17.40 update now weve actually been getting some teasers revolving around this update and we dont fully know what it actually is just yet and were gon na quickly go over that right now, for you guys, because i think it is actually rather interesting. So fortnite put out a tweet on the 14th of august saying a well fed agent is a happy agent, and we have this picture right here, and this would be a really cool. Like poi area, i dont think thats what this is gon na, be, though i feel like this might be like an actual ltm of some sorts, but this is a really nice picture. It kind of gives me like liminal vibes and its really neat like. I think this is a really nice picture. There then, the next day on the 15th he said were on a tight schedule: scrub that battle bus agent. Once again, we have like a little picture right here: theyre underground, you can see a shark there and uh yeah. Once again, pretty nice image here and not much else to say about it, but moving on from that. They also said here today on the 16th. They said ever get the feeling youre being watched, and once again we have this picture right here. So i im getting the suspicion that the update we get tomorrow were going to be getting this ltm of some sorts and its going to be really lore based because theres all this thing around, like maybe chaos agent with all the screens and stuff like that, and Just have everything else i dont actually know what its going to be, but it seems rather exciting and im very excited for the update tomorrow.

Now i know the update is tomorrow, because i remember very vividly that when i saw the picture from the 14th in fortnite themselves, it did say that august 17th was on the bottom left and weve been consistently been getting updates. Every two weeks on a tuesday so makes sense to me that were going to be getting this update tomorrow, but i dont have full 100 proof on that. Only because you know we got ta, wait for it right, like we, dont have a tweet of it. Just yet im recording this kind of late. The reason why i did that was because i have a sneaking suspicion that this update is happening tomorrow, as i just explained. Why and i want to stay up for the update and cover all the skin leaks, which im very excited about next thing i want to mention here: is that fortnite put out a tweet saying we see who you really are, mr reporter battle pass owners complete those Quests to unlock dc comics as superman now there are also reports of somebody else being spotted near the island and it looks like they were getting another comic book series with superman and beast boy im very intrigued with this because, as you guys know, or maybe dont Know i read the entire batman fortnite comics a little bit ago, which you could actually find on my youtube channel, and i thought the comic was great so to see this in front of me im just like hmm, i wonder what theyre planning here.

I wonder if were gon na get more cosmetics if you buy the comics and stuff like that, im not 100 sure on that. But i would like to just check out these comics whenever they are made available and then finally wonder woman is coming to fortnight. So fortnite put out a tweet saying, fierce amazonian warrior and founding member of the justice league dc comicss, wonder woman is coming to the island read about her cosmetic set and about the upcoming cup, where you can win her outfit early, so heres. What we have here on their website, they say as the invasion continues, a continued call for help reaches new ears, a champion of peace and a beacon of hope. Wonder woman arrives in fortnight. The fierce amazonian warrior leaves paradise island and lands in fortnite to fight alongside fellow justice league members. You can purchase wonder woman and her armored variant in the item shop on august 19, 2021 at 8 pm eastern deck out your entire locker with her set. That includes the golden eagle wings, glider athenas battle, axe dc, trinity, loading screen and dianas mantle back bling that comes in two variants, grab a friend and compete in the wonder woman cup on august 18, 2021 for the opportunity to earn the wonder, woman, outfit and dianas Mantle back bling before it hits the item shop, you and your partner will have 3 hours to complete up to 10 matches and earn as many points as possible.

The top performing teams in each region will receive the wonder, woman, outfit and dianas mantle back bling. Any team that earns eight points or more will also receive the honorary amazons loading screen, and i just want to mention this here if you like, collecting loading screens, but you dont, like buying bundles in the item shop, to get it id recommend playing this cup with A friend and just get those eight points, because something tells me that this is gon na be in a bundle and you will not be able to get this loading screen. Unless you participate in this cup or buying the flat out bundle. They say the point format breakdown for the wonder. Woman cup is below weve seen this before and once again you need two step: authentication b level: 30 yadda, yadda, yadda weve talked about this before so yeah were getting wonder woman now um again. I i really am sorry that i seem to be rather negative towards collabs here in fortnite. Right, like i feel like im becoming the person that everyone goes to and theyre like. Oh, i need to hear someone just rip into collabs and say how bad they are and how often we get them and how annoying it is. But im sorry like, in my opinion, we are getting way too many collabs and in my personal opinion here, i think its taking away from the seasons theme and everything like if people like a year from now are gon na be nostalgic over this season right.

What are they gon na? Remember the fact that theres alien tech in the map, the fact that it was an alien theme or they gon na – remember that it has the exact same amount of collabs, as the collab season did from chapter two season. Five that one is kind of dubbed as the collaboration season right weve had 15 collabs in that season. Wonder woman is the 15th collab that we have had here this season in terms of like separation, because we had thanos, and we also had loki and im counting that as two separate things, because they didnt happen at the exact same time. Thats. Why? I put them separate like that so yeah its kind of overwhelming again that were constantly seeing collaborations here in fortnite again. I think this is cool, wonder woman, actually a really neat outfit. I like this a lot more than gamora. I think this is really neat and im excited to get it, but i just feel like fortnite is cramming as much collaboration as they possibly can until school fully starts for everyone, because i think for me, like school, used to start for me around september time. I know a lot of people have actually already started school again, but i think once september hits theyre gon na slow down on the collaborations and id be happy for that because, while yes, i think collaborations are cool and they used to be special. I just think its overwhelming and i think that id rather see unique, fortnite outfits in the game right id rather see fortnite put their creative juices together and put out some awesome original fortnite skins, okay, that thats just my opinion, thats.

What i like to see most from the game – yes, collabs – are cool and theyre interesting, but theyre not special at all anymore theyre, so overdone and so overwhelming that its just like how many more do we need this season. Im gon na guess were gon na have at least up to 20.. We have 15 right now this season, including wonder woman. I i feel, like theyre gon na, add a few more before the season ends and if thats the case. My lord, this is the new collaboration season, not the one that was supposed to be the collaboration season with jonesy, finding all the hunters and stuff like that. No, this is the new collaboration season, even though i dont think that was what the theme was going for, but guys that is just my opinion and those are my thoughts. I would love to know what you guys think about everything that we talked about today. So hopefully you guys enjoyed the video. If you did please. Let me know the like and subscribe to the channel if youre brand new, and if you like to use me for support of creator, my code is itf. You all have yourselves a wonderful day or night.