than they were before, indicating that the disease might be more severe. In the in the adults, if it is theres, no reason to believe that we might see that in children, i know that you have said that that children should wear masks as they head back to school. This year, california, the first state to mandate vaccinations for teachers and staff. Do you think teachers across this country should be vaccinated? My answer to that is clear, david. Yes, i really do believe. We have a responsibility to the children, the children, particularly those who are not able to get vaccinated because of their age. We need to surround those children with all those people who are eligible to be vaccinated should be vaccinated. Dr fauci, thanks for joining me. As always. I appreciate it good to be with you david, thank you for having me dr fauci, also driving home the message again late today that the effort continues to get 93 million people in this country who are still eligible for their first vaccination to get the shot.

He says thats the only way to slow down this delta variant and, of course, to help prevent future mutations. Hi. Everyone, george stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel. If youd like to get more videos, show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and dont forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts.