Look at this beautiful skin guys i cant wait when this will come in the fortnite look at this. This is the back playing the pickaxe, and this is a glider. Oh look at this, so this is how hes, looking the skin guys, but lets go. What is saying the four tight fears, a warmer american order and founding member of the jews liquid. This is a comic wonder. Woman is coming to the iceland and irene here about cosmetic said and about the upcoming cup, where you can earn her outfit early. How to get this skin early for free guys. Look at this from the paradise iceland to the ford and iceland wonder woman aries in the fourth i saw you have to play, of course, this cup guys that to get this king of ford free and to get good placement and everything, but lets read what the More, what hes saying the fortnight hes, really cool skins like its really good to to have this skin for free, as the investing conscience is accounted called for the help riches and new years, the champion of the peace and bacon of hope. Wonder woman alex in fortnite that appears our amazon warrior leaves paradise iceland and lands in fortnight to fight lungs of a lodge with legume member. You can support us a wonder woman with armored variant in the item shop on august 19, 2021 at 8, 00 pm it so you can in 99, bruce is coming guys.

Take all your entire look with her set. That includes the golden eagle wings. Glider office bottle battle, locks, dct loading screen and diana man black plane, that comes in two variants so guys we will have also streamers playing this scoop and getting a led skin, and if you didnt get, you have to watch this video guys early access to the Skin stimulus playing with air with this skin that you to be sure, when the skin to come out in the item shop, take on the competition is a wonder. Woman cup grab a friend and comment in the wonder woman cup on august 1821 for the opportunity to earn the wonder woman all with indianas men, black blink before it hits the item shop you and your partner. Ah, so this is duals duels tournament, you and your partner will have three hours to compete up to 10 minutes and earn as many points as possible. The top performing teams in each region will receive the wonder, woman, outfit and pianos made through backlink. Any team that earns 8 points or more will also receive the horn honors amazons loading screen only 8 points. You need for the to get the loading screen, but you have to play hard to get this skin guys. The point for my breakdown for the wondercom is below so is the same. Almost every cup guys victoria is 42 points. The second place is 36.. Third is 32 points, and the last is one point, and each elimination is one point, as always, players must have, of course, two factorial function, enabled on their epic account and p.

At the count, level, 30 or above you can check your account level information on the character tab in game. Please read the wonder: woman cup official rules for the holy tales and check on that being come in game for when your agents cup start so guys. Here you have the rules and i will leave this all this link.