The cdc still needs to sign off on the move its advisory committee will meet today, if approved. The third shots could begin immediately about three percent of americans have weakened immune systems. The fda acting administrator said. Other people who are fully vaccinated are adequately protected and do not need an additional dose of vaccine at this time, but maybe later well talk about it right now. Joining us now is uh, dr scott gottlieb former fda commissioner cmbc contributor. He also serves on the boards of pfizer and alumina. How big is this decision? How quickly do you think itll get approved and and how quickly do you think people will be be getting those third booster shots? Scott well probably right away um, depending on who were talking about how the cdc ultimately defines uh immuno compromise in this setting cdc fdas decision last night that came at 11 oclock last night is a little bit more narrow than um. It might have been so they talked about people who are solid organ transplant patients and people who are similarly immunocompromised, so comparable level of immune impairment to an organ organ transplant, patient. So now its up to the cdc to interpret that and define it uh its probably going to be the case that cdc is going to enumerate specific kinds of conditions that would qualify and then make some kind of general recommendation and thats going to ultimately get put Into practice, so this could get implemented right away.

Doctors could start prescribing based on this emergency use authorization. A lot of patients whove undergone undergoing organ transplantation have already gotten third doses. Doctors have been doing that oftentimes in protocols, but there probably are some patients who have not received a third dose, who will now be more uh eligible for it, dr gottlieb, its scott, its nice, to see you this morning. I got a couple things for you um. I saw an interview yesterday late afternoon with with dr fauci, who said something that i found frankly kind of surprising and im wondering if you can opine on it. He said that the booster shots were not necessarily a result of the, as the word that he used was the durability of the vaccines themselves, but rather the already compromised immune systems of the people that were talking about. In other words, those people never got the immune response that they otherwise would have gotten had their immune systems not already been compromised. I thought we were talking about the fact that the the immunity wanes after a period of time, his suggestion would say. Otherwise, can you shed any clarity on that yeah? Well, theres two separate issues i mean dr fauci is right that this authorization that fda issued last night really tries to address situations where patients probably never derive the full immune protection from the vaccine because of their immune impairment. Theres a separate issue, a separate question around the declining immunity that were observing in some of the clinical data, particularly out of israel, also some of the u.

s data right now from people who were vaccinated a long time ago. So people who are vaccinating december or january and people who are older, who dont have fully intact immune systems to begin with, and in that cohort we are seeing an indication of declining immunity. Now the judgment that public health officials are making here in the united states is that the declines arent significant enough yet to warrant additional boosters. I think that the u.s public health officials – and this is a policy call as much as a public health call. I think they want to continue getting first doses in americans and probably pivot to booster shots, probably sometime in september when they have data from the nih on mix and match. So theyll have data on using pfizers vaccine and modernist vaccine interchangeably and theyll probably have worked through a larger swath of the population, thats still seeking first doses. One interesting point is that israel overnight also authorized booster shots for those 50 and over and healthcare workers. So theyre starting to walk down their booster shots, theyve, largely fully re vaccinated, their population 60 and over and now theyre starting to walk it down the age continuum. You know we have to keep in mind. We also um gave immune immunizations to the elderly population in nursing homes back in december and also uh inoculated, our healthcare workers back in december. So those would be the two cohorts that you would seek to give booster shots first to people who are furthest out from being vaccinated and either who are high risk of a bad covert outcome.

People in nursing homes or those who come into contact with covid constantly like our health care workers, shepard smith.